Tips to plan painting a business space without disturbance

best time to painting a running business

Tips to plan painting a business space without disturbance

Do you have a running business and you’re planning to paint it? Have you decided how you will proceed or are you still in the dark? Read this article to find what the best time for painting a running business is. And of course, it is true for other sorts of renovation ideas too, with little changes.

The colour of the things we see often shapes our attitude towards them. Thus, the paint is the most important visual feature of any building be it a house or an office. When it comes to businesses, the paint job assumes a more important position.

Painting (or repainting) your business is good

Painting your place of work, your business, and your office is an important decision. There are a lot of benefits of painting your working/business place regularly. Following is a list of reasons why should you paint your business:

  • If you are starting a new business, you would need to paint the building in your colour. No one would want their workplace to look like it belongs to someone else.
  • The aesthetics of a workplace are very important, especially the paint. Regular painting keeps your restaurant, hotel, club, etc. looking fresh and attractive.
  • The colours have a great impact on the behaviour of people. This means with a new colour scheme you can give a fresh mood to your employees and customers.
best time to painting a running business
  • The colour of your workplace directly affects the concentration of your employees too. Too bright and sharp colours are known to distract people from work. But sometimes, bright colours are needed to reflect the personality of your business.
  • Painting your business space isn’t just colouring it. You can add designs, paintings, and quotes to the walls to make them even more attractive.
  • With time, everything fades away and so does paint. It is important to paint the walls before they become too dull.
  • Paints play an important role in wall protection. Modern-day paints come with waterproofing techniques too.

Best time for painting your business

Now since we have discussed why painting your business place is important, let’s move to the question of when. Time is a great constraint in doing any work. If you plan to paint your workplace whether it is a shop or office, painting it isn’t a single day’s work. Scraping off the old paint, smoothening the walls, and priming, then painting and waiting for everything to dry. Painting a business place is quite tricky as most people know.

To ease this problem a bit, you should always hire professionals. They do the work fast and efficiently and give us lasting results. But here are the other points to consider.

  • What is the nature of your business or work? Is it active in the day or night or evening? This is perhaps the biggest question about painting your business space. You must always schedule painting when there is the least rush or when the business is over for the day.
  • If you have a business that is active during the day, like saloons, or shops, you need to paint them during the night.
  • If your line of work is to be run during night time, like clubs or bars, they need to be painted during the day or early morning.
best time to painting a running business
  • For businesses that are open for most time of the day but have peak time, like shopping malls and movie theatres are most busy from the evening tonight, it is advisable to paint when you have the least rush.
  • In case your work goes on during the entire week, but a weekend rest is given, it is the best time to make an investment in painting. In some businesses, the day off lies not on weekends but on weekdays, due to religious or other points. Painting your business space in such days is a good idea.
best time to painting a running business
  • But in case your business is running 24×7 and you can’t afford to keep it closed, you need to paint while working. But this is a lot tougher than you think. Many points are to be considered for this.
  • Firstly is your business line suitable to be opened during painting. For example, restaurants and bars should not be kept running during painting. This is highly unhygienic and can also be against the law. You need to make sure that running your work while painting is perfectly safe.
best time to painting a running business
  • In case it is safe, you need to consider the space available in your workplace (office or shop). Is there enough room for the work and painting to go on together? Will it be really convenient for you, your employees, and the customers?
  • Painting while running the business should always be done in discrete units. One wall and one corner at a time, that will cause minimum disturbance.
  • Care should be taken that there is enough room for ventilation of the fumes coming from the paint.
  • If your workplace is in a building complex, you should also take care that you do not cause them any discomfort too and if things go bad, you may end up with a lawsuit.
best time to painting a running business
  • If we talk about the broader aspects, early summer is the best time of painting any building. The paint dries fast and effectively. Rainy season and season of winds, dust, and pollen release is unfavourable to a good paint job.


Painting your business space will be a tricky task and it may take some days to complete. It is essential to keep your employees, customers, and neighbours informed about the work in progress. There should be clear signboards about the work going on. This will be the best way to complete the job safely.

When it comes time to repaint the office interior, however, the project can easily become a logistical nightmare. For most businesses, closing during the week is impractical. Now for the big question. Should you keep your business open while painting is underway, or close during the project? Of course, you’d prefer not to lose money – especially when you’re making an investment in this improvement.

For this, be sure to check our “WOW One Day Painting Service”. Wherein we promise to paint your entire interior in one day only. This way, you won’t need to close your business for weeks. You can simply schedule the paint job with us on any weekend or on any Non-National holiday. And the very next morning your workers and visitors will also say “WOW in just One Day.

So, Now what you are waiting for. Pick up your phone and call us and hire us today!

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