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Carpentry is a skilled trade in which the primary work performed is the use of wood to construct items which may be as large as buildings and as small as desk drawers. Nowadays, most of the houses are built in limited spaces and optimum utilisation of space is critical. By custom making your furniture, it can perfectly fit into the available space. Reach out to a Home Glazer today to discuss the various options available for your home!

Building your house and furnishing it to suit your taste and preference is no cake walk. It takes months of research and days of planning to figure out the ideal design that fulfils all your requirements. While there are various vendors providing furniture options which you can pick up directly from the store, there are some pieces which turns out best when customised. With the help of a Home Glazer’s carpenter contractor, you can custom make any furniture which suits your need.

At Home Glaze, we’ve made our name by providing the highest quality, custom carpentry services to residential and commercial clients in Delhi & NCR over three decades. Our team of expert carpenters can help you complete any custom project – on time and on budget. Our goal is to exceed the expectations of every client by providing one-of-a-kind service and workmanship.

But we’re not just in the business of interior decoration; we’re also in the business of improving lives. Our quality carpentry services can help you make the dreams for your family or business become reality. As a family owned and operated firm, we are dedicated to creating lasting relationships with every client, based on a foundation of trust and quality.

Ready to tackle your dream project? Home Glazer’s expert team provides top-notch custom and semi-custom carpentry services, including:

• Wardrobe * Doors & Windows
• Kitchen Storages * Multi Utility Furniture
• Unique Furniture Pieces * Shelf & Cabinets
• And much more…

Why Buy when you can custom make your own furniture according to your space!!

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