Colour Combination Ideas for Exterior of Houses

Colour Combination Ideas for Exterior of Houses

If you are making your dream house and are bit confuse in choosing the best colour combination for exterior, Home Glazer is here to pull out from that pool of confusion. The exterior colour of a house is what makes the first impression and we value this situation. You may feel that selecting a single colour is easy but it boring at the same time. But trying to figure out two or more shades matching together can really work better and take your house look to the next level, though it may be a challenging decision. Home Glazer has accumulated a few best ideas from retro style to metro standard. Check out and leave your valuable comments and suggestions.

Custard Yellow-White:

Yellow being the colour of joy brings happiness to the mind and a house painted in this palette increases the ecstasy. It is a perfect blend of colours admire by those who are old-fashioned as well as meeting the parameters for contemporary people. The white accent contributes to an admirable crisp and clean vibe.

Orange and Brown:

The fresh and modern colour of beautiful India is the saintly Orange which imparts a great impact. When orange colour is painted nicely over exterior walls with an undertone of brown, this gives a muted appearance. The orange wall dipped with brown roofs, windows, and doors enhance the beauty without disrupting the view. It goes perfectly well with a green lawn picturing like a blossom of a flower.

Zesty Lime Green with shades:

If you will ask me for a colour inherited from nature, my first word will be surely the zesty lime green colour. And to be more close to nature, why not pick this colour for your home exterior. Home painted with lime green delivers a fresh and cheerful finish. You can experiment to blend any fresh tone by varying many shades of green.

White and Grey:

There is no need to worry if you don’t like to paint your house exterior with multiple colours. White walls with diminishing grey shade strips and pillars can really work to stand out from your house. A dark paint finished edges and railings blooms out an appealing look and enhances the home’s profiles. White being loved by all gender and age-group thus becomes a classic selection and be liked everlasting.

Peach, White and Brick-Red:

A classically designed home structure can turn into a modern house if refreshing colours palettes are on it. A soft peach exterior paint sets a cheerful glow, bright white paint highlights the basic details and brick red paint over the roof adds weight to the home. The peach colour is associated with sweetness. White to the friendly peace and brick red colour on exterior walls brings us closer to the soil, and thus what else is required then?

Blue Homes

Have you ever imagined how beautiful the Jodhpur looks, the Blue City of India? Yes, blue colour can do that magic to your home. Few shades of blue get perfectly blend with colours like white, light green, or grey on the exterior walls. The calming and trustworthy hue works especially nice on homes situated in an established neighborhood. The white patches add stability and dependability for sure.

Cream and Brown:

Last but not the least, the favorite house colour of most Indians is the cream colour. Never call it a day without complementing the contemporary looking house painted with cream colour as its base. A coat of brown colour paint on the edges ties the look together on the exterior of your house.

Exterior Colour Conclusion

And here we go! As I said earlier that selecting a single colour for the exterior of your house can be a rigorous task to be done. But after the efforts of Home Glazer to make you ease in selecting the best, it won’t be not that much of an issue. Please do tell us to know in the comments which colour you would pick to paint the exterior of your dream home?

Now, if you have picked your desired colour for your house, give Home Glazer a chance to serve to make your dream home come alive. Home Glazer is best in the industry which delivers service finished by painting experts in their fields. To learn the next step of how Home Glazer do the paintings. Contact us today!

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