differece between aisan paints ace paint and apex paint

Difference between Asian Paint’s Ace Paint and Asian Paint’s Apex Paint

Have you been planning to get your exterior walls painted? Are you looking up on the internet about the best exterior painters to paint your exterior walls? If, then you are on the right page! At Home Glazer, we believe in creating and delivering with utmost care so that the clients visit us again for their next slot of paint. We produce projects in a manner that our clients enjoy the vibrant colours and design expertise on their interior and exterior walls. We curate the right exterior paint by understanding the quality of the wall and therefore combining ideas with colours and missioning to deliver premier quality service. For an understanding of various exterior paints available in the market, we have differentiated between Ace vs Apex.

Both the exterior paint as on date has been running well in the industry but there lay many differences in them. Let us understand in detail so that picking up the precise one for our needs becomes easy.

Ace Exterior Emulsion

Ace Exterior Emulsion is a paint that has been over a period known for saving time and effort while painting along with being light on the pocket. Asian Paint’s Ace is an emulsion that is water-based paint for exterior walls. Ace Exterior Emulsion is highly known to have silicon additives. Thus, allows it to work moderately under humid weather. It has a distinctive quality to work as resistant towards the water. The technology used to make the paint with such high resistance requires the most advanced technology and Asian Paint has got it all. The quality of being long-lasting and affordable has been liked by the mass and thus highly preferred by most.

As on date, it is said to be the most flawless and ideal paint acting as a first-rate resistance to:
  • Chalking
  • Cracking
  • Various weather conditions
Steps to Apply Ace Exterior Emulsion
  1. Putty – Trucare Wall Putty (2 Coats)
  2. Primer – Trucare Exterior Wall Primer (2 Coats)
  3. Top Coat – Ace Exterior Emulsion (2 Coats)
Technical Details:
  • Drying time: Surface dry time 30 min
  • Sheen levels: 3 – 10 at 60 deg GH
  • Flashpoint IS101/1987 Part 1, Sec 6: NA
  • Stability of thinned paint: To be used within 24 hours
Benefits of using Asian paint’s Ace Exterior Emulsion
  • Ace gives an excellent resistant to chalking, cracking and various other weather conditions when equalled to cement. It comes with a modified acrylic binder which powerfully ensures that the paint stays longer on the wall.
  • As the Ace last longer than cement, it is indefinitely economical for a common man. Furthermore, it does not require any curing and thus saves time.
  • Acts as a shield and protects against algal issues in dry weather.
  • Shades give an outcome of being neat and clean and therefore does not fade with time
  • Ace Exterior can withstand rain up-to a certain extent
  • If there are stains on the wall, the wet cotton cloth can get the stains out easily

Apex Weatherproof Emulsion

Apex Weatherproof Emulsion is notable for its smooth, water-based exterior wall finish having silicone additives. This pushes the paint to last longer than any other. Besides, Asian Paints itself are as on date giving a 5-year warranty on the performance of the paint. If you have been looking for durability and sustainability without worrying about the price, Apex emulsion is just the right paint for you. The new dustproof technology which comes along with the paint has seen to resist dust completely from settling on to the walls.

Along with the above, Apex stands strong onto all-weather and hence exterior weather conditions do not affect the paint at all. This way, one can stay calm and relaxed during all weather and enjoy the same. Therefore, Apex Weatherproof Emulsion is rightly known as the one-stop resolution to every exterior wall paint question. Apex to understand is simply smooth water-based modified acrylic which gives an astounding finish to the walls.

As on date, it is said to be the most flawless and ideal paint acting as a first-rate resistance to:
  • An extreme tropical condition such as high rainfall, humidity and heat
  • Growth of algae and fungi
  • UV attack
Steps to apply Apex Weatherproof Emulsion
  1. Putty – Trucare Wall Putty (2 Coat)
  2. Primer – Trucare Exterior Wall Primer (1Coat)
  3. Top Coat – Apex Weatherproof Emulsion (2 Coats)
Technical Details:
  • Drying time: Surface dry time 30 min
  • Sheen levels: 5 – 7 at 60 deg GH
  • Flash point IS101/1987 Part 1, Sec 6: NA
  • Stability of thinned paint: To be used within 24 hours
Benefits of using Apex Weatherproof Emulsion
  • Apex’s ultimate motive is to stand the harshest weather such as extreme rainfall, humidity or heat and it does its job extremely well.
  • It protects the walls from alkali and UV degradation and thus it ensures that the shade does not fade away.
  • The surface dries off in 30 minutes
  • Apex comes with a lead-free guarantee
  • It meets the LEEDS VOC criteria and thus can be counted to helping sustainable development
  • Apex saves the walls from dust and thus is rightly named as Dust Proof Emulsion
  • Apex includes darker shades is you are specifically looking to paint dark colour to your exterior walls
Let us have a brief and quick understanding of the basic difference between the two exterior paints:
Basic DifferenceAce Exterior EmulsionApex Weatherproof Emulsion
Colours1500 +1700 +
FinishMattSoft Sheen
Algal PerformanceLow ResistantHigh Resistant
Wash abilityMediumHigh
Coverage1 Coat = 130 – 150 sq.ft/ltr1 Coat = 100 – 130 sq.ft/ltr
Sheen Level3 – 10 at 60 deg GH5 – 7 at 60 deg GH
Paint contentWater BasedWater Based
Protects UV RaysNoYes
Warranty3 years performance warranty5 years performance warranty
VOC Level22.22 grams per litre32.34 grams per litre
Curing Period28 days28 days
Dilution Ratio75% of the volume of paint40% of the volume of paint

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