Difference between Gloss Enamel Paint vs Satin Enamel Paint

Difference between Gloss Enamel Paint and Satin Enamel Paint

At Home Glazer, we have set our mission high to deliver the finest craftsmanship by providing the best painting service. Our mission is to consistently commit towards quality combining with strong work ethics and on-time completion of the project. By believing and rendering elegance at its best, we take up every internal and external painting service for home and commercial properties. In addition to the above, we take immense pride in focusing on details and empowering our customers by sharing knowledge. We believe in the power of knowledge as this is the only way where clients can have belief and trust us for our service. In this article, we are focusing on deeply comparing Gloss Enamel Paint with Satin Enamel Paint. Let us dig in:-

Let us first understand what exactly Enamel Paint is:

Enamel paint can be technically understood by its content. They are readily available in many types which include oil-based or alkyd-based. They take slower drying times plus they are harder than water-based enamel paints.

Enamel paints basically are solvent-based paints, when dries look like a vitreous (glass-like) shell. These solvent paints are commonly referred to as oil-based paint which is opposite to regular water-based paint. Enamel paints are popular to give a hard, glossy and opaque finish. In the olden days, enamel paint only gave a glossy finish. These oil-based paints have a superlative tendency such as typical odour to reflect its existence. Enamels can be easily cleaned by using a simple thinner or even mineral spirits.

Why is Enamel Paint an Ideal Paint for use?

  • Quality of Momentary drying up!
  • Durable, Cheap, and Tough
  • Easy to Put On
  • Attractive and Smooth
  • Healthy and Not Lethal
  • Thin Film and Fissure-less
  • Unaffected by Mutating Seasons

Let us now differentiate between Gloss Enamel Paint and Satin Enamel Paint:

The Gloss Enamel Paint:

Just hearing the name and we get an idea of what kind of paint we are reading about. Gloss Enamel Paint gives your home a beautiful gleaming look. This Paint helps easily wipe the stains on the walls without affecting the texture of the paint. It protects the wall and the entire painted surface without any compromise. Asian Paints has Gloss Enamel Paint Brown Color which is claimed to be the best when it comes to Gloss Enamel paint. Gloss Enamel paint can be applied in open spaces and big organizations because of its peculiar thickness. The paint is as on date widely available in three films i.e. transparent, opaque, and rime ice finish. Gloss Enamel Paints have a great collection of colours that are compatible with each other. Vibrant and Calming colours both go hand in hand.

The best surfaces to apply Gloss Enamel Paint are Kitchen Walls, Metallic or Wooden Doors, Electronics and Appliances, and Metallic Items and Accessories.

Gloss Enamel paints tend to get Resin Yellow in texture after a prolonged time due to its oily film but Asian paints have this covered and no such issues are registered.

The Satin Enamel Paint:

The Satin Enamel Paint has its unique quality and it cooperates when it comes to cleaning the walls. It is a moderate paint which gives a medium glossy and shines effect on your walls. Satin Enamel Paint can be used in the interiors and mostly on walls with moisture issues and dampness. This Satin Enamel paint can be scrubbed with the help of detergents and various watery solutions and later a finishing hand with clean soft water turns perfect. Satin Enamel Paint can be applied to areas like Balcony, Study area, Bedroom, Living room, and Leisure area as it gives a soft radiant, and sheen texture to the walls.

The tough nature of this paint makes it long-lasting and elegant. The basic nature of Satin Enamel is alkyd because of which any surface looks perfect. Satin Enamel has a wide range of colours and combinations separately for exterior and interior walls. Asian Paints Premium Satin Enamel paints are renowned when it comes to Satin Enamel Paints.

Let us understand both in a tabular form to aptly see the difference:-

CharacteristicsGloss Enamel PaintSatin Enamel Paint
AppearanceHighly Reflective.Less Reflective.
Paint FinishHigh Gloss and Gleaming Finish.Soft Radiant Finish is known as Satinwood. It gives a Semi-Matt finish on the walls.
Where to Apply?Exterior walls, window panes, window grills, entrance gates, or doors.Indoors especially study rooms and bedrooms giving a calming effect.
Atmospheric EffectGloss enamel paints are quite dazzling and give a mirror effect.Satin enamel paints are sophisticated, calming, and peaceful.
Washability& DurabilityHighly washable, tough, hard, and durable. This paint has an oily film.Highly washable and durable. This paint has a smooth and silky film.
Paint Surface CoverageThis paint has low coverage because of its oil film base.It has high coverage than other normal enamel paints as it covers up to 25% or more of the area.
Pigment ProtectionResistance to stains and blemishesSuperior quality when it comes to protection from stains, blemishes, or pigments that appears because of acids, alkalis, and water.
Colour Availability1737 + colors available1788+ colours available
Drying HoursThe Surface takes 3 Hours to DryThe Surface takes 2.5 Hours to Dry
Thinning Ratio %75%-85%15% -35%
Ignition PointFlammable at 35 Degrees Celsius.Flammable at 35-40 Degrees Celsius.
Fungicide ProtectionLow Anti-Fungal Protection.High Anti-Fungal Protection.
DensityThick EssenceThin Essence.
Environmental Temperature20 Degrees60 to 70 Degrees
Shelf Life1.5 to 2 Years2 years
Contrast Capacity and Ratio>97.50-98.17>99


If you are looking for a professional painter around you for the applicate of Gloss Enamel Paint or Satin Enamel Paint then contact Home Glazers for a perfect finish. Even if you are unaware of what will be suitable and to understand the core difference, give Home Glazers a simple call.

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