How to figure out the quality of paint job

How to figure out the quality of paint job?

Tips to Check the Paint Job

Getting a paint job at your place is really tricky. Though it sounds easy when you hire a professional for doing the work still you have to be careful about the necessary precautions required during the whole procedure. Even they all are professionals yet a simple mistake can cost you the looks and design of your room. Be it your home or your workplace, a well-finished room creates a different aura for your personality. Just like self-grooming, a perfect paint job is necessary to take care of when you are going to paint the whole area. Hence, a few quality checks of paint are must to ensure a flawless job.

Steps and Tips to Examine the Job

  • Look for the paint colour chosen for your house. Check whether it is that same colour you have decided on the job or it’s different. Thoroughly examine the quality of paint job, tint as well as shade of the paint. See either the colour scheme had been strictly followed up or not.
  • It is necessary that the paint should have been applied evenly over the surface and is not dripping from anywhere. If it drips then immediately order to sand it down and retouch that surface as it may create a sagging defect.
  • Check whether the paint has been applied evenly and uniformly over the surface or not. It should be free from any sags and runs that often appear over the surfaces after a hassled paint job. Wall should be smooth and perfect. Run your hands over the surface to detect any imperfection.
  • Original colours must get evenly cover with the new colour coat. Not even a single shade should be transparent from the new coat.
  • Edges, as well as walls, should make sharp and straight lines running smoothly with the paint. Clear uneven lines are signs of imperfect workmanship in the painters.
  • Look whether the caulking has been done or not on the surface. Wall should be leakage proof and no trim is required to remain behind the surface as it may damage it.
  • Coverage of the paint coat should be even especially around doors and window corners.
  • A remarkable quality of a perfect paint job is its clear cut colour separation. The lines in between the ceiling, trim, walls should appear clean, straight, and sharp, giving a perfect fit appearance.
  • It is necessary to check around at the corners of doors, sidewalls, and window corners, freshly coated with paint.
  • All of the unwanted nail holes, cracks, peeled old paint along other defects should get repaired during a paint job to avoid any dull and imperfect look in the newly painted walls.
  • Check out the paint coatings near switch plates as well as outlet covers as painters tend to colour them two inflow of their ongoing paint jobs.
  • Visible paintbrush marks along with other spots should not be visible in order to get a uniform coat. If present then immediately apply another coat over it to hide those marks and patches.
  • Inspect the door and window frames along with your interior wardrobe walls because these places are commonly neglected or forgotten by a painter. Also, check for other left unpainted surfaces including four sides of window grills.
  • Last but not the least, check whether all of the paint spots have been effectively removed or not from the surfaces of floor, window glasses, grills as well as switch plates. 

Paint Job Mandates

Along with hiring a team of professionals, it is necessary to do a bit of research homework yourself so that you can check out the workers during their job. Since the place belongs to you, it would not be a convincing decision to lay all of the workloads over themselves in order to get the whole job done perfectly. It too is your liability to aid them well with the suggestions and products to get yourself a nice paint finish


Though after paint quality checks are mandatory yet it is advisable to keep timely checks during the working procedure to avoid any after-work disappointments. Moreover, try to cooperate with the workers so that they can easily share the necessary operations required at your place. Try to hire a professional team always.

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