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Children’s rooms are the ideal place to let your imagination run wild! Bright cheery colours and fun schemes are what it’s all about. Creating a dynamic paint colour scheme for kids’ rooms can be a lot of fun, helping to create a haven that’s perfect for sleeping and playing. A lot depends on their age, of course: you can impose bold colours or pretty pastels on toddlers and younger children. If you are choosing a paint colour for a nursery and you don’t know if you’re having a boy or a girl – or want to go down the gender neutral route – there are many pretty shades to choose from; green and yellow are both good options, but rooms decorated in neutral shades can look smart, and can be updated or revamped easily just by swapping out accessories. Our painting contractor know the ideas to update your child’s bedroom. An array of paints, techniques, and motifs create a playfully furnished bedroom that suits your kid perfectly.

Older children’s rooms can be hard to get right, since teens often seem to like darker, moodier colours, whether they suit the room or not. This is where grey can come in: it’s an elegant colour that can appeal to both them and you – and if you combine it with white paintwork elsewhere and a few colourful accessories, it creates a fresh finish. Painting the woodwork and furniture is also very important and affordable way to add colour to an otherwise neutral scheme.

We offer exciting glow theme in the child world range. Your child needs a good balance of play and peace in their life. With Home Glazer’s Painting Contractor achieve the best kids room paint colour combinations. Provide your kid with a beautiful theme on the walls, we can paint your kids room into a magical environment with Glow in Dark Themes with fairies, butterflies, submarine and many more. Reach out to Home Glazer for more exiting colour combination & Design ideas for your kid’s room.

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