PU Paint coating process and PU Polish application process

PU Paint & PU Polish Coating process

PU Paint coating process and PU Polish application process

PU paint and PU Polish are premium wood coatings that give a fine and high-quality finish to the metallic and wooden surface. They offer resistance against heat, hardness, inside lucidity, and corrosion. The PU covering in the form of paint and polish keeps the furniture protected from dampness, scratches, dust, UV beams, and gives an excellent finishing look to the wooden furnishings. PU Polish coatings and PU Paints have polymers structure. They are hard and solid, giving extraordinary wear protection for the surface. Both coatings are useful for the proper life of the exterior.

PU coating process for PU polish and PU paints is a difficult job that needs perfection and time. PU coating no doubt gives premium looks but the steps below mentioned needing to be followed.

Steps have been followed for PU paint coating is:

Gouge Filling

Before beginning the PU paint procedure it is essential to make the ideal base for the topcoat. Check for any marks and dents on the surface. Fill it with fillers.


After the filling gets dry use sandpaper of coarseness 180 or 200 to expel the overabundance filling.

1 coat white sealer

Mix the white sealer with hardener and more slender in the proportion of 2:1 and apply 1 layer of white sealer with a spray gun and allow it to dry for 10-12 hours.

1 Coat PU White Sealer with Hardener

Check for the Necessary Repair

Check for the essential fix repairs and fill it with polyester clay. Polyester clay dries quickly, inside 15 to 30 minutes it will be prepared to work upon.

Checking for the necessary repairs on surface

Dry sanding with the help of the Orbit sander machine

Use a sanding plate of coarseness 400 and sand the surface with any irregular orbiter sander machine. During the process of sanding the individual utilizing orbit sanding machine must guarantee that after the process is done no lopsided surface is left.

The second layer of White sealer

The second layer of white sealer needs to be applied with a similar proportion of 2:1 and leave it for the 10-12 hours to dry it perfectly.

1 Coat PU Paint

The sanding process is again done with the orbit sander machine that has the coarseness around 400 and cleans the surface with a delicate fabric. Blend the PU Paint with a hardener in the proportion of 2:1. After this apply the first primary layer of PU paint coating with a spray gun and leave it to remain dry for 12 hours.

Dry sanding and one coat of pu paint with hardener

Final process:

It includes wet sanding which removes excess material and makes the surface for finishing followed by the second coat of the PU paint that has been allowed to dry for 12 hours. The furniture turns into a piece of your home after it is in colour shading coordinating to your insides. Pick the best shades for your wooden furnishings. If the furniture material is an MDF material that is medium density fiber wood material, you need to make artificial fiber of wood utilizing a synthetic compound to give it a characteristic surface of the wood. Some major trending colours are rosewood, charcoal or you can leave it to natural woodwork colour.

The process for PU polish applying is as follows:

Stage 1: Sanding

The first and significant advance to begin the PU polishing is through sanding. It is essential to each surface of the wooden furnishings. Since it is the initial step after furniture assembling, sandpaper with greater granules to chip away any irregularity and smoother the surface perfectly. This sandpaper assists with giving a smooth completion to the surface and unpleasant edges of the wood.

Stage 2: Filling

After sanding is done little open pores, cut surfaces, and different openings that appeared during the creation of furniture need to be filled up. These filling materials of PU polish are effectively accessible in the market from different brands. After choosing the best, apply it to the joints of furniture first which is the preeminent necessity. Afterward, little openings and the spot of nails that are utilized for fitting, are topped off and concealed well.

sanding the surface of veneer or wood and filling the necessary repairs

Stage 3: Sanding Sealer

Sanding sealer is very important as they are prominent in the PU polish. Before applying the sealer you need to make sure that the sanding process is done again after filling. If the fillers are dry, rub the sandpaper with nearly littler granules to get an even smoother surface to get the fine finishing.

Stage 4: PU polish coating

The last step is to apply the PU polish. The PU polish generally comes in two segments that are catalysts, hardeners, and resins. They are well-blended in a proper proportional arrangement to build up an ideal covering material and must be utilized within 8 hours of readiness. Apply this PU polish coating through a spray gun that has an attached compressor. Only experts should do this as it is the most important task which requires perfection.

One coat PU clear sanding sealer with hardener and PU Polish coating

Stage 5: Final Finishing

For a decent gloss, re-covering of PU polish is necessary. However, before that, the principal coat needs to dry well. After it is dry, use the finer granule waterproof sandpaper for the sanding process. It smoothens the surface which gets unpleasant after the primary PU polish.

PU paint and PU Polish contain combustible and synthetic compounds that are hazardous to skin and even can cause respiratory problems.  Hence, before the utilization of paint and the polish, deal with the fundamental subtleties:

Final finishing for pu paint and pu polish

Important points to keep in mind throughout application process

Blending and related exercises need to be done in all around ventilated regions.

An experienced and proficient person must do the coating procedure with a spray gun as it requires perfection.

mandates for PU paint and polish

Wear proper PPE that includes gloves, cap, and cover parts like eyes, nose, mouth, and hair.

Expel the paint spots from your skin with appropriate removers.

mandates for PU paint and polish

In the event of skin contact, wash with a lot of water and consult a doctor

Keep Kids away from these PU paints and polish throughout the process.

mandates for PU paint and polish

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