Texture Painting

While interior paint can be availed in a variety of sheens and colours, to give any room a distinctively eye-catching look, you may need to add some texture to its feature or focal wall. Texturing a wall, owing to the evolution of paint feature, can be easily achieved using pre-textured paints or standard interior paint using unique application techniques and textured additives. Textured walls add depth and character to a room, as well as covering up any defects in construction. The technique for painting a textured wall isn’t much different than that for any other wall, except that it takes a little more time and a little more paint to make sure every bit is covered. The big difference is in preparation, to prevent the paint from looking blotchy. We at Home Glazer are determined to provide you with the best texture painting services. We love to show off our art on your walls.

Texture Paint, unlike flat paint, has a slightly rough and gritty look that adds character and a rustic appeal to walls, far better than wallpapers or any type of paint finish. Thus, you must trade-in the simple paint swatches for a focal wall featuring gorgeous textures for a captivating outcome. Textured focal walls can add shadow, depth, and structure to a bedroom in a beautiful and unique way. Texture wall paints can help create an air of drama and illusion in on wall by making the feature wall stand out and impress. Apart from those mentioned above, there are many ways in which textured wall paint designs can be used to transform a living space into a masterpiece without spending a fortune. All you need is a little creativity and the suitable texturing technique to make a feature wall stand-out and captivate its audience. We go extra miles to ensure that the service we render is a pleasant and wonderful experience.

Our textured painting experts make sure that work is reliable and sturdy. While working with the ceiling we make sure that the entire room is covered with preferably plastic and once we are done, the rubbish is taken away and the property is left tidy. Home Glazer’s painting crew will provide effective repairs and solution for all your textured painting needs.

Texture Painting Process:

• Cleaning: In order for the paint to stick tightly, there can’t be any dust or loose texture material left on the wall. During construction and the texture application process, a large amount of dust is often created from cutting and installing drywall as well sanding.

• Preparation: Prepare a textured wall for painting the same way as any other wall, by patching any nail holes or blemishes, removing outlet covers, and taping around windows, doors, and any other areas that won’t be painted.

• Priming: A coat of primer is sometimes optional if the textured wall has been previously painted. It is mandatory, however, when painting a freshly textured wall. This is because the texture medium will absorb the paint as it is applied, resulting in blotchy, uneven colour.

• Painting Tools: The heavier the texture, the more difficult it will be to get paint into every nook and cranny. Rollers with a thick nap are designed to get into textured areas and provide full coverage. We choose a roller with a nap that is at least 1/2-inch thick for most textures.

• Texturing: A unique tool is used to apply texture over the base coat, to gain the best effects of Texture. The use of tool strongly depends upon the nature of texture.

• Painting: Paint around the edges and corners. Then apply paint to the rest of the wall with a roller, working in sections and moving the roller in various directions to push paint into all the crevices. Once the first coat dries at least three hours and then we apply the second coat using the same method

Give your home a complete makeover with limitless possibilities of Texture Painting.!

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