7 Vibrant Colour Scheme For Your Kids Room

7 Vibrant Colour Scheme For Your Kids Room

Kids are very picky. They have a lot of tantrums in everything either it be food, clothes, or even the colour combination of the walls of their room. As kids grow up, they keep switching from colour to colour claiming it to be their favourite. Hence it makes the job of painting their kid’s room very difficult for the parents. Colours carry a variety of emotions with them. The walls of your kid’s room should be painted keeping it in mind. The best way to choose a colour for your kid’s room is to allow them to have input. It will give them a sense of ownership and maybe after that they will take proper care of their room. If you think the colour which they choose is bold you can use it on the ascent of walls. Even after that, it is a very hard task and the colour combination could prove helpful in this.

✓ Colour Scheme for Kids Room

Colour carries a variety of emotions with them. With the right colours, you can set the right mood. Colours can energize kids or cool them down. That’s what it is of the utmost importance to choose the right colours when you are designing your kid’s room. The Colour scheme provides a better understanding of which colour to use. Colour schemes are the logical combination of different colours on the colour wheel to get the best possible colour combination. The main purpose of the colour scheme is to provide a colour combination that will give your interior and home an aesthetic feeling of style and appeal.

Let’s see what are the best colour schemes for your kids room.

Citron Yellow

What could be better than waking up in a room fully soaked with sunlight? Citron yellow colour is best if you want that for your kid. Pure yellow shade with a light shade of brown-gold paint creates beauty. You can also use it with other warm colours.

7 Vibrant Colour Scheme For Your Kids Room

Bold Red

The red colour is not among the very popular choices for every room of the house but it would be used in a kids room. It can be used in the accents of the walls to give the room a fire engine shade. White colour and wooden furniture complement it well.

Cobalt Blue

The blue colour is the most preferred choice of boys for their room but it is also gaining popularity among girls. Consider darker shades of blue like cobalt blue instead of pale blue colours to give a crisp and classical look to your kid’s room. Orange and Magenta colours compliment it well. Using it has one more great advantage – if you use this colour the wall will not show sludgy fingerprints.

7 Vibrant Colour Scheme For Your Kids Room

Electric Green

The green colour is a multitasker and it is liked by everyone irrespective of gender or age. Brighter green tones are better than dark green tones. Green shades lighten up the mood and are soothing.

Cool Grey

In the past, the grey colour was not among the very popular choices for painting the walls of the house. But over time, it has found its place in the walls of almost every house. Grey colour has a cool hue and gives a vibrant look to your kids room.

7 Vibrant Colour Scheme For Your Kids Room

Hot pink

The pink colour is always at the top of the list of favourite colours of girls. Painting your daughter’s room with pink colour is a great idea. Although light shades of pink appear very sweet and classic. But Fushia takes it to another level. Using it with black, white or grey colour makes the room super cool.

Bright Purple

The purple colour gives a very unique look to your kid’s room. Lighter shades of purple colour look cool and mesmerizing. Brighter shades of purple colours provide a bold and unique look to any room. To provide better contrast, you can white or silver-coloured accessories.

7 Vibrant Colour Scheme For Your Kids Room


These are the best 7 colour schemes you can try while painting your kids’ room. The choice of the colour scheme depends on your liking and what your child wants their room to look like. If you’re looking for a painting service that can help you choose the perfect colours for your child’s room, look no further than Home Glazer. We know that choosing the right colours for your kids’ room can be overwhelming, but our colour experts are here to help. We offer the latest trending colours for kids’ rooms, bright colours that kids will love. Our colour consultation services are top-notch, and we can help you find the perfect shade of paint to make your child’s room bright and cheerful. With our high-quality paints and professional expertise, we can transform your kids’ room into a beautiful space that you and your kids will enjoy for years to come. Contact us today to learn more about our services and get started on making your child’s dream room a reality.

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