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Wood polishing doesn’t only add charm and beauty to woods, it makes the wood strong. Not everyone intends to make the wooden furniture beautiful. There is furniture that has many emotions attached to it. So we wish to make the furniture more durable. Wood polishing that Home glazer offers in one of a kind. Our team has the knowledge, no matter how the wood is, there are situations and conditions that can make your wooden furniture look bad and cause weakness. We have professionals who will help you to regain and restore the shine and beauty of your furniture. Old unpolished furniture is never a good combination with a beautiful house. Our work is to give a natural look to your wooden furniture for a long time. Also, to make it ready for harsh weather conditions.

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How does Home Glazer Offers The Best Wood polishing services?

Home Glazer has the motto of client satisfaction. We do not believe in quantity but we surely believe in quality. Our best investment is done on the happy clients, we believe we can push our limits to be the best. There are many service providers available for this, but what sets us apart is the dedication. We make sure that our professionals use spray or hand to apply the stain on woods.so that the work is done carefully and with perfection.

Know about the type of wood polishing that you need

You might be thinking that all these types and methods are a bit technical but you need to know what servicing you need. So for that reason here are the three types of finishes that are done to coat the wood.

  1. Matt Finish
  2. Paint Finish.

There are a variety of materials as well, some of them are PU, Polyester, DUCO, Melamine and so on. But when you are taking our service of wood polishing, you don’t have to worry about all these. This information is just to clear the doubts. Home Glazer provides quality services and the professionals only work. For over 35 years we have served many people. We have been referred to by our clients many times. When you take our service, we guarantee you to get the best service in Delhi and NCR.

We value your time and money, book us online to get quality services done in no time. Complete assurance from our side that there will be only satisfaction and no regrets.

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More then 35 Years of Expertise

Free Site Visit & Colour Consultation

Trained & Skilled Painters

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Cleanness & Safety are our utmost priority

Home Glazer, The Best Wood Polish Services In Delhi NCR

Everyone wishes for a home that is filled with sweetness and warmth. The attractive appearance and comfort of your house are heavily reliant on newly purchased or renovated furniture, as well as suitable placements. Furthermore, wooden furniture is often used in homes due to its elegant appearance and adaptability.

There are many local wood polish service providers in India, few of them are good, and most of them aren’t good at their work, but all of them claim to be the best in the class. And, that puts you in worry and confusion of their quality and price. It is good to be worried about this because you can’t just simply go with anyone’s assurance. Wood polishing is one of those services you may not require that often. If you availed it once then you may need it again after 10 to 15 years. Most wood polish service providers may charge you a modest fee yet deliver a lousy outcome. And you can’t simply adjust for so long with an unsatisfactory and inadequate outcome, even after paying a considerable amount for a good finish. People generally choose the quotation with the lowest price and expect the highest quality without giving any other thought and end up with disappointment. Nowadays, many wood polishers are cheating the residents of Delhi NCR because many young people do not know much about wood polishing finishes and processes. Contractor simply offer a low price with branded material to trap people. Price should never be the primary factor in choosing the service provider. You must look for experience, reviews, complaints, time duration, source (trusted or not), website, price, and other essential factors before making any final decision.

Home Glazer: Best wood polish service provider 

Wood polishing is one of the oldest talents and crafts and one of the most adaptable. Do you want the best polishing service for your furniture or wooden surfaces? Home Glazer is the place to go if you’re looking for a unique way to express yourself. All of our customers get benefits from our wood polish services for furniture pieces. Our main objective is to WOW our customers with our quality work. With over 30 years of combined expertise in the wood polishing sector, we are a team of competent, experienced, and certified specialists. Home Glazer is a reputable firm that provides a comprehensive range of wood polishing services to its customers. Our headquarters are in Delhi; however, we have clients all around India. You can hire us to polish your furniture at the most competitive costs on the market. Let’s understand some of our qualities that separate us from others.

One place for all types of wood polish services:

  • At Home Glazer, we crew will provide all types of wood polish services for you. There are many types of wood polishes and it’s finishes, from economical to luxury, from rich matte to high gloss. And we, do all.
  • We polish almost every wooden surface, like: Customized furniture, doors, windows, bed, chairs, wood panel, tables, console, etc.
  • Restoration/Renovation and new wooden surface, we polish both.
  • We provide wood polishing for both Interior and Exterior surfaces.

We do not hire subcontractors:

Companies sometimes hire subcontractors to do work for them. In wood polish service, it is a bad idea. There are many companies in the market, hire the subcontractors to generate more revenue. But in Home Glazer, we do not hire sub-contractors. Sub-contractor Everyone knows that You can’t expect any loyalty from subcontractors, and they will always be looking for add more profit and will compromise with the quality.  

  • We believe in our own team: We have skilled and experienced wood polishers in our in-house team. With years of experience, they have become the master of this art. We have belief on them. In any manner we do not want our name and quality to be compromised, thus we do not hire sub-contractors.
  • Quality over quantity: At Home Glazer, we work on limited projects at a time. We wish to deliver the best quality wood polish work to our clients. We do not accept every project, we are offered. We have our in-house team of wood polishers, that is limited too. We are recruiting, training new manpower to strengthen ourself, but we won’t be hiring sub-contractors. Many companies hire sub-contractors to generate revenue by working on many projects at same time, this leads them to deliver compromised quality.
  • Loyalty & Accountability: At Home Glazer, we are always loyal & accountable to our customer. Our customer can question us directly, there is no hierarchy or middle-man between our customer and us. Sub-contractor will never be loyal & accountable to first party (customer), they will always be favourable to their company.
  • Quality Finish Every time: Let’s understand this with an example. Suppose you need wood polish services and you ask Home Glazer and another company (deal with sub-contractors) to submit the quote. And you know that market is competitive, thus both submitted the quote of Rs. 1,00,000. And you hire the other company for service, then what they will do. They will simply cut their commission of about 20% (Rs. 20,000) for and assign a sub-contractor for you. Sub-contractor will get about Rs. 80,000 for the same job and he will try to earn the profit by at least 25% (Rs. 20,000). Now the question is, how does the sub-contractor manage to do the job in Rs. 60,000 despites of not having multiple projects at same time. By skipping the process, effort, labour and by cost cutting in material. And, definitely the quality will compromise and won’t be at par. At other hand Home Glazer do all it’s project with with our in-house team and deliver the best quality without following any cost reduction technique.

Experience and in-house team

For more than 30 years, we have provided our customers with wood polishing services with the finest care and devotion to presenting them with a superb finish. We are now the top name in the game of wood polishing thanks to a team of skilled and devoted specialists that have been working on various polishing projects for decades. We can do anything for you, whether it’s a whole room renovation or simply some furniture polishing.

  • Our inhouse team of wood polishers are experienced and trained in a manner to cater all you wood polish requirement. Some of our worker have 30+ years of experience.
  • To increase the manpower, we hire fresh manpower and train them.
  • First, we train the worker in our workshop and after the completion of training we send him on site.
  • Training and learning are a continuous process; thus, we give training of new equipment’s and product.

Customised Services and Colour Selection

 A damaged, faulty door can be a real nuisance. Without proper wood polishing, your living space or business office may fail to meet safety standards. You may also be after a greater sense of security or just a different, refreshing style altogether. At Home Glazer, we offer to wood polishing as part of our other services at an affordable price and will ensure we’re there for you from start to finish.

Cleaning and safety are our utmost priority

 We’ve been quite cautious about what steps we should take since the pandemic emergency. We’ve made it a requirement for everyone on the team to receive two doses of flu vaccine. Additionally, all employees’ temps and oxygen levels are checked on a daily basis. Request a service from Home Glazer, and our technicians will sanitise the area before and after the task is completed, as well as ensure that all safety precautions are followed, such as using gloves, masks, and ppe kits, so you can relax and enjoy the best of our work.

Once the place is ready, we’ll do a post-painting clean-up. Our customer service professional will walk you through the process and show you how to look for your hardwood flooring.

Post Service Response

Are you concerned if, for whatever reason, you find yourself in a tough scenario requiring your assistance? Please do not hesitate to contact us because, at Home Glazer, we guarantee that we provide the greatest post services to our clients and that we address them and their problems as if they were family members.

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