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Home Glazer at Commercial Painting

At Home Glazer, We provide high quality and decorative solutions to meet the unique requirements of any commercial project.

We have build up a great reputation with commercial companies throughout Delhi/NCR. We work professionally and efficiently to ensure your business premises are maintained to high standard.

At Home Glazer customer service comes first. Our crew are experienced, professional, energetic and courteous. We know a well-executed painting solution can breathe new life into your business. We are a family owned business that focuses on customer satisfaction. We take pride in our commercial painting. We are, simply, the best at what we do. Every week, we receive compliments about the QUALITY of our work and the INTEGRITY of our crews. We use the best products, techniques and personnel because our customers deserve the best!

Home Glazer has the painting solution for any size commercial and apartment project – from a single unit tilt-up to a large complex. Painting a commercial or apartment building must serve two purposes: protect the building from weathering and decay; and look great.

Home Glazer specializes in the application of protective coatings that are extremely resistant to the elements and can endure high traffic, yet still provide an aesthetically-pleasing look. We have served the painting and coating needs of numerous commercial and property manager customers and our projects include hospitals, hotels, colleges, universities, civic centres, banks, office buildings, and apartments. Our ability to assess problems, manage surface preparation and apply suitable coatings on time and on budget is what satisfies the needs of our diverse customer base.

Unlike house painting, commercial paint jobs are usually high traffic situations. A commercial painting contractor must be alert to the potential dangers of having people on the job site oblivious to the painter painting above them. Unlike new construction, commercial repainting can put the public at risk. Please be assured that Home Glazer has over 35 years of experience in this division.

In a commercial environment, we are dedicated to serving our customers and seeing to it that their customers are not disturbed in the process. We are commercial trade contractors that are truly sensitive to unique and challenging environments.

Our clients’ specifications of colour, light and detail all play an important part in creating a compelling ambience for customers, visitors and clientele and a pleasant, productive working environment for employees.

We would appreciate the opportunity to bid on your current and future projects.

What to Expect from your commercial painters?

Your business’s interior and exterior make a big impression on your clients and customers and has a huge impact on the safety and happiness of your employees too. We can handle commercial painting needs regardless of the look you demand or the substrate you need covered. We offer an array of specialty paints, textures, and finishes to ensure that your space looks and feels exactly how you want it to. We employ a methodical approach that ensures optimal results every time.

A building manager knows that painting is not something you do every year. There is only so much budget to go around and renovations are an inconvenience to everyone in the facility. Peace of mind happens only if the details and expectations are all set at the beginning of a project.

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To identify and understand the unique needs of each client, and go beyond the expectation and performance in meeting those needs.
To provide each employee with the training and support needed to grow professionally and personally;
To adhere to the highest standards of honesty and ethical behaviour toward clients, employees, suppliers, community and the environment.

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