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Every wall of your home should display the story behind it. Stencil painting is a fabulous way to produce designs/patterns on the walls or ceiling. Today, stencil painting is in high demand and people spend hours picking the right stencils for their dream home. The purpose of stenciling in painting and interior design is enormous. According to your imagination and wish one can choose the perfect perfect stencil with fine colour combinations for your wall. Stencil painting reflects your imagination on the wall. The stencil painting on the wall can lighten the space with the fresh gasp of air, rejuvenating it with the refreshing aura.

Transforming your home with the stencil painting becomes important when the wall of your home becomes the point of attraction. A perfect stencil painting with a bright colour combination reflects how colourful you are. You can save a big amount of money by choosing stencil painting over costly designer wallpaper. At Home Glazer, we offer the finest stencil painting services in Delhi NCR because we are a team of dedicated professionals and we are known for our great customer service.

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Our Stancil Painting Process

  • Prepare the surface: Before starting the stenciling it is important to ensure the surface is good, there is no uneven texture, no overlapping mark, no spot marks. Wipe off the dust from the surface with a dry cloth.

  • Preview Stancil Design: Preview the stencil design and ensure that the design is absolutely perfect. All the edges are good because any error in stencil can bring unwanted design and problems.

  • Paint: Paste the stencil with a soft hand at the right place with the use of painter’s tape.

  • Touch up:We paint the area or the site by placing the stencils. Paint brush is used to make the initial colour, then there is a chance that small portions remains unpainted. This occurs due to the thickness of paint brush, so for that touch up is done. Touch up is the colouring of the small uncoloured portions after removing the stencils.

  • Cleaning: Many times it happens that after the painting is completed, the stencil can still stick to the area in small pieces. We remove the stencils and clean the painted areas. Also, we leave the site clean when we finish the work.


If you are living in a space that is traditional or contemporary, then there is always a space to be filled with stencil paintings. With stencil painting service you can give your living space a glamorous makeover. Stencils come in many designs and patterns, so it doesn’t matter whether you’re looking for a festive theme, seasonal theme, or any specific theme, you can get it done very easily. We stand behind our stencil painting services. We are always here to assist you and answer all of your stencil painting questions and when you book your stencil painting service with Home Glazer, we ensure that your stencil painting project is a total success.

When the guest first steps into your sweet home, it is the wall that blocks their attention and brings to notice the aura of your living space. Adding stencil painting over the wall is yet another simple and effective idea to bring ideas on the wall. Even every wall of your home should display a story behind it. The perfect stencil painting serves to be a glam quotient for your living space.

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