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The exterior look of your house is critically important. The paint on a house is one of the first things people notice about it. After a time, the exterior painting of your house gets affected due to rain, cold, heat, and looks dull. Exterior painting is completely different from interior painting. It requires more tools and equipment, and sometimes scaffolding could be required if the building is high.

An exterior paint makes your home look better. Your home will look younger and stronger. Nicely painted exterior walls of your home will also increase its curb appeal. A great looking paint job can make the kind of positive first lasting impression that sticks with people for long. A beautiful colour combination on your house’s exterior can certainly catch more eyeballs and would be an absolute sparkle in your neighbourhood.

At Home Glazer, we are specialized in exterior painting. ensuring that you have a home that looks incredible all over. Our painters are trained in a manner to cater to all your exterior painting requirements. We at Home Glazer, can handle both types of work whether it is repainting or first time painting. We use high-quality materials and techniques. So, your home’s exterior will maintain that “just painted” look for a longer period of time.

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Our Painting Process

  • Covering the immovable items: We start with removing the removable and movable items from the exterior wall and cover the unmovable item such as AC, Plans, Geysers, etc.

  • Preparing the Surface: Because of the extreme weather condition the exterior walls could be damaged, so it is important to remove all the dust and flakes from the surface with necessary tools.

  • Necessary Repair: It is seen that the exterior surface requires more repair than the interior. Fix those repairs with a putty and putty knife. Sometimes it requires waterproofing solutions to protect the wall from rain.

  • Priming the surface: One coat of primer is necessary on the surface of exterior areas but before that ensure the repairs are sanded with grit paper and the dust is wiped off.

  • Painting: If it is a plain exterior painting, it can be simply painted with a brush and roller, 2-3 coats of paint would give the smooth and good look to the exterior. And, if it is texture exterior painting, the expert needs to create texture over the surface with the necessary tools and thereafter if it may require two coats of paint with a brush.

  • Cleaning: After the painting work is finished, it is important to uncover all the covered items and clean all the spills and splatter of paint.
    • 2-3 Coat of putty: Putty is a compound mixture of some elements such as white cement, chalk, etc. 2-3 coats of putty provides the smooth base for paint.

    • Sanding the surface: For exterior surface, we recommend 100-grit paper for the sanding process. Sanding must be done with gentle hands not with force. All the dust from the surface to be wiped off with cloth or groom after sanding.

    • Priming the Surface: Apply one coat of primer on the surface with brush and roller. This creates a smooth base for the final paint colour. It also improves paint adhesion, resulting in reduced blisters and peeling.

    • Texture or Paint: If the exterior wall needs to be textured, then the painter will use the necessary tool to create texture. And after texture 2-3 coats of paint would be applied. If the surface needs to be painted only, then the painter will paint 2-3 coats of paint of selected colour to deliver the best outlook to the exterior.

    • Cleaning: Cleaning is the most important part of the painting process. Paint jobs would not look good until the area where painting has been done is not clean. The painter will clean the spill and splatters of paint.

In Delhi NCR, extreme weather conditions can take quite a toll on an exterior. A good paint job can help to eliminate some of that damage. In fact, you can help to control the effects of wear and tear on your home with our quality exterior painting services. We have the best tips from choosing the right color combination to making your home’s exterior a classic appearance. We pride 0urselves on not just offering a great paint job, but peace of mind as well.

When you get the exteriors and interiors of your home painted, it can change so much about the home. We proudly offer honest, upfront
pricing so you’re never surprised by the cost of our service. Before we begin, we’ll come out to your home for a consultation to learn more
about your personal goals and scheduling and budgetary needs. Once we finish the consultation, we’ll provide you with a free firm quote. Ready
to get started? Contact us today.

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