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Life is busy and hectic for everyone, thinking of painting, re-painting, or just a touch-up painting is also a tough deal. WOW Per Day is unique as the Home Glazer team has some expert painters who go to your doorsteps and provide the services. We have seen many people bothering to hire painters for their unnecessary delay and wage rate. But here we provide efficient painters who are worth your time and money.

Our clients can hire as many painters as they want for as long as they need them. There is no hurry to make a huge payment. Payment is done on a regular basis in the form of a wage. This helps to get the best painters for the days when they are actually needed. Their charges are suitable for a per-day basis and they prefer to work like this.

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Why is WOW Per Day an opportunity for you?

Wow Per Day is for saving them valuable time and money for our clients’. This is an opportunity to get your small areas painted at affordable rates by skilled painters. Many as per surveys, we have understood that people do not wish to make a big deal when they have to colour a small room or they need to do some patchwork. Everyone feels like saving money but they never wish to compromise the quality of work. So, as Home Glazer has promised to stay beside the client throughout, we have introduced WOW Per Day. In this option, clients only hire the painter and enjoy their quality services.

Why is Home Glazer beneficial to you?

Home Glazer has been working successfully for more than 35 years. The reason for our success is the satisfaction of our clients only. We have understood the need for quick hassle-free services. But we all wish to have clean and enhancing colours on the four walls always. This dilemma is taken care of by our team. The calculation is very simple when you need an estimate.

All you need to know is the wage of the painter. You can decide the number of days you want the work:
Painter’s wages (X) Number of Painters (X) Number of Days = Total Amount
Paint material will be borne by the customer

How to avail the WOW Per day benefit?

We have made things simple in terms of everything. Here is everything that is beneficial to you-

➢ Booking online and scheduling the work prior to 2 days before the day or painting.
➢ Our representative will visit the site that needs to be painted.
➢ Keep your paints and materials ready for the painting work.
➢ Our painters will be there on time.
➢ Skilled painters will work as per clients’ needs and requirements.
➢ Only pay for the painter’s service.
➢ Perfection will be provided for clients’ satisfaction.
➢ The work will not be left incomplete or improper.

Get the perfectionist of the work for your required days on a wage basis. No one will have to pay huge charges for affording the professional painters in a package. To enjoy this facility, book WOW Per Day online and get your estimates.

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More then 35 Years of Expertise

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Cleanness & Safety are our utmost priority

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