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The whole idea of ‘home’ has changed drastically over the past century. A much modern take on picking the right paint for a house involves the accommodation of multiple colours and patterned walls. Here is where the technology of wallpaper has come to the rescue. Wallpaper adds a bit of texture, colour and glamorous look to space. Today, however, with the hike in technology digital wallpapers have come to replace regular ones. From the wide selection of choices ranging from warm to cool colours or even printed ones, wallpapers have changed the dynamics of interior design. Materials employed have also varied over the years, widening the horizons of choice from traditional colours and patterns.

One need not necessarily be familiar with the dynamics and colour impacts of interior design. If the right guidance is what you seek to make your home the one in your dreams, then Home Glazer is your ultimate companion. Home Glazer has a voluminous collection of over 8000 designs categorized into more than 40 sections to choose from. We are dedicated to the dynamics of the current trend and constantly update the designs. If you suffer from a dilemma over what to pick for your home, hit us up and make an appointment. Our employees will guide you through the decision. We offer pocket-friendly designs that will adorn your walls within a week of your confirmation. Placing an order with Home Glazer is easy, cheap, and completely reliable. So why wait? Glaze up your home with us! All you need to do is just place your order with us. At Home Glazer, the wallpaper installation process is completely hassle-free.

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Our Wallpaper Installation Process

Surface Inspection: Before installing the wallpaper on the surface it is important to inspect it very well. The person needs to ensure the surface is primed well and there is no dust or lose particle over it.

Packaging and Masking: If the surface is good to go for installing the wallpaper. For better finish the expert person should use the masking tape (2 inches) to mask all the edges where the wallpaper will meet with other surfaces.

Prepare the glue: Wallpaper glue must be prepared in a well-cleaned object such as a bucket and in well sufficient quantity.

Wallpaper Installation: Wallpaper should be installed by following the installation instruction. While installing the wallpaper, it is very important to ensure that no bubble and ripples are there. Excess water should be removed with a sponge and excess material should be trimmed from the corner with a PVC sharp blade.

Cleaning: Remove the masking tape after installing the wallpaper. Bucket and the area where wallpaper has been installed should be cleaned.

The perfect wallpaper can bring the entire infrastructure of a building together by adding to its specifics and complimenting the lighting and furniture. Finalizing a perfect wallpaper can be fun. However, if adequate attention has not been given over the other specifics and attributes of the interior of the house, a wrong wallpaper could end up sabotaging the intended result. The tone of the wallpaper used to cover a decorative wall in a house can easily decide the theme and tone of the room itself. It can decide over the other decor used in the room. For instance, one would never try using gothic coloured wallpapers in a nursery. A wrong wallpaper can make a brightly lit room dim and vice versa. That is precisely why extra attention has to be given over the selection of the perfect wallpaper.

Customized wallpaper has the ability to bring empty spaces to life and this is one of the best ways to transform the looks of your home to a more welcoming and homely feel. When you’re designing a space, the wallpaper will be one of the first and main things you’ll consider because what goes on the wall can tie everything in your room together. And not only can it make or break your interior design, but it can also help you create the big impact you need.

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