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The wall of your room requires a different touch of texture to make it breathing space. Textured wall adds intensity to a room, as well as cover up the uneven surfaces. A textured wall reflects your imagination and the perfect texture design is beyond its shadows, it serves to be glam quotient for your living space. When the guest first steps into your sweet home, it is the wall that blocks their attention and brings to notice the aura of your living space. The textured wall gets behind the frames and pictures of your success, which will display your aura ostentatiously. This will surely make a long-lasting impression of your home and your choice. But choosing the perfect texture design for your wall is very necessary to not to make it too dramatic. We at Home Glazer, assure you about the quality service and standards. We have trained painters in our company who will advise you with the best color and design guidance.

The purpose of the texture painting in interior design is enormous, as it produces vibrancy and glows to the eye. Texture painting brings captivating outcome; it can simply turn a focal wall into a gorgeous textured wall. We have a very strong team of trained professionals who understand the clients’ thoughts and imagination for their texture painting projects. We use modern and latest techniques and types of machinery to do texture painting with perfection. Our texture painting experts always make sure that the work is reliable and sturdy. Our texture painting team members are trained in a manner that while they are working they ensure that the entire room is covered and once the texture painting is done, the covers are taken away to leave the property clean and tidy. You can trust our texture painting experts to give your home an immediate and specific texture painting job that will look great all year round.

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Our Wallpaper Installation Process

  • Packaging and masking: We start it by emptying the room by moving the furniture to another room. We always cover the floor and anything left in the center of the room. We use painter’s tape (masking tape) to mask off your moldings, windows, doors, switchboards, etc

  • Preparation: It is important to clean the surface for paint to stick tightly. Any loose particle shouldn’t be on the wall. Preparing a wall for texture painting is same as preparing any other wall for painting. Patching holes, sanding uneven surface, filling necessary repair are important to prepare a good base for texture painting.

  • Priming: This creates a smooth base for the final paint colour. It blocks stains from bleeding through. It also improves paint adhesion, resulting in reduced blisters and peeling. Without priming the textured surface on wall will absorb the paint as it is applied, resulting in blotchy, uneven colour.

  • Painting: In texture painting it is very important to apply paint very quickly with full coverage. And while applying paint this need to ensure that the paint doesn’t get dry before texturing the wall.

  • Texturing: Every texture painting project requires a unique tool or unique roller to apply texture over the base coat, to gain the best effects of Texture. The nature and size of tool strongly depends upon the nature of texture.

  • Cleaning: Once the texture painting is done, we start the cleaning process. We remove all masking tape and gather plastic sheets. Making sure any spills or splatters are dry before we move them. And finally, we put everything back in the room at their place.


Several blends of colour like yellow and red, red and light blue and different hues of colour bring the perfect combination for your wall. The tonality of the colour can vary from the light colour to dark bright hues colour. At Home Glazer, the whole endless possibilities of texture painting are available to paint your wall. We at Home Glazer, go extra miles to ensure that our customer find our texture painting service is pleasant, wonderful and satisfactory. You can get in contact with us for the best texture painting services in Delhi NCR to make your sweet home beautiful. Our texture painting experts make sure that work is reliable and sturdy.

We provide the best of texture painting services in Delhi NCR by charging affordable prices. We focus after the minute details of the requirements and focusing on little things makes us the best by separating us from the rest. We make quality and standard services simple and worthy. Home Glazer has got really good feedback for our texture painting services over the years which is an expensive asset for us. We stay with our clients throughout the process of painting and related services. Our work finishes with the big smile of our clients.

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