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Home Glazer at Residential Painting

We offer affordable painting solutions for residential spaces in Delhi & NCR. A fresh coat of paint can rise the “Visual Value” of your home, which is why hiring a company like Home Glazer is such an important consideration for all your renovation plans.

We take pride in to deliver an attractive finish to ever room we work in. With over 35 years in the Delhi/NCR residential market, we have the expertise to carry out your interior and exterior painting to the highest standard. We work closely with major paint companies and where necessary.

We obtain free specifications and colour schemes to ensure our clients are happy with the product used on their home. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and we are committed to ensuring you are satisfied with the result.

At Home Glazer, we understand that we’re not just entering a job site, but your home. We are guests in your home. We respect this by being clean and on time. You will have peace of mind that your job will be done right. Careful attention is always given to surface preparation as well as the protection of furnishings and possessions during all of the work in your home.

Our craftsmen are committed to your satisfaction, realizing that in a service oriented business our only job security comes from satisfied customers who call us in the future and also refer us to their friends, co-workers and associates.

When looking for painters, you deserve the best. You are worthy of individuals who respect your home with the kind of care and compassion it warrants. When our team paints your structure, every single space is cared for.

Our aim is to emphasize both the beauty and structural integrity of your living or workspace. Whether it is the painting of one room or an entire home, all of our projects are viewed in the same manner, an investment in our future and our client’s complete satisfaction.

Feel to ask us about all of the residential painting services.

What to Expect from your residential painters?

Now a days, finding the right and professional house painters for your home takes time and you want to do this right. You may ask friends and neighbours for a recommendation or you can search “Home Glazer” in Google. Whatever your search method is, always prequalify the contractor before getting an estimate. Since everyone will promise you “quality work” what should you expect? Let’s walk through the process we follow at Home Glazer.

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To identify and understand the unique needs of each client, and go beyond the expectation and performance in meeting those needs.
To provide each employee with the training and support needed to grow professionally and personally;
To adhere to the highest standards of honesty and ethical behaviour toward clients, employees, suppliers, community and the environment.

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