5 Signs of a Good painter | Home Glazer’s Painters

5 signs of a good painter | Home Glazer's Painters

5 Signs of a Good painter | Home Glazer’s Painters

Painting walls always gives us the essence of entering new life along with feeling the warmth and peace of the beauty of the home. Finding the right painter for the job is essential to bring in the magic of feeling the beauty of the selected range of colours for painting walls. Therefore, it is essential to pick a painter who has the experience and focuses on quality rather than making quick money. Many local painters promise to fix painting issues in a limited time so that they get jobs quickly and make more and more money. Home Glazer on the other hand is completely against this policy as we believe walls need to be painted with patience so that the paint lasts for a long time and people do not need to recall again and again within months to fix the issue.

In this article, we will guide you to get to know five vital traits of a good painter. You must always look for some of these characteristics before you sign a contract with a painter.

1. Preparation is foremost

Every good painter knows that the primary factor for a durable paint job is to have proper surface preparation. However, as per many experts and professionals, this feature is lacking in many painters. The painters need to start the work by scraping loose paints. After this, they should power wash the surface.

Applying primer on bare areas is also a crucial part of the painting process. This bare area can be areas like exposed wood. If there are any cracks, there are many better options than caulk. According to painting experts, a cement-based stucco patch is much better and is far more effective. All these steps are often skipped by many to save time. However, all of these steps are vital and must be taken care of!. All these steps should be followed before going for the painting. This will make sure that the painting will last for a longer time. 

2. Proper masking is vital

Professional painters should be aware that your home is very important and dear to you as you have put in the majority of your hard-earned money in life to buy a house. Hence, trained painters carefully mask and seal the windows, doors, furniture, cars, and other related fragile items. Also, they should make sure that the pavers and concretes are covered using drop cloths to keep them safe.

Both concrete and pavers are porous. Therefore they are usually absorbent. So, they will absorb paint and spray easily. Hence, it becomes tedious to clean them. Covering the surfaces is crucial and is usually done by good painters.

3. Top-quality product  

Many painters stick to certain brands. This can actually be a positive sign many times but now always. However, in the opinion of some experts, the brand does not always reveal the entire true story. When you decide on the paint type as per your budget, it is advisable to check the paint type with the coating which is then present at the site. There are many reputable brands that provide grade lines that don’t last for a long time.

The paints are like emulsion and it is available in many varieties like low, middle, premium and luxury. The same case is with paint too. So, there are also many brands that are very popular, the user may think he is using very good paint of a good brand but the paint is actually of very poor quality. An experience painter can easily suggeest you some good brands and their product’s pros and cons. So, you must be sure that the paints being used are of top quality. 

4. Good paints offer longevity

We at Home Glazer know which paints last for a long. Hence we always go for a certain product that is known for its durability and premium quality. Also, when we start with the painting, we make sure that the water is out. 

However, some painters believe that water should not to be mixed with paint. But as believed by some expertsand us, this is just a myth. A good painter always adds some amount of water to a bucket of paints for diluton. Only in some water proof paint paint, mixing water is strickly prohibited.  

5. He will go for a double inspection

A good painter will always go for an inspection before signing the contract or starting with his job. A painter who is even better will also go for a complete inspection of the work done by him. Moreover, before it is actually viewed by the owner of the site!

We advise our painters to do a double inspection. Our supervisor look for any defects or any place which has been missed by the painter. Then, we complete the missing parts with the same effectiveness.


However, sometimes it is also difficult to detect the signs when your home needs painting. How to understand that your home needs a good painter? Or, should you hire a painter right now, or should wait for five years? Being aware of these signs will help you to make better decisions. This will help you to get rid of the wear and tear of walls on your home in an effective manner. 

If the paint on the walls is peeling, this is a clear indication that your home needs painting. Without proper painting, your home will look untidy and unclean. This may be the case even if the painting is peeled into only small parts. Such incidents usually happen in rooms that have a lot of humidity.

When you finally decide to paint your home, don’t forget to look for the above signs in your painter before you hire him. Hiring an expert like Home Glazer is important if you want to get durable paint that gives an altogether different look to your home.

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