5 Asian Paint Stucco Marble Texture Paint Best Features

5 Asian Paint Stucco Marble Texture Paint Best Features

5 Asian Paint Stucco Marble Texture Paint Best Features

Are you looking for a beautiful texture design for you, well you need to check Asian paint stucco marble texture paint . This is a unique paint  made with 

mixture of minerals that will completely change the look of your wall.  Its beautiful Lustrous paint gives the walls the hint of gloss, which looks shiny yet sober.  

Before, we get into the blog,  let us check, What is Asian paint Stucco marble? What are the features of the Asian paint stucco marble paint? 

What is Asian Paint Stucco Marble?

A Stucco marble paint is inspired from Stucco marble cement, a plaster mixture applied to the outside wall, which is gives marble-like texture.  The stucco marble paint has a marble like shine coating with glass and rough texture which makes it look like coloured marble on the wall

How to Apply Stucco Marble Texture Paint? 

The certain steps involved when it comes to applying stucco marble Texture paint on your walls:- 

  1. Mix  the color pigmentation with stucco marble paint.
  2. Apply the colour pigmentation.
  3. Coat the walls again with lighter pigmentation to give it a marble texture.
  4. Leave the texture for one or two hours then buff the wall with buffing wax using a buffing machine.

Asian Paint Stucco Marble Texture Price

 it’s a bit more expensive to apply than normal Paints. A Stucco marble paint price per sq feet is 150 Rs in the market, but adding the cost of buffing wax, machine and color pigmentation, it costs you approx 400 rupees per square feet.  Asian paint stucco marble texture paint not only has an amazing shine but also has 6 key features which makes it the best wall texture paint. We  have listed 5 asian paint stucco marble texture paint best key features below:- 

  • Multi-mineral composition : it has multi-minerals composition. It  is made up of  marble cobble, slate, Igneous stone and quartz glass.
  • High density : It is highly dense paint with a thick base and durable binder.
  • Highly durable: it is highly durable and  long-lasting paint.
  • Anti-fungal paint: it has anti-algae and anti-fungal properties, which reduces moisture retention on walls.
  • Stiffness:  It is a stiff paint, and can be easily used to create texture.
  • Absolutely Non-toxic paint: it is a totally non toxic paint,   and doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals. 
  • Pleasant odor: It has a very  pleasant odor that adds to the beauty of your home 

Asian paint Stucco marble paint is highly durable and home-friendly paint. It contains non-toxic ingredients and unique ingredients like lime , quartz , cement  which gives it a stiff and highly rough texture. 

Asian Paint Stucco Marble Texture Paint Benefits 

Since we have known all the features or Stucco paint, let us know about its benefits too. Here we have listed benefits of Asian paint stucco marble texture below :- 


  1. It is easy to apply : It is easy to use due to its smooth and thick paint base, which easily rests on the scraper and gives maximum coverage on the walls. You can also make the paint thinner by  adding water to  the paint.
  2. Eco-friendly texture paint: It is an eco-friendly paint, made up of home-friendly material, with minimal use of synthetic Ingredients. It is safe for use if you are specifically allergic to any of the mentioned ingredients. 
  3. Moisture Replication: This moisture repletion properties keep fungus and algae away. It keeps the  room fresh and breathable.
  4. Gives Classic effect  Asian paint stucco marble texture paint gives  the classic effect to the texture painting, due to its multi- minerals composition. It  is made up of  marble cobble, slate, Igneous stone and quartz.
  5.  Versatile texture paint: Asian Stucco Marble gives both an asymmetrical rough bumpy look and smooth textures to the wall, which looks magnificent against the wooden decor.  You can also create plaster based texture designs, because of moisture repelling properties.

Asian Stucco Marble is a versatile paint that gives both an asymmetrical rough bumpy look to wall , due it its mineral-base texture, which glosses and glints after crafting and  polishing, The best part of using this paint is its eco-friendly paint , it is easily applicable and can customized by adding water or color of your choice,. 


Asian paint Stucco marble texture paint is one of the best paints to try. A new homeowner can benefit a lot from Asian paint stucco marble texture, its eco-friendly and high durability features. It is the best paint for the glamourous home as it gives a classic finish and texture which creates a decent yet beautiful texture to the wall,

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FAQ – 5 Asian Paint Stucco Marble Texture Paint Best Features

How long does Asian paint stucco texture last ?

Asian stucco texture lasts for 4 years without any wear and tear.

How many coats  Asian Paints stucco texture require?

Asian Paints stucco texture requires at least 3 coats of Asian paint.

How many hours of difference Asian Paints stucco texture coating  requires?

At least, two hours difference between is required when coating Asian paint stucco texture coat. 2 for painting and 3rd for texture, the surface must be,  else you have to go for a third coat as well. 

Asian Paints stucco texture paint price in the market?

Price of distemper is 150 Rs per sq feet. You will get a bucket of paint of 500-620 Rs a bucket  depending on the state you purchase.

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