5 Distemper Paint Benefits That Make It The Best Option  

5 Distemper Paint Benefits

5 Distemper Paint Benefits That Make It The Best Option  

Does your wall give a synthetic odor? well you need to use Distemper paint? It is made of natural ingredients like chalk, water, and plaster,  which keeps your home cool and breathable so, come on let us explore, what is distemper paint, and what are its features and benefits. 

What is Distemper Paint?

It is a water-based and oil-based paint composed of lime, chalk, water/oil base, paint glue and colour pigmentation.  It is used as paint cum primal coating on the cemented wall, to prevent leakage and cracks on the walls.  Its adhesive glue and water-base/ oil base deposits an intact film which not only  protects it from cracking and leakage but also sun-rays and dust. 

Distemper Paint Price in the Market

In the market the its price ranges from  46 -141 Rs per liter. For a  10  kg  Distemper paint bucket will cost you 70- 700 Rs per kg. Although the price differs from brand to brand, every  distemper paint has its innate added advantage which makes it a cost-effective choice. Read the next paragraph to learn distempering features. 

Distemper Paint Features 

Distemper paint is a natural and eco-friendly paint.  it has various features which an optimal choice for the painting your home interior walls.,We Home glazer have listed some of its amazing features below :-

  • Matt texture: it deposits a matt  film on the wall, which leaves a smooth and granular texture on the wall. 
  • A healthy odor: The odor released by the distemper paint is natural because of its natural composition.
  • Sun-protection:  A  smooth film that the paint deposit protects the wall against the UV sun rays, and keeps the paint fresh for years.
  • Strong hold:It is made up of strong and sticky adhesive glue  which gives it a firm grip on the wall.
  • Limited colour option : Its colours combinations are limited to shades of white, ,but certain pastel colours can also be opted to coat the walls and interiors.
  • Limited durability:  It sticks to the walls  but is not as durable, especially in high traffic cities, it can easily peel off due to regular wear and tear. 

5 Distemper Paint Benefits That Makes It The Best Option Till Date –  

It is one of the oldest paints in the world. It was created before modern synthetic paint. It is eco-friendly and  healthy, but it also has many more benefits. To know all distemper paint benefits read the list given below:- 

  1. Cost-effective:

It is cost-effective as you get all-in-one protection just for 927 Rs in a 20-litre. In the market the it will  cost you for 46 -141 Rs per liter, and a 10  kg  bucket of its bucket for 70- 700 Rs per kg. 

  1. Natural Breathable: 

it has the natural and breathable paint, it has a porous and granular texture, which allows air to pass, and facilitates proper air ventilation, even when you shut your window for blinds down. It makes the wall comparatively cooler  than outside.  

  1. natural insulator in the winter.

 You can enjoy a warm cozy room without switching on the electronic devices, due to its  natural porous texture which will benefit you in winter as well, as it  acts as an insulating agent in cold weather. 

  1. Great canvas:

it remains intact which, and helps in holding the paint together, although the distemper paint color you wall with its pigment but using white color distemper paint can be a slightly rough and matte canvas to apply another paint or design on it. 

  1. All round protection

It gives all in one protection by depositing smooth and seamless film coating on the cemented wall, which prevents leakage and wall cracks and paint peeling. It is strong and intact so it also holds the paints if you further decide to colour the wall. 


it protects your wall throughout the years by shielding your walls from sun rays and dust. It is extremely weather compatible and resistant paint, which works as an insulator in winter and a ventilation system in the summers. It is cheap and cost-effective as you get all the its benefits for 20 Rs per liter. Although it is more suitable for low traffic zones and has a less colour option compared to modern synthetic paint. 

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How long does distemper paint last?

A coat of distemper paint can last minimum for 3 years and maximum till 4-5 years depending on the brand.

How many coats of distemper one requires ?

Atleast, two coats on themust be done if the surface is good, else you have to go for a third coat as well. Each coat should have a minimum 12 hours of time difference. 

Is distemper washable?

Yes, distemper paint is not washable paint, it does leave water marks on the wall, unlike synthetic paints.

Distemper paint price in the market?

Price of distemper paint ranges from 70 Rs- 14rs per liter in the market. 

Is Distemper paint and whitewash the same? 

No, a distemper paint and white wash differs in composition and use, whitewash are for primal coating and distemper paint for paint and primal coating. 

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