10 Best Colours To Paint Your Exterior Walls

Exterior Wall Painting Ideas | 10 Best Colors for Exterior Painting

10 Best Colours To Paint Your Exterior Walls

Tired looking exterior walls of homes and buildings are in a true sense a new lease of life. Painting our exterior walls can significantly change the appearance, value, and quality. Different paint types and colours have different looks for our homes like a bright coat will give a fresh and inviting appearance, while a good paint job will give a damage proof look.

Picking the right colour for our exterior walls is more important than front doors and glass window style. It is a crucial step for home builders, as the wrong choice will lead to all efforts going in vain or even the combination of all will be the best part for our homes and buildings.

Whether you are refreshing an existing exterior paint job or switching to new colours, making the right choice regarding the exterior walls paint is a much-needed step. Still, confused between colours? Don’t worry, we are here to share some insights to make you more familiar with the types of paint that can be used or how different colour type impacts overall appearance.

Types of Exterior Paint –

1.     Masonry Paint

The paint type is best for protecting exterior walls from weather damage. Going for bold and daring colours or neutral colours is the right choice for this type. The acrylic form is waterproofed and also allows the moisture to evaporate that is already present in the exterior walls.

2.     Textured Paint

Masking the imperfections generally involves its use, when faults like holes, dents, lumps, bumps, and odd little quirks arise on the exterior walls. This type also shows the hardworking finish on your home walls. It is not easy to apply.

3.     Smooth Paint

It will support only if the base is not rough, as it is used to beautify small areas but it is not effective on a larger patch. It is easy to apply in comparison to other types. To hide faults it is used, but those must be small faults.

4.     Primer and Sealer

It is not a type of paint but very essential for walls – especially for exterior walls. Sealer and primer are applied when the final layer of paint is to be nicely applied. There is also a masonry sealer for a better look.

Colours to Paint Your Exterior Walls

The best colour combination for the exterior helps the house to get the best personality in its neighbourhood. One should think heavily before finalizing the paint for exterior walls. Paint must also go with the family’s tradition, if possible. We here present some colour types.

1. Yellow – Playful and Joyous

Yellow is a colour that makes everyone smile. This colour suddenly changes one’s mood to playful and joyous. People who want to make their house shine can go for this colour. It will not suit the interior walls but is perfect for exterior walls.

Exterior Wall Painting Ideas | 10 Best Colors for Exterior Painting

2. Black – Midnight and Bold

Black is the most sophisticated colour if applied right. People who dress well and formally prefer black over other colours, as it is the classiest of all. Adding white doors or shutters will just add a timeless look.

3. Navy Blue – Neutral

Houses that are different in structure are best suited for this colour type. Navy blue is a bit more punch than grey, which saves the house from being dull.

Exterior Wall Painting Ideas | 10 Best Colors for Exterior Painting

4. White – Formal and Creamy

White is an all-time favourite of most housebuilders and lovers. Suited for houses that have lawns or greenery in front of them. Bright sunlight further enhances its look.

5. Red – Catchy and Vibrant

Red-coloured houses surely catch the sight of neighbours and passersby as they boldly appeal that no other house colour will do. More outspoken people can go for this colour. Red bricks instead of paint will give a traditional look.

Exterior Wall Painting Ideas | 10 Best Colors for Exterior Painting

6. Sky Blue – Silky and Relaxing

It’s cheerful and relaxing for the sight, as everyone loves blue. People who like to remain calm and want relaxation can opt for this colour. Emotions are balanced if the right mix is applied to the exterior walls.

7. Brown – Textured, Wood, and Chocolaty

Brown colour gives a wooden look to the exterior walls plus it is less harsh on the eyes. Colour gives a welcoming and soft vibe to its user. Nature lovers can choose this colour as it gives a natural look to the house.

Exterior Wall Painting Ideas | 10 Best Colors for Exterior Painting

8. Grey – Mysterious and Hazy

The coating of grey colour helps in maintaining neutrality when used on exterior walls. Colour gives a dull look that excites the viewer. A combination with other colours helps it mix well with the theme.

9. Beach – Sandy

Beach lovers or travel lovers go for this colour, as it gives a laid-back and relaxed vibe. Not everyone prefers this colour but those who have houses near the beach apply this colour to match the sandy look.

Exterior Wall Painting Ideas | 10 Best Colors for Exterior Painting

10. Green – Natural and Warm

Green is for nature lovers and mixes with winter and forest look. It is refreshing and non-rustic. People usually don’t go for green until the surroundings support that colour. Green coating with stonework is a good combination for exterior walls looks.


Exterior Wall Painting Ideas | 10 Best Colors for Exterior Painting

So, there is no such best paint for the exterior wall look, as it all depends on the factors that surround while opting for outer wall colour and that colours attributes. The right colour decision is the most crucial step where we can help you with this. Home Glazer serves exterior painting services well. So what are you waiting for? Hire us!

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