Difference b/w Apcolite Premium Emulsion and Royale Luxury Emulsion

Difference b/w Apcolite Premium Emulsion and Royale Luxury Emulsion

Difference b/w Apcolite Premium Emulsion and Royale Luxury Emulsion

Are you looking for getting your walls to get painted? There are many instances with understanding which emulsion paint will be suitable for your wall. And, what is the basic purpose of various types of paints available in the market? This makes it confusing for a layman to understand what to pick. If you are one of them, then you are on the right page. Here you will be able to decide which paint you should pick, according to your need.

Firstly, you need to decide whether you are looking to repair your walls by giving them a repaint and need high-quality washable paint or you are going to freshly paint your walls and give them a shiny look. Once you decide, you can give us a call to have a better understanding. At Home Glazer, we work our best to help our clients with our extremely experienced team. Our team has the potential to turn a raw apartment into a welcoming home. For this, let us educate ourselves on the difference between an Apcolite Premium Emulsion and Royale Luxury Emulsion.

But first, let us understand the basic meaning of Emulsion

Mostly, the interior walls and the exterior surfaces of a building are painted by using emulsions. Emulsion paints are nothing but water-based or plastic-based paints. These emulsions are available in a diverse range which includes after paint quality being matte finish to silky smooth finishes. As the plastic in the paint increases in proportion, the smoothness increases at the same rate. These emulsions in a layman’s language are commonly popular as washable paints. Thus, letting people get the advantage of washing their walls without spoiling the paint. Therefore, the paint lasts for longer on walls.

The main features of emulsion/plastic paint are that they are mildew resistant, easy to maintain. Plastic paints are available in a humongous range of colours. Also, applying plastic paint on walls is much easier than other paints and they quickly dry out. All variations of exterior paints have a variable set of properties that vary according to the climate of the region. This includes the resistance of the paint to protect itself from heat, dust, and rain.

But when both are emulsion paints then what is the difference between the two?

All emulsion paints refer to plastic paints but Apcolite Premium emulsion is a normal washable plastic paint. Apcolite premium emulsion is available at a cheaper rate and does not have premier qualities such as matte finish. Whereas, the Royale Luxury Emulsion range refers to plastic paints that are of advanced quality and are a leader in the decorative paints segment. There exist more classifications in such as Royale Luxury Emulsion, Royale Matte Luxury Emulsion and Royale Shyne Luxury Emulsion. If we just consider Asian Paints categories for instance. Royale Luxury Emulsion to date are the best paint to give the most beautiful finish to homes making them a classic luxury and last longer than Apcolite premium emulsion.

Apcolite premium emulsions may contain water and not always be plastic as the range keeps on changing as per the demand. On the other hand, Royale Luxury Emulsion always comes as a high-quality plastic paint. It is easy to wash as plastic tends to get rid of dust even with a small run of water. This is the main reason that bedrooms and living rooms are painted with Royale Luxury Emulsion as getting rid of dirt becomes easy. Moreover, when children at home tend to paint on the walls, it becomes easy to clean them with just one wash.

The general characteristics of both are as follows:

Apcolite Premium emulsion

Luxury emulsion paint is high in quality and best for bedrooms and living rooms as it can give richness to the walls by empowering a smooth finish. To add a value addition, it ensures that the walls remain dust-free and that the paint lasts for a longer duration.

An Apcolite premium emulsion will require a proper wash and clean of algal and fungal growth at regular intervals which are half-yearly for better durability. Apcolite premium emulsion is water or plastic-based wall paint on acrylic offering a smooth finish. They are easy to maintain and have longer durability along with being humidity resistant. Hence they are applied on kitchen and bathroom walls even when the bedroom and kitchen have Royale Luxury Emulsion on them. For the first time painting it requires 3 coats but in repainting 2 coats are enough.

Easy Cleaning

They are easy to wash and clean, offering a lavish finish. They come with a warranty to set themselves free from stubborn stains and hence always stay flawless.


A common man can easily afford Apcolite premium emulsion as it’s cheaper than Royale Luxury Emulsion.


Being pure acrylic latex and high in opacity micro-pigments, Apcolite premium emulsion’s surface is tough. This quality makes the wall durable and easy to wash from stains.

Where to apply Apcolite Premium Emulsion?

Apcolite Premium Emulsion can be applied on all interior walls and ceiling surfaces like kitchen, bathroom, false ceilings and every other place for a smooth finish.

How long does Apcolite Premium emulsion last?

On average, the life span of Apcolite Premium emulsion is 4- 5 years.

Various types of Apcolite Premium emulsion?

Apcolite Premium Satin Emulsion:. It is easily washable and offers excellent stain resistance, thereby maintaining the beauty of your home for decades. This satin finish paint ensures that your walls will have a long-lasting flare on them, as it can withhold many wash cycles.

Apcolite Advanced Shyne premium emulsion:. It is an advanced technology paint acting as a stain guard which makes cleaning the walls a cakewalk. Thus, is considered a perfect choice for the high traffic areas of the house as well.

Apcolite Premium Emulsion: Apcolite Premium Emulsion provides a rich and matt finish to the wall due to its super-acrylic quality.

Types and Characteristics of Apcolite Premiun Emulsion

Royale Play Luxury Emulsion

Royale Luxury Emulsions are the option to pick when you are willing to go a step ahead in terms of luxury and magnificence. They not only are a sign of opulence but also are recognized to bring out the best finish to the walls.

Royale Luxury Emulsions are superlative and have minimal flaws which are generally negligible and to date, it is considered to be the best range of paints available in the market. They are a range of luxury paints providing a glorious makeover and bringing sophistication to one’s home. From being easy to maintain to having less odour along with having lower VOC than others, it’s best to apply if you have got children to have a home. Royale Luxury Emulsions guarantee a soft and smooth sheen finish which as of date is not available in any other type of paint.

Easy clean

Dirt and stains can be promptly cleaned in a nanosecond without any trouble by using a soft cotton wet cloth. Royale Luxury Emulsion has got a fortified Stain Guard technology that has the potential to protect walls against tough household stains.


Royale Luxury Emulsions rank on a higher side in comparison with budget paints. When compared with respect to durability and finishing, they are worth every penny.


Being plastic paint, they are durable and have a longer life than water-based paints. They are known to intensify the numbers for years and thus technically becoming affordable and proving to be an investment in luxury.

How long does Royale Luxury emulsion last?

On average, the life span of Royale Luxury emulsion is 6- 8 years

Where to apply Royale Luxury emulsion?

Royale Luxury emulsion is for interior walls and not exterior or surfaces such as wood or metal.

Various types of Royale Luxury emulsion

Royale Luxury Emulsion:. It’s the only paint emulsion in India that comes with a Teflon surface protector which makes it easily washable and highly durable. It is a non-toxic, lead-free, low VOC and odourless paint that protects the walls from tough stains & harmful bacteria. At Home Glazer, we highly suggest this paint for the household if you love the sheen on your wall.

Royale Matt: Royale Matt Luxury Emulsion gives the perfect matt finish to your walls. It’s the only washable matt paint emulsion in India that comes with a Teflon surface protector that makes it very durable. The toughest household stains like turmeric and ink are reduced to a large extent. Whereas water-based stains such as tea, coffee, etc. are completely removable with this washable wall paint. Its anti-fungal and anti-dust properties ensure the painted surface retains its finish for years to come. For a perfect matt finish, Home Glazer suggests you use this paint for your house and office.

Royale Health Shield: Royale health shield paint is a revolutionary indoor Anti-Bacterial paint. Royale Health Shield Luxury Emulsion comes with Silver Ion Technology which kills 99% of infection-causing bacteria on the painted surfaces. Thus, providing a more hygienic environment at home.

Royale Shyne Luxury Emulsion:. A high sheen, washable wall paint with a stain-resistant finish ensures walls look new for a long time. The paint’s high gloss and even smoother finish would make you want to stare at it all-day

Royale Aspira:

Royale Aspira is the world’s most technologically advance interior emulsion paint. Aspira Emulsion gives your interior walls the highest sheen and the smoothest finish. It is the best-in-class durable and washable paint possessing innovative water beading technology and Teflon surface protection. It is one of the foremost fire-resistant paint in the market. Moreover, it is an exceptional crack-bridging paint, stretching almost 400% to ensure cracks remain covered and walls stay beautiful for years.

Royale Atmos: A first-of-its-kind interior paint that not only looks beautiful but also helps purify the indoor air quality. Its Activated Carbon technology reduces indoor air pollutants such as formaldehyde, VOC, and malodour from the air making it cleaner than before. Additionally, Royale Atmos is an eco-friendly paint that absorbs and reduces select foul smells to make the air fresher. This Royale Atmos is Asian Paints’ first scented paint to have a fragrance that lasts for weeks after painting.

Royale Lustre: An interior wall paint that gives a durable finish to your walls for many years. When a professional painter applies this paint with a roller imparts a characteristic Dana pattern onto the wall. That looks too good. One of the unique features of this interior paint is it is anti-fungal. And it protects your home from all kinds of fungal growth.

Types and Characteristics of Royale Play Luxury Emulsion


The conclusive decision always remains after understanding the requirement as per individual needs. One should consider the options wisely after knowing for how long they are willing to stay in the same house. And how much money are you planning to spend?

Give us an opportunity to showcase our manner of remodelling your homes!

At Homeglazer, we provide first class wall painting services which transform bare houses into beautiful homes.

At Home Glazer, we provide first-class wall painting services which transform bare houses into beautiful homes. The best part about our company is that we have packages which can fit in the limits of every household. This way we can bring our artistic quality to your doorstep and restyle your home. We believe in working hard in the correct way by retaining professionalism and promising to deliver service within a fixed timeline.

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