Water based exterior paint and Oil based exterior paint

Water based exterior paint and Oil based exterior paint

Water based exterior paint and Oil based exterior paint

The exterior paint of your house is a very important part of your home’s aesthetics. It literally is the outfit of your home and you do not want it to look bad. Good exterior paint makes your house look attractive and unique like you.

The exterior paint of the house is not just one surface, but it contains little bits of everything. A perfect paint job needs to cover all these parts beautifully and completely. The external painting of your house includes these components:

House and siding paint.
Front door paint.
Porch and patio paint.
Gutter paint.
Deck paint.
Pool and marine paint.
Roof paint.

All of these surfaces need to be painted well. Though most of these can be painted with the same type of paint, there are differences in the application and finish of the paint. There are basically two main categories of paints, water-based or latex paints, and oil-based paints. Both have their advantages and disadvantages, but you need to consider a few points before selecting a particular paint for beautifying the exterior of your house. The difference may be from brand to brand and product to product.

What is the ideal exterior paint for you?

  • Weather-resistant: The paint should be able to bear the extremes of the temperature and rainfall in your area. The temperature also affects the drying of paint and you should read the specifications before applying the paint.
  • Drying time: Water-based paints dry faster than oil-based paints. This can be helpful if there are dust and wind in your area that may disturb your finish.
  • Surface to be painted: For masonry work and brick surfaces, all types of paints are suitable. But for glass, metal, and some other surfaces, oil-based paints are the only choice.
  • Paint toxicity: Paints contain some Volatile Organic Compounds that can give rise to toxic fumes. You should always choose paints with a low amount of such compounds.
  • Paint quality: The quality of the paint refers to its hiding power, chalking resistance, blister resistance, washing resistance, and color retention. It is obvious that everyone wants the best quality paint that fits in their budget.
  • Colour: Colour is the reason why we paint our houses. It is necessary that the colours of the paints available suit your home. For this, you can paint a patch of the wall and observe it at different times. Also, there are many computer-aided paint testing systems that can prove to better than this.
  • Type of finish: There are different types of paint finishes like matte, satin, and glossy. Water-based paints, in general, have a lesser range than oil-based paints. The brick and masonry work look better with the matte finish, while for doors and windows the glossy finish is the best choice.
Water based exterior paint and Oil based exterior paint
Water based exterior paint and Oil based exterior paint
Water based exterior paint and Oil based exterior paint

Water Based Paint for Exterior

Water-based paints are also called latex paints or acrylic paints. These are suitable for vinyl siding, masonry, bricks, and roofs.

  • These are naturally breathable and do not trap air and moisture.
  • They expand and contract with house siding and are very durable.
  • The finishes they provide are not as good as oil-based paints. Also, they are last for a shorter time.
  • Easy to apply and quick to dry (less than 6 hours).
  • They have low VOCs and low fuming.
  • These are easy to clean and do not chip or crack so easily.

Note– Make sure you use a proper water paint primer before using the paints. Oil-based primers can also be used to Never use latex paint over previous layers of paint. Use exterior latex paint for outer walls and roof. Interior paints are not as weather-resistant as the exterior types.

Water based exterior paint and Oil based exterior paint

Oil Based Paint for Exterior

Oil-based paints are of better quality than water-based paints. They are recommended for all types of surfaces from masonry work to wood and metal surfaces. They are popular among professional painters because they give a great finish.

  • These adhere well to the surface and if the primer is not applied they may be absorbed in the surface too.
  • Best quality of finishes, from matte to ultra glossy.
  • These are long-lasting, dirt-resistant, and stain-resistant. Thus you do not need to worry about their maintenance and cleaning.
  • They have a higher amount of VOCs and odors. So you must always use them in a well-ventilated area.
  • It takes more time to dry, up to 24 hours.
  • These paints are more prone to chipping, peeling, and cracking over time.

Note– A proper oil-based primer is essential before painting a surface. Do not use a water-based primer as it may lead to peeling. Also, brushes or rollers used should be suitable for oil-based paints. The oil-based paints often show the problem of separation of oil and paint, so mix it regularly after small interval.

Water based exterior paint and Oil based exterior paint

Special requirements :

  • To get the best result for masonry work, special pretreatment or bonding primer is required.
  • For concrete surfaces, porches and storage units, highly weather-resistant paints are required.
  • Apply the primer before painting for gutters and railings, a galvanized metal.
  • For roofs and decks, mildew and algae-resistant paints are the best. Waterproofing property of roof paints is also desired.
  • For pools and poolside painting, the paints should be waterproof and washing and abrasion-resistant.

Final Words

Almost all homeowners want to keep their homes in excellent condition. One way to maintain the condition of your home and increase its value is to have it painted regularly. A good paint job on the exterior of your home will protect it from the weather and can add years to the life of the roof and other components. It is important to select a reputable painting contractor to do the job. Here are some points you should look at while hiring a painting contractor. Or you can simply hire Home Glazer and be assured of the quality of painting services.

Home Glazer is a well-known painting company that provides remarkable exterior painting services. We use only the best, branded paint material in all of our projects. Our team of skilled and experienced painters can transform your home or office exterior into a work of art. Our team of experienced professional painters is dedicated to delivering superior results. Contact us today for a free estimate on our exterior painting services. Hire us today for all of your painting needs!

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