5 Asian Paint Dune Texture Benefits That Makes It Best Paint

5 Asian Paint Dune Texture Benefits That Makes It Best Paint

5 Asian Paint Dune Texture Benefits That Makes It Best Paint

If you are looking to add some coziness to your room, you need to check Asian paint Dune texture paint . It is one of the best paints in  the Asian paints collection, it is African inspired paint with a unique gloss and matte texture.  It appeals to everyone, and looks great in the living room , dining halls and bedrooms as well. If you want to learn about it more, let us dive into the blog. 

What is Asian Paint Dune Texture?

It is a texture paint manufactured by Asian paint. It is one of the exclusive paints in the royale play paint collection by Asian paints. It is a sandy texture paint created to replicate the Sahara dunes on the wall.  Asian paint texture designs come handy in the cold region especially, it adds a touch of warmth with its warm color ranges. 

Asian Paint Dune Texture Features

Asian Paint Dune Texture

The Asian paint Dune texture is a paint from collections of royale play, which has a smooth sandy texture:- 

  1. Non-toxic ingredient:  Asian paint Dune texture design is the eco friendly paint, made up of home-friendly material, carrying synthetic Ingredients.
  2. Moisture repellent: Its moisture repletion properties keep fungus and algae away.
  3. Warm texture palette: Being inspired by Sahara desert, Asian paint Dune texture, have only radiate warmth. 
  4. Matte finish:  Asian paint Dune texture has matt texture.
  5. Soft-gloss: Despite, being having a matt finish it has soft glossy shine, it very slightly more light than just matte texture, 

It is one of the paintings from the collections of royale play, which leaves a smooth sandy sand dune texture, it has some soft-gloss, matte finish and non-toxic ingredients which creates a better, warm and cozy environment.

How to Apply Asian Paint to the Dune Texture? 

The certain steps involved when it comes to applying Dune Texture paint on your walls:- 

  • Mix the color pigmentation with Dune texture..
  • Apply the first coat the walls.
  • Spatter the paint to form texture.
  •  Leave the texture paint to dry for an hour.
  • Apply The first coat the walls.

Asian Paint Dune Texture Price 

it is quite cost effective, it requires less coating and maintenance and covers the wall in two coats. It Costs 950 Rs per sq feet. Although, it like any other paint needs 2 coats, i.e. 1900 per square feet.

5 Asian Paint Dune Texture Benefits That Make A Better Option 

Asian Paint Dune Texture

it e is one of the best paints by Asian paint. It is one of the exclusive paintings in the royale play collection. It is best paint because of following benefits:- 

  1. 48 color palette

 Asian paint Dune texture is an amazing texture paint which contains 48 warm color shades to choose from. You can pick up any color of your choice to give a beautiful look to your walls. You have ample of option to choose from and multiple combination to experiment with.

  1. Home friendly

It is extremely home-friendly paint with non-toxic chemicals and ingredients. It is totally safe for kids and asthmatic patients. you just can put it on your wall and forget about any harm will ever take place.

  1.  versatile  texture design

It is a very versatile texture paint. You can create three different texture designs, using this texture paint. Asian paint has recently  also launched dune drizzle texture paint wherein, you get a  sand droplet appeal on the walls; It already has dunes and storms as the default texture designs. 

  1. Easy applicable 

It is very easy to apply, it glides smoothly on the wall due to its dense consistency and also make it easy to grip on the scrape. It has a liquidity-density that makes it easy.

  1. Washable paint

It is a totally non-washable paint, useful  any spot and splatter over the textured wall can easily be wiped out.  Asian paint Dune texture is an amazing texture paint which contains 48 warm color shades, is washable, easy to apply because of thick consistency and safe paint due to absence of any toxin.


The Asian paint Dune texture is one of the best paints from collections of royale play as Asian paints. It has matte finish, is toxin free, and facilitates moisture repletion; moreover, it’s warm cozy texture which has a soft-gloss keeps the home environment blissful..

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Which is the best texting paint company?

Asian paint is one of the best and cheapest texturing paint in India.

Why do Royale play Asian paints the best?

Royale plays by Asian paints are the best paint product line by Asian paint.  Texture created using this paint give matte glossy and colorful texture which elevates the look of the wall.

What is Asian paint Dune texture?

 Asian paint Dune texture  of the paints from the collections of royale play, which leaves a smooth sandy texture like sand dunes. 

Asian paint Dune texture Price? 

Asian paint Dune texture Costs approx. 950 Rs per sq liter in the market, depending on the state. 

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