5 Latest texture design that elevate your home

5 Latest texture design that elevate your home

5 Latest texture design that elevate your home

5 Latest texture design that elevate your home

Pebble wall texture design - 5 latest texture design

5 Latest texture design that elevate your home

Have you been scrolling social feed endlessly to find a perfect texture design for your home? Still can’t decide a textured design for walls. We, the Home Glazer blog have listed for you the 5 latest texture designs for the walls that will suit your home. 

Before we jump in, let us learn how to choose a perfect texture design for your home. 

How to choose a perfect texture design home? 

Choose a perfect texture design home

choose texture wall texture design for your home

Your home is your comfort space, and choosing a perfect texture design is a tedious task. To choose a texture you need to take note of a few things first, like wall dimensions, your living space, the direction of your home, the Latest Texture Design for wall and the weather throughout the year. 

Texture that compliment your home environment

Your living space is a place where the whole family can banter and have a joyful experience of living, a living space which receives a lot of daylight, and requires a more vibrant atmosphere. The paint-based or a plaster based texture will be suitable. 

The house or flat that receives less daylight and is more dependent on artificial lighting, should have a dark yet ambient atmosphere. You can create the same by using wallpaper and wood panels. 

The texture that goes with the weather conditions

When you are researching for the texture you must look for the weather in your town. The texture will not sound any more beautiful if the weather around the place doesn’t go along. 

Adding the wood panels during summers, adding pastel plaster texture when it’s winter will make you feel the extremity of the temperature; moreover,  rainy weather conditions will deteriorate a wooden texture and plaster texture, irrespective of its quality. 

A texture that fulfills your purpose 

You must choose the texture that fulfills your requirement, such as a wall texture that has an ambient atmosphere that would be more suitable for a romantic couple, it will add more romance to the space. You can experiment with tiles, wood and wallpaper.

For a family looking for a peaceful living a daylight vibrant texture will be suitable; moreover, if you have kids then you need to think twice before ending up with delicate luxurious textures that are available. A wooden design will be somehow ruined by children’s creativity, and with tiles, you have to be extra careful.  

In such cases for families, a pebble wall texture design or painted wall texture design will be better a choice check for, you will not have to constantly keep a watch over your kids, and it will glint when sun rays hit the pebble walls.  

So, when you are choosing a texture next time, be clear about your purpose and weather conditions in your city. Also once scan your home environment to be clear about what texture you want in your space.  

5 Latest texture design that complements your home

 When you are looking for some crazy texture design this 2024, check out the amazing wall texture listed down below:-

Plain matt wall texture design for hall

Plain matt wall texture design for hall- 5 latest texture designs

Plain matt wall texture designs are plain wallpaper designs, which are paired with walls to add ambience. The wallpapers have single solid shades which give a hint of royalty like emerald green or sapphire blue. 

These designs are added to create a romantic atmosphere and are budget-friendly for a young homeowner. 

Paint Splatter wall texture for bedroom

Paint splatter design in a basic paint splatter texture design, which has a strong footing in the market. Paint splatter is an old technique, but the texture paint that comes these days has a unique shiny gloss that beats any trend in the market. It is good for office goers. It has a soothing effect and becomes a comfortable space after a hectic day.  They go well in flats, houses, and villas. 

Pebble 3D wall texture design for hall

Pebble wall texture design - 5 latest texture design
3D Pebble wall design for living room

Pebble wall texture design is a 3D wall texture design that has pebbles protruding from the wall. They feel bumpy when touched and soft when you look. 

Pebble wall texture designs look great in the halls where there is ample sunlight in day hours,  it gives your home a refreshing appeal when paired with green plants and mirror work. It radiates a natural, calming and peaceful aura in the daytime.  

Modern Geometric wall texture design for flat hall 

Geometric wall texture design - 5 latest texture design to try
out of box Geometric wall texture design

A modern geometrical shape design is the best choice for a person who likes to try something out of the box and add an element of sophistication to your home. 

These designs go well with circular or oval decor accessories which balance the sharp geometrical design, like square, rectangular, or rhombus designs painted on the wall. 

Vintage wood wall texture design for drawing room 

5 Latest texture design that elevate your home- vintage style texture design

A vintage wood texture design is created by covering all of your living space in wood from top to bottom. The wood texture consists of wooden paneling attached to the walls through adhesive glue. This design adds warmth and looks extremely appealing in a winter retreat. 


There are various options for texture designs in the market this year, but one must choose according to one’s purpose,  requirement and surrounding environment. Choosing basic designs like paint splatter and Plain matt will be easy on your pocket, and 3D designs like vintage wood texture design will be a luxury worth taking home. One can also experiment with geometric modern wall texture design, to try something out of the box. 

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What is to look for while choosing a wall texture for a home?

When looking for a home texture you need to decide a theme and for the same you should keep in mind weather conditions, the environment, and the purpose in mind. 

Which design is the most trending wall texture in 2024?

There are various designs, but Pebble’s design rocks the list for the early birds in 2024. 

Which is the best texture design for the living room?

The best design for a hall can be pebble 3D wall texture design and plain matt wall texture design. 

Which texture design adds the most ambience?

The plain matt wall texture design adds most ambience when paired with proper lighting. 

Which is the best texture design for the bedroom?

The paint splatter is the best design for bedrooms. It has a soothing, comfortable effect.  

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