6 Asian Paint PU Emporio Gold Features

6 Asian Paint PU Emporio Gold Features

If you are looking for something that gives royal appeal to your home, you must check the Asian Paint PU Emporio Gold gives Royal look to your home, with its smooth texture and colorful color palette. Before we get started with the features let us know little about what PU Emporio is? Its price in the market? 

What is the PU Emporio Gold Paint?

Asian Paint PU Emporio Gold

PU Emporium Gold is an Italian PU manufactured by Asian Paints, PU Paint, which is used to coat wooden and metallic furniture to protect it against the sunlight and dust and. It is used to add a regal touch to your furniture and decor. PU Paint surface and PU paint furniture is the best wood paint for painting furniture. The paint is made of indestructible molecular formula of enclosed large plastic molecules, which protect the coated material against sunlight and moisture.

It protects and maintains the luster of wooden decor. The PU paint by Asian Paints comes with a wide range of finishes, and color pallets that range from the basic to Regal finish.

How to Apply PU Emporio Gold Paint? 

PU Emporio is an expensive paint, which used to give a sleek touch to the furniture. It requires detailed work. Asian paint is on the wooden surface, it requires a highly skilled labor to paint and detailed a luxurious design using the paint. In order to apply PU Emporio properly you have to follow the following steps:  

  1. Mix the items available in the PU Emporio combo pack (hardener, paint, base in desired ratio).
  2. Fill in the refill for the spray. 
  3. Spray it using the spraying machine. .
  4. Fill the paints thinner mixture in the spraying machine .
  5. Coat the furniture to cover the furniture,
  6. Take 2 hours gap.
  7. Second coat to furniture, for a finishing and refining the already done.

What is the PU Emporio Price in the Market?

PU Emporio is a regal vanish paint by Asian Paint which comes in a combo box which contains contents binder hardener and paint cost rupees 1313 for 500 ml whereas hardener costs 256 for 20 ml a box contains two hardeners and one binder. 

6 Asian Paint PU Emporio Gold Features that Make it Royal & Attractive 

Asian Paint PU Emporio Gold 

Emporium is one of the premium paints manufactured by Asian Paints. Asian Paints is one of the best brands in the paint industry. It has following set of features listed below:- 

  1. Glossy finish: It is wood paint in the collection of Asian Paints which gives a Royalish finish to your furniture. It adds an Italian glossy finish to the furniture. It gives your furniture a touch of luxury. 
  1. Smooth finish:  it gives a smooth finish that spreads evenly once great on the wooden surface. It looks extremely sleek on the furniture, with decent aesthetic  and glossiness on the wooden surface or furniture.
  1. Protective coating: it protects the furniture from heat dust and moisture. It is a great repellent of moisture and thermal instability in the weather.
  1. Versatile paint: it is very versatile paint Harsh weather and can be used for both my metallic and wooden surface coating. It can  be used in the dry  as well as the humid region excellent water the plants technology. 
  1. Customizable Combo pack: It comes in a power back combo of two thinners one base and one paint and one pigmentor. It is one of the best wood paints in the collection of Asian Paints, it gives a Regal touch to your furniture. So, it can be used on furniture. You can customize but tweak the ratio of the thinner and paint.


PU Emporio Gold is a royal furnishing polish which will add a touch of royalty to your home. IT is made with durable chemical composition, and moisture resistant material which has capacity to  endure high levels of humidity against the humid environment. It is very  Heat resistant and also gives superb protection against thermal instability in the fluctuating weather. It is moisture repellent, which makes it  safe for application in humid regions around  the world.

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Why prefer Asian Paints PU finish?

Asian Paints is a company has three decades of experience in manufacturing paints,  and 100 top market supplies in the paint industry.

Can anyone use Asian Paint PU Emporio?

It requires highly skilled labor as the paint is used to create luxurious wood paint designs.

What is the PU Emporio price in the market?

PU Emporio is a regal vanish paint by Asian paint which comes in a combo box which contains contents binder hardener and paint cost rupees 1313 for 500 ml.

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