1K PU Polish vs. 2K PU Polish | 5 Big Differences

Difference Between 1K PU Polish and 2K PU Polish

1K PU Polish vs. 2K PU Polish | 5 Big Differences

1K PU Polish Vs. 2K PU Polish: Polyurethane polish is a durable, long-lasting coating used in residential and commercial wood polishing projects for interior and exterior wooden surfaces. PU polishes are liquid polymers that cure to provide a clear finish (matt & gloss) on a foundation. Polyurethane’s characteristics may be altered by the isocyanates and polyols used to make it, enabling it to be tailored for several uses.

PU polish provides a clear finish and is chemical, water, abrasion, and heatproof. It would be best if you always were careful while selecting between 1K-PU Polish and 2K-PU Polish. It is observed many times, that customers/clients are being bluffed by using 1K-PUpolish, claiming it as 2K-PUpolish, as they don’t know the difference between these two. In this article, we will understand the difference between 1K PU Polish and 2K PU Polish so that you get what you want.

Weather resistance and UV stability – Polyurethane polish can tolerate extreme conditions, from underground to offshore. While remaining stable when exposed to Ultraviolet radiation and maintaining thermostability over a wide temperature range.

Resistant to water and chemicals – PU polish’s tolerance to water, steam, moisture, and most chemicals makes it a hydrophobic barrier that keeps the substrate from corroding.

Extreme durability – When PU polish is cured, it generates a firm, stable surface that resists scratches, spills, and tears.

Attractive finish – PU coatings produce a faultless surface that resists colour fading, whether they are high gloss, semi-gloss, or matte.

Let’s understand, what exactly is 1K coating and 2K coating?

1K-PU coating –

1K-PU is a solvent-borne PU-based primer with a single component. The solvent evaporates after treatment, and the residual chemical crosslinks by absorbing moisture from the air and, in the case of a concrete surface, from the surface. 1K-PU is developed to soften and prepare old coatings before over-treating them with new layers. It is also an excellent primer for blast steel surfaces not susceptible to high-temperature submersion applications.

It’s suitable for both outdoor and indoor decoration. It dries and cures quickly, resulting in minimal downtime and related losses. It’s just as simple to apply as epoxy, but PU has a quicker return-to-service time.

2K-PU coating –

2K-PU paints and polishes are two-component coatings that are strong and glossy and may be applied to primed or stained surfaces. Because they are moisture-cured, they will increase their performance and strength when exposed to moisture and humidity.

2K polish are a rock-hard, chemical-resistant, non-porous, and highly robust coating when fully cured. They are long-lasting and easy to clean, and they will not crack, chip, peel, or fade with time. It will survive even the worst UV conditions.

These lovely two-part coatings are more durable than any polishes you’ve ever used. The long-lasting protective polish will look great in any setting and will resist many usages. You’ll be astounded and thrilled by how long it lasts in environments that would soon degrade distinct finishes.

1K PU polish vs. 2K PU polish – The main differences:

The 1K polish isn’t durable as 2K PU polish. 1K PU polish is better suited to woods or furniture that are less prone to damage and normal wear and tear, such as upper cladding panels of a building that are not regularly touched and potentially damaged. 2K PU polishes delivers a more durable finish that is better suited to surfaces that are subjected to daily usage and regularly accessible. 1K PU polish dries slowly after aplication than 2K PU polish and will air dry automatically.

This implies that, unlike the 2K PU polish, the polish does not require an activator/hardener to dry. Spray polishes in the 1K PU series are ready to use without the need to activate the self-contained 2K hardener in the aerosol can’s base.

Polishes in the 1K range dry slower than polishes in the 2K range. 2K indicates that an activator, also known as a hardener, is required for drying/curing. You have up to 8 hours after the hardener has been triggered to apply the contents before the can becomes useless. The hardener works by chemically interacting with a catalyst, resulting in a hardened finish.

Because 2K aerosols include an isocyanate hardener, a respirator, gloves, and goggles should be worn at all times when utilizing them for health and safety reasons.

1K PU Polish vs. 2K PU Polish – Application:

  • 1K PU Polish is almost ready to use however, 2K PU Polish has to be activated with an additional hardener.
  • 2K PU Polish products are potentially more hazardous and should only be used by professionals. When applying 2K PU Polish, always use a mask, gloves, and glasses (correct PPE has to be used for all paint applications)
  • Thinner may be required in both cases (for dilution).

1K PU Polish vs. 2K PU Polish – Curing:

  • The 2K PU Polish version dries faster.
  • 1K PU Polish dries by air.
  • A chemical reaction is required to harden 2K-PU Polish.

1K PU Polish vs. 2K PU Polish – Uses:

  • 1K PU Polish —. For internal use, budget-friendly types of furniture, low-traffic areas, and areas that are less susceptible to general wear and tear.
  • 2K PU Polish — for use on interior and exterior wooden surfaces, high-end types of furniture, in high-traffic areas, on hot surfaces, and in other demanding conditions.

Buyer’s Guide

It would be best if you always were careful while selecting between these two. Many a time, customers/clients are bluffed by using 1K, claiming it as 2K-PU, as on the label, there is no explicit mention of what PU type that paint or polish is. Make sure you get what you want.


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