Difference Between Sirca Italian PU Coating & Unico PU Coating by Sirca

Sirca Italian PU Luxury Wood Coating (Italian) vs. Unico Economical PU Wood Coating by Sirca

Difference Between Sirca Italian PU Coating & Unico PU Coating by Sirca

Imagine your home as an invincible protecting you from uneven weather falls. Now picture your furniture getting the same level of protection with Sirca Italian PU wood coating and Unico PU wood coating. It’s like giving your beloved pieces their own superhero guarding against water, sun, grease, dust, and everyday spills. Sirca is a trusted name in the coating industry and offers numerous wood coatings, but out of all, the Italian Luxury PU Wood Coating and Unico PU Wood Coating offered by Sirca stand out among them. But with the options, a lot of confusion comes in the market and people can’t understand the benefits and choose the right one for their home. 

So to resolve that, Home Glazer has brought you this blog to clear all your doubts about Sirca Italian PU Coating & Unico PU Coating by Sirca. We are a team of professional painters with decades of experience, and we will welcome you with all your questions. Let’s look at how this works.

Sirca Italian PU wood coating and Unico PU wood coating service in Delhi NCR

Sirca PU Luxury Wood Coating (Italian)

As told before, your furniture is constantly at high risk, and different types of insects can damage your well-crafted wooden artwork. That’s where our Sirca Italian PU Coating comes in for help. The SircaItalian PU Coating will turn your household furniture into fine-quality wood artistry and will keep it risk-free for a long period if done deliberately. It’s like an elegant tie for your furniture.

Key Features of Sirca Italian PU Luxury Coating

  • Fancy Finish: Sirca Italian PU allows your wood to get a creative look. It will help emphasise the wood’s beauty with a high-end luxury touch and make the furniture items look like they are custom-made.
  • Super Protection: This light shield maintains your furniture against any assault from natural forces like the UV rays of the sun. It’s an outstanding option; it’s rainproof, you can protect your seats from sun bleaching and scratching, and even after years of use, it will look brand new.
  • Assetworthy: One of the main features of Sirca Italian PU is extending the lifespan of its application. Be it rain, hail, or sun the sirca Polyurethane gives high-end protection to its platform. 
  • Works on Everything: This is cut across hardwood or softwood. If you use it on wooden furniture or wood flooring, it’s sure to make your home accessories stand out.


  • Top Quality: The main point of the PU finish is its Italian infracture, whose sole goal is to make the finest PU products. 
  • Long-Lasting: Another advantage of the PU finish is its long-lasting glossy finish. If you like standard polish for your furniture, choosing Sirca Italian PU is the way to go.
  • Versatile: This concept is effective for wooden tables; you can apply it to various surfaces. Therefore, you can use it on wooden boards, chairs, and all wooden areas. Thus, this is the ultimate coating friend for your wooden artistry.


  • Pricey: Technology is continually rising, and new ideas are constantly being developed. New ideas always bring further product quality development, laying the foundation for a premium price tag. And this high-end polish is no exception.

Unico Economical PU Wood Coating by Sirca

Now, let’s switch gears to efficient coating. Are you searching for an affordable wooden coating that protects the furniture in your living space? This is where Unico Economical PU Wood Coating by Sirca shows its effectiveness. It is a versatile product that brings out the best in the wood with honesty and dependability.

Key Features of Unico Economical PU Wood Coating

  • Budget-Friendly: The BioGrid technology offered by Unico is different from your wallet-busting option compared to our competitors’ equipment. It is the cut-rate choice for people who would want a good product.
  • Gets the Job Done: Although it does not offer everything in Sirca’s luxurious Italian PU model, Unico will still fulfil its purpose. It just protects the basics from water and sunlight. It’s, however, beneficial to us.
  • Looks Decent: All right, it might not be as lavish as Sirca Italian PU, but still, it preserves the attractive shine of the wood. That’s one analogy, like putting on a clean shirt—easy, effective, and minimalist.
  • Easy to Use: Though it’s easy to use, we recommend you connect with us if you want the best of the UNICO finish. We will bring years of experience and professionalism in coating and painting services.


  • Affordable: Unico PU wood coating by sirca is also a budget-friendly option.
  • Gets the Job Done: not fancy but simply minimalist. It offers a sleek look with effective protection.
  • Decent Quality: It is quite famous because it offers decent quality at affordable rates.


  • Not as fancy: It is less glossy and fancy than the Sirca Italian PU finishes. The. It is more practical than stylish, and you must be fit for the job or course.
  • Limited Options: You might not get the contrasty finish like the PU wood coating and also might not get numerous variants. But if you are looking for a minimal look that does the job, then Unico is the option for you.

Why Choose Home Glazer Coating Service?

At Home Glazer, our expert painters are trained to fulfil all your painting and coating needs, from home and office to shop and kids’ rooms. Whether it’s your first paint job or a renovation, we’re here to exceed your expectations. Our team prioritizes cleanliness, ensuring every inch is spotless post-painting. With our professionalism and experience, we’ll turn your dream home design into a colourful reality.


To conclude, both of these wood coatings are the best in their range sector. If you have read the article then you have already known the right one for you. Here is a straight answer to your question, if you are hunting for the best quality paint and don’t mind spending, choose Sirca PU Luxury Wood Coating. On the other hand, if you’re on a budget and want to provide adequate protection, UNICO would be your better choice. Whether that is storage under the bed or elsewhere, your furniture will thank you for the move. Give us a call, and we assure you will get the most note-worthy result for your value.

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