Effects of COVID-19 on Painting Business & Interior Designing Business

Effects of COVID - 19 on painting business

Effects of COVID-19 on Painting Business & Interior Designing Business

The beginning of the pandemic COVID-19: The painting businesses similar to others have faced a pinch in 2020 when COVID-19 started spreading immensely. The growing wait for vaccines to immunize the body against the deadly virus kept businesses shut for a long time. The story, however, has not ended even when today the vaccines are out. This is mostly due to the shortage of supply of vaccines coupled with the ideology that till a medicine is not out, things will not become normal.

The Continuity For The Entire Year:

Unfortunately, due to the situation, the painting business which blooms in summers, festivals and functions has been waiting to see a ray of hope. People are afraid to allow workers to enter their houses in the fear that they might not take precautions and can somehow spread the virus. Additionally, due to the COVID-19 pandemic rules set by the government, marriages are banned which again was a prime source of painting a house. As marriages are getting delayed, people do not wish to get their homes painted. Houses that already have 7-12 members are in no position to allow more people due to the restriction of the number of people gathering together.

Effects of COVID-19 on Painting Business & Interior Designing Business

After Effects of the COVID Shock:

All this is causing serious pressure on mostly old houses and offices for painting. Moreover, many offices are being shut due to the situation becoming a game-changer. More and more business owners are happy not to pay rent and ask their staff to work from home. This again is causing a lesser use of commercial spaces which regularly needed painting. Thus directly affecting the painting business altogether. Also, the pandemic COVID-19 saw a huge loss in terms of salary cuts and delayed pay along with huge lay-offs. This has killed the desire of people to spend money on many things. People started concentrating on the essentials which are food, clothing and shelter. This was because the breadwinners of the house were not able to literally hit on new jobs and thus let go of the need to paint their houses which earlier would be a yearly ritual.

Government Aid:

A big ray of hope was seen in the market when the government reduced the stamp duty on buying properties. People who could afford to purchase a new space grabbed the opportunity. Thus bringing in work opportunities for painters! But a glitch here was seen when COVID-19 in India started spreading in April 2021. The government implemented new rules which only allowed a handful of workers to work in a particular space.

Along with this, the government also allowed painters to paint new projects if they were staying in the property itself. Many buildings which were on hold on due to construction lagging on the grounds of unavailability of permission commenced. The workers made the building their temporary space and completed their pending work.

Effects of COVID-19 on Painting Business & Interior Designing Business

Painting Industry:

Not only have the painting businesses have seen a huge impact. The painting industry which produced paints also saw a huge impact. In the early stage when the pandemic COVID-19 hit, the workers left metro cities and planned to settle in their home town. All of this created a scarcity of labourers in the factory. Moreover, transportation was impacted deeply and hence the availability of material also made a huge impact. As the people did not give the contract, the paints were not used and thus the need for the new stock was not raised in the market. Every quarter results included a loss in the balance sheet and thus paint making industry saw a tremendous impact.

Turnaround Thinking:

Though not many are aware that if you consider the situation from every angle, this is a golden opportunity to get your homes and commercial spaces painted and renovated! Particularly, if you are staying current in a different space! Let us see a couple of reasons to support the thinking of painting your space during COVID-19

  • Currently, workers have returned to cities for work and are available in huge quantities. When the supply is more, the cost is always less. Therefore one can hire painters at reasonable rates.
  • The availability in excess means extending devotion to one project. Earlier, painters did not have time to give to one project and hence completed the work in haste. This sometimes bothered people as they opined that if workers would be devoted longer duration, the paints would look more attractive. Also, when there is time, the workers can even extend their scope of work and even take up the smaller task which you may feel needs painting apart from walls.
  • The painting business owners will offer lessor charge and offer discounts on services in the hope of retaining the client. This way, both benefit; the painting contractor and the client. You can thus get your properties painted up-to-date to make them look gorgeous.
  • Understanding the need and the quality to be painted through the painting contractors will give you an insight into the quality of the property. As the workers will be free to work, they will extend their knowledge and help you to sort smaller issues which you never knew about. This can increase the shelf life of a particular thing and you will be happy about it.
  • In these times, painters take extra precautions as daily temperature checks, sanitisation and other required things before they commit to working. Therefore you can rest assured of the service you have chosen.
Effects of COVID-19 on Painting Business & Interior Designing Business

We Serve at our Best

At Home Glazer, we strive to provide ultimate services with extra precaution. We are willing to offer our painting services at reasonable rates and extended services to help you get everything in one place. At present, we have trained painters that are well aware of the situation and thus take precautions. We not only do daily temperature checks but also provide COVID-19 negative tests. This is because we understand the stress of our clients regarding the virus.

After thorough safety precautions, we serve to paint your walls will all our heart and transform spaces into masterpieces! Contact us today and grab the latest offer.

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