Tips to Use Paint Roller. Types and Price Paint Roller

Tips to use paint roller. Types and price paint roller

Tips to Use Paint Roller. Types and Price Paint Roller

Using a paint roller is a quick way to change the look of your room. With a paint roller, you can easily modify the exterior or interior of your home. Although using paintbrushes is the easier choice, but using a paint roller instead saves a lot of time and gives the walls of your home a premium look. Paint rollers cover a large area than a paintbrush and give an equally smooth finish to the entire wall. But most of you don’t have the slightest idea of how to use a paint roller.

This article by Home Glazer will tell you how to use a painting roller like a pro.

1. Choosing a Paint Roller

  • If you don’t have a paint roller and you are thinking about buying one, paint rollers with small teeth or prongs are suggested because they provide a better finish.
  • To cover a large area or areas out of your reach, you can attach a handle to the roller frame as a result of which you will have better control for painting large areas.
  • The selection of sleeves for rollers solely depends on the area to be painted. For large areas, long sleeves are suggested but short sleeves are effective for small or narrow areas.
Tips to use paint roller. Types and price paint roller

2. Loading the Roller with the Paint

  • Pour the paint on a bucket and place a roller screen inside the bucket. But the roller screen should not be completely submerged in the paint.
  • priming the sleeve- Remove the loose fibres from the sleeve by using a lint brush or tape. If it’s not done the loose fibres can clot the paint. Damp the roller in water for some time. But the sleeve should not be completely damped with water. To remove the excess water you can shake the roller sleeve.
  • Dip the roller in the paint bucket to complete loading the roller with paint. Continue to roll the sleeve on the roller screen till it acquires an even coat.

3. Painting the Room

  • To outline the perimeter of the wall with paint, use a paintbrush. The paint roller sleeve is very thick and that makes it hard to paint around the corners of walls, ceilings, doors, windows, etc.
  • After marking the outlines, start painting the walls using your roller. Use a slightly angled and upward stroke away from the corner. Make different sections of the wall in your mind and start painting your wall section by section.
  • Always apply gentle pressure on the painting roller. Too much pressure will allow the paint to build up in the wall while a small pressure will not spread the paint evenly on the walls.
  • If the roller starts to stick on the walls it’s an indication to reload your paint roller with paint. Applying pressure won’t do you any good in that scenario.
  • If your roller needs to be reloaded then reload it with paint.
  • After finishing one section of the wall move on to the next section of the wall that you have imagined. Leave a little gap between different sections.
  • Follow the above-mentioned steps to paint all the sections of the wall.
  • Use up-down and zigzags motions to cover the entire wall and to connect the different sections of the wall.
  • Wait for the paint to dry before applying the second. Oil-based paints take a long duration to dry (24 hours) while latex-based paint dries quickly in about 4 hours.
  • Apply the second coat by using the same steps so that you get a better finish.
Tips to use paint roller. Types and price paint roller

4. Cleaning the Roller

After you have finished painting your walls it’s time to clean your roller so that you can use it again in the future. To remove excess paint from the roller using a roller scraper. If you don’t have a roller scraper you can use a putty knife in its place. Try to remove as much paint you can before washing the rollers. Dip the sleeve in water and squeeze it to remove water from it. Dry it for about 24 hours before putting it back into the metal frame.

Tips to use paint roller. Types and price paint roller


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Tips to use paint roller. Types and price paint roller

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