5 Reasons why Italian PU is more popular than the Indian Pu 

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5 Reasons why Italian PU is more popular than the Indian Pu 

If you are a new homeowner who wants to create a wonderful home for yourself but is confused about which Italian PU or Indian PU, this blog is for you. In this  blog, we home glazers have listed  the 5 Reasons why Italian PU is more popular than the Indian Pu, which will help  you to understand why it is more popular than Indian PU.

What is PU polish?

5 Reasons why italian PU is more popular than the Indian Pu 
5 Reasons why italian PU is more popular than the Indian Pu 

PU polish is a  polish made of polyurethane, a glossy and hard binding material that keeps the furniture and woodwork intact without letting the cracks form.

It also protects the wood from sunlight and pollutants, which gives a firm base  to the wooden decor of the house

Italian PU vs Indian PU

Italian PU 

It is are high gloss PU with super finish they have amazing resistance against the weather and dust. It looks good both on exterior and on interior.

Italian PU are used for a more High fashion purpose they look good both in office situations and also in home bedrooms and living rooms.

Indian PU 

it has a silk matte finish, rather than high gloss finish, it not only protects the woodwork from the sunlight and dust but also gives it more durability which makes it scratch resistant and crack proof. They are mom was a friendly and easy to use and doesn’t require very high skill labor to do the  job 

What is the price of Italian PU?

it has a very high demand in the Indian market due to the friends of the culture and also because of the properties it brings a lot to the table, but the 1 kg can of Italian PU, it costs around 15000 INR in the Indian market, which is the approximate cost of a homeowner about 1000 rupees per liter, which with two good coats costs  about 2000 rupees per liter.

Rs 2000 per liter becomes a more happy cost for a new home owner. It is mostly opted by the people for looking for luxurious finishes or for office situations or office places or a hotel where somebody can economically generate an income. Although, They can be used in the household for furnishing some part of the decor and furniture to give a smooth touch and a shek look to a living space.

5 Reasons why italian PU is more popular than the Indian Pu 

Italian PU though is  not as Budget-friendly as that of Indian polish, but it isn’t popular not only because of the Italian cultural influence, but also because of its various features which make it a more attractive option to go for in  the Indian market. Here is the list of reasons why Italian PU is more popular than Indian PU till date:- 

1, Chemical composition

 Its chemical composition is amazing. You get a pure PU as compared to the Indian PU. Indian PU is composed of a mixture  of melamine and PU, which has purity in the composition of the polyurethane polish.

2. Durable properties

Iit is more durable, it has more weather resistance than the Indian PU. They can survive in the harsh weather and thermal instability. 

3. Luxurious gloss

It has a high gloss shine which is more used for a luxurious look and a standard fashion interior, whereas with an Indian PU you only get a matte finish.

You can update even in the office areas workstations and the hotel rooms it gives a standard fashionable look with seemeattractive and beautiful to other people.

4. More longevity

It has a mole on your thing then the Indian PU it lasts longer than Indian PU as its counterpart lasts only for 2 years and it lasts for 3 to 4 years which is at least 2 years more longer than that of Indian PU. The long lasting nature of talent PU makes a better and more preferable than Indian PU till date:

5. Versatile polish

It is a super versatile PU polish, because of its smooth texture, the Italian PU goes well with the furniture decor and wall texture designs.It can add luxury to any kind of wooden decor or wood work done on exterior or in the interior of the house. The Italian PU is unlike the Indian polish which can be used for any kind of a decor at last longer than the Indian polish, it has more luxurious texture and is more durable and tough than any other polish in the market. Though it’s not budget friendly, it is more popular, for its features and its aesthetic look.


Italian PU is popular in the Indian market and has a glossy look that gives the luxurious texture which looks great on walls, decors and furniture. It goes well with board and batten wall texture designs, and  has more gloss and shine which gives it a more luxurious look, than that of Indian PU; moreover it has a more tensile strength and durability which help it last longer than the Indian PU.

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Italian PU is made up of ? 

The Italian PU is made up of pure polyurethane, which gives a smooth texture and aesthetic gloss appeal to the furniture and decor. 

Why is Italian PU Versatile?

Italian PU is versatile, because it is made up of pure PU which glides smoother on each and every wooden surface.

What are Italian PU features? 

The Italian PU are high gloss PU with super finish they have amazing resistance against the weather and dust.

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