6 brands for melamine polish that are best for homes

6 brands for melamine polish that are best for homes

6 Brands for melamine polish in Indian market 

The melamine polish is one of the best polish in the inidan market, we Hoem glazers have listed you 6 Brands for melamine polish, before we begin, let us learn what are melamine Poilsh features ?

What is melamine Polish?

6 Brands for melamine polish in Indian market 
6 Brands for melamine polish in Indian market  Home Glazer

Melamine is a good polish made up of melamine resin which consists of the polymer of reusable plastic. The melamine polish gives some attractive finish to the furniture by adding a matte texture to the wooden surface. 

What are melamine Polish features?

The melamine polish has a beautiful polish which gives a matte finish to the woodwork. Here are the list of features you must check before deciding which melamine polish brand you should choose for renovating your home:- 

  1. Chemical composition: the melamine polish  is composed of polymer of melamine, which is the composition of polythalaplite, which allows bonded polymer of plastic. PU molecular composition gives the polish a hard bounding which makes it more durable than the melamine polish.
  2. Moisture repulsion: Melamine is made up of melamine, which is less effective when it comes to moisture repulsion. 
  3. Durability melamine polish has stronger durability which makes it capable of lasting about 5 years.
  4. Sunfectant :Melamine has better chemical properties which help in protecting the furniture and wooden surface from the sunlight and UV light.
  5. Budget friendly:  melamine paint is budget friendly polish it is used for a coating daily use material, it is very low maintenance and is used for basic purposes only.
  6. Number of coats  required: Melamine Polish more coating than that of PU polish. Melamine polish has to be coated four times to before and two for finishing to get a proper matte look on the wooden surface. 

6 Brands for melamine polish in India 

6 Brands for melamine polish in Indian market 
brands of melamine Polish home glazer

indian homes require little more care, here we are listing top 6 brands in  the indian market, which are fulfilling the needs of the indian paint market from ages, incase you are confused which one to choose, we have mentioned their attributes in the list below:- 

  1. Kansai Nerolac melamine PU polish brand :Nerolac by Kansai paint is one of the best melamine Pu  Polish brands which is transforming the Indian home. It has a smooth and shiny texture,  tough matte look and  smooth feel which works on the exterior, like the front  door  and window sill when applied on the surface.
  2. Asian paints melamine polish Brand : Asian paints is a paint manufacturing brand which manufactures the PU with four product segmentations based on the texture of the PU. You get high gloss to matte PU and it has color which goes great with the home, studies and houses .It comes in a range of colored shades which have both the gloss and matte finish..
  3. Dulux paints mealmine PU : Dulux is an Indian paint brand, which has the  best UV rays and sunlight protection against  the dust and pollutants.  It seems amazing in the living rooms and dining halls, it has both gloss and melamine  polish in its product line  which give an amazing look in home spaces. 
  4. Jubilant melamine polish brand : Jubilant is an international brand of wood polish, which is specialized in the melamine polish , its charmwood  PU, has a sleek and simple matte finish which looks decent on your furniture and wooden item. It goes well in with all homes, restraints, rental spaces and offices and workspaces due it’s simple matte finish
  5. Berger melamine polish brand : Berger paint is another brand with sleek matte finish, it has a good chemical base which gives precision and structure to the furniture. It is slightly runny in texture and smooth on the furniture and comes with 2000 shades of color. Berger color shades go good for homes as well as for workspaces. All the cooler and lighter vibe it adds to furniture, suits more for the room.


Melamine polish gives a smooth matte texture to the furniture, the brands like Kansai nerolac and dulux paint  gives a homely matte finish with its range of colors, whereas the berger paints and Jubilant paint must be used for giving a better texture to the professional or minimalistic home environment. 

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Can anyone do melamine polish?

It requires the slightly skill laborers or application of your paint, as you may not need to use paint machines for the same. 

Why choose melamine polish ? 

Melamine is a chemical composition which gives a smooth matte finish, and a very highly durable molecular composition. the homeowner must choose it for its durability and smart texture. 

Advantage of choosing melamine polish for your home? 

 It not only has a great durability but a smart silk shine and smooth feel. It is one of the most budget-friendly options in the Indian paint market. 

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