6 Popular and Good Brands for PU Paint and PU Polish Products

Some Popular and Good Brands for PU Paint & PU Polish Products

6 Popular and Good Brands for PU Paint and PU Polish Products

Brands for PU Paint and PU Polish – PU Paints and PU Polish Products are considered one of the best and most widely products in the market today. Before we proceed to what PU Paint and PU Polish Products are useful for, we must be able to understand what actually these two terms mean.

PU PAINT: Highly durable, PU or Polyurethane Paint is an extremely resistant coating used mainly for industrial or architectural purposes. When dried, PU paint forms a sticky layer like liquid plastic, which goes on to act as a layer of paint, on the substrate.

PU Paint Benefits: The versatility of PU paints further goes on to make it easier for consumers to switch between its various benefits. While being easy to apply and its durability is eye-catching for the consumers, the high magnitude of resistance that the PU paint shows to moisture, chemicals, or even weather, makes it a safer choice for furniture.

PU POLISH: Originally a polymer, polyurethane polish and its products are used as a wooden coating or as a prop for furnishing.

PU Polish Benefits: Apart from adding an attractive look, the PU polish also comes in handy in protecting the furniture from external threats like rust, moisture, scratches, or weathering. It is durable as well.

You must be wondering which PU coating brand to choose from. Here is a list of well-known brands for PU paint and PU polish that will help you figure it out:


Founded in 1989, MRF Limited- Speciality Coatings Division (SCD) was one of the first to introduce Polyurethane (PU) products into the industrial and automotive segment. Later, it diverged into a branch of products, namely, WOOD COAT, thus entering into the segment for decorative paint. Subsequently, the MRF Limited – Speciality Coatings Division (SCD) came to be known by the brand name MRF VAPOCURE PAINTS.

AquaFresh Exterior (PU based), provided by MRF, is a water-based premium polyurethane wall finish for exteriors. Comes in 1014 shades and different quantities up to 20 litres! It is UV-resistant and water-resistant and highly durable. AquaFresh PU wall primer is also available.

Aquacoat 2K PU is a two-pack water-based polyurethane polish for wooden floors. The thinner recommended for this product is de-mineralized water. Aquacoat is both stain-resistant and scratch-resistant. Aquacoat 1K PU and Aquacoat 2K PU Floorcoat are manufactured by MRF.


Headquartered in Mumbai, India, the company was actually inaugurated in a garage in Girgaon, Mumbai by a group of four friends belonging to Jain families. After World War II and the Quit India movement of 1942, the Indian market was left with some foreign companies and Shalimar Paints due to the temporary restriction on paints. Asian Paints seized the market. Slowly and steadily by 1967, it became one of the best manufacturers of paint in the country.

Asian Paints WoodTech PU Interior is one of the PU products which comes packed with superior resistance against stain, scratch or heat. The durability of PU products has already been mentioned vividly. The WoodTech PU Interior has a flexible film that resists cracking on crooked or non-linear surfaces.

The hardness of the film in Asian Paints WoodTech Emporio PU is instrumental in making the everlasting PU product highly durable. With high clarity of image, the quick-drying orientation enables to paint in half as much time as required for a regular PU.

A similar product as mentioned above is also available in matt finish, this one being non-resistant to UV. Asian Paints Emporio PU Sealer- Base Coat for Interior and Exterior Good and Asian Paints Emporio PU Clear Matt are also supplementary to the list of PU products.


Pidilite Industries Limited, now being the market chief in construction lobby and polymer emulsions in India, was incorporated on 28th July 1969. ICA PIDILITE, on the other hand, is a private company that was incorporated on 20th November 2015. On 24th, the first ICA Pidilite non-government manufacturing facility was inaugurated.

ICA’s Polyurethane products outdo many brands and are recommended for their finesse, low opacity and elasticity. ICA Pidilite PU Wood Finish is a polyurethane-adjusted wood finishing that not only preserves and protects wooden from routine maintenance, but also provides excellent scratch, humidity, and UV resistance. The use of ICA Pidilite polyurethane coatings enhances the attractiveness and natural characteristics of surfaces. Their flexibility and mostly formaldehyde-free content make it more appealing. It offers a wide range of matt and gloss.

Finezza PU is a finish by ICA which contains high-quality PU, thereby adding flavor and chic to the interiors. These come equipped with high durability and resistance from wear and tear and other sorts of chemical damages. The high clarity makes it even more appealing.  Finezza PU comes in a range of product types- Clear Matt, Clear Gloss, Color Matt, Color Gloss, and Metallic. Other products from ICA pidilite include Lucido (Polyester), Acquabella (water-based), Creativa (Special Effects), and Tinte for wood stains.


Sirca Paints India Ltd. came into action in the year 2006 on January 19th in the Building Materials Sector. The key products of this company include paints, varnishes, enamels and more. It first started as Sircolor Wood Coatings Private Limited. This company began with a business purpose that involved importing PU products from Italy and Korea and reselling them through their own private network.

SIRCA polyurethane coatings for wood finishing bring out the elegance of fine furniture and cabinets while also protecting them. It’s appropriate for both the outside and the inside. A SIRCA paints polyurethane finish boosts the substrate’s robustness, allowing for a longer life term. Because of their tightly bonded resin makeup, aliphatic polyurethanes are often less prone to scratch or flaking off than traditional coatings and adhesives.


In 1920, it began its journey from Gahagan Paints and Varnish Co. Ltd. situated at Lower Parel in Mumbai. Gradually it claimed its very reputed and remarkable position in the market under the name of Kansai Nerolac Paints Ltd. in 2006. The company has up to 6 paint manufacturing plants all over the country- from Uttar Pradesh to Tamil Nadu, and from Gujarat to Vishakhapatnam. Since Nerolac comes majorly glued to the primal motive of being eco-friendly, it sells differentiated products, without any pigmented or proclaimed coercion on natural livestock or the environment. Nerolac provides a vast range of products with PU content.

NEROLAC Wonderwood 2K PU Exterior showcases a wide spectrum of product types under Nerolac Exterior PU Gloss/ Matt/ Sealer. Nerolac Exterior PU Wood Finish is what can be applied on solid woods. It comes packed with a two-component polyurethane component. It is UV-resistant and light in colour with incomparable durability at hand.
Also some other Nerolac PU products-

  • Italian Pigmented PU White – Glossy finish
  • Woodguard PU Exterior – Matt finish
  • Woodtech Polyester- High Gloss finish
  • Imperia Epoxy Block Primer


KAPCI Coatings, also known as, “Kantara Paints and Chemical Industries” was established in Kantara in the year 1985. Established as a private company, KAPCI Coatings mainly focuses on investing in people and eco-friendly products. The expanded line of products converges into car refinishes, wood coatings and decorative paints.

Kapci 2400 denotes a coating with a matt base which is designed for application on interior wooden surfaces. The matt appeal that can be obtained from this product is genuinely exclusive. The other features to be highlighted are the alternative chemical and scratch resistance properties of the wooden coating. KAPCI’s clear coat is a high-gloss polyurethane with good toughness, flexibility, and is chemically inert. It may be applied on practically any wood substrate in an indoor setting. It’s a tinted polyurethane sealant that’s great for filling and polishing. It may be used on a variety of wood types. They also have a polyurethane insulator that may be used underneath polyester coatings. It’s meant to be applied over resinous woods like rosewood, teakwood, and mansonia before applying synthetic coatings.

Kapci 2300 High Gloss Sealer has a highly durable content known to provide extreme hardness, elasticity and resistance to chemicals. The innate PU characteristics get enhanced by the already altering features of the brand.
The other PU products include-

  • Kapci 2100 Insulator
  • Kapci 2300 High Gloss
  • Kapci 2140 White Sealer
  • Kapci 2150 Clear Sealer


For any rational buyer unknown of the benefits and boons of the polyurethane content in coatings, paints or finishes, the price of the products which are relatively higher than the regular ones might seem a little over-the-top. But being very well-aware of the long-term durability of the products and above all, the eco-friendly vision that governs them, it is only practical that a one-time investment would be the most rational thing to do than having to invest twice at a cheaper rate, per se. PU products come in these various brands, only to have their innate features enhanced. No thinking twice is necessary for this product, its goodwill is a hundred percent guaranteed.

If you are looking to get a sophisticated look for your home or office, it will be wise to choose PU. Home Glazer are experts in using PU coating because of their vast experience over the years. We provide PU polish in Delhi NCR area along with all other interior services. You can hire us as your contractor and interior decorator for all your needs. We guarantee to complete work on time and as per the client’s needs.

Buyers Guide

  • The application of PU paint on the interior and external hardwood surfaces is ideal. 
  • For exteriors, a solvent-based PU polish is strongly recommended.
  • PU gloss furnishing looks great with wood, metals, plastic, and glass.

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