Useful Information of ICA PU paints & PU Polish – Italian Wood Finish

Some details about ICA PU paints & PU Polish - Italian Wood Finish

Useful Information of ICA PU paints & PU Polish – Italian Wood Finish

ICA PU – In the premium wood coating segment, ICA brings to you a world-class range of wood coating products through their joint venture. ICA Group is situated in Civitanova Marche, a seaside town in central Italy, and is one of the world’s major manufacturers and marketers of special wood treatments.

For decades, ICA has worked to provide a wide variety of highly dependable, high-quality coatings to its customers by supporting and investing in quality research and development. Pidilite has been a leader in the development of goods for both small and big applications, forming strong ties with individuals from all walks of life. The Fevicol line of goods, India’s most trusted adhesives brand, is the iconic brand’s strongest link. Pidilite’s goods are available across demographics and regions.

ICA PU Products

Thanks to a solid and expanding network powered by innovation. Their products cover the entire spectrum of wood coating process requirements, from anti-termite treatment, wood fillers, sanding sealers, stains, Melamine, PU base coat, PU Topcoats, Polyester, Acrylic and all special effect coatings. The wide range of products covers all your coating needs for your luxurious furniture. The chemical/physical tests performed on the applied product lines ensure that the finishes are of exceptional aesthetic quality, which is critical for all restorers, furniture manufacturers, door and window manufacturers, garden furniture industries, and flooring specialists who want to achieve the same quality and performance as products designed for wood-coating professionals.

The goal is to provide high-quality, easy-to-apply paints and varnishes. The collection includes water-based interior and outdoor coatings that stand out for their endurance (up to twice that of synthetic coatings), colour consistency, and minimal environmental effect.

Advantages and characteristics of ICA PU

ICA Water-based paints and varnishes offer a number of benefits, including being very elastic and resistant to scratches and wear; being able to be used on things that have previously been treated with solvent-based coatings; being simple to apply, and having quick drying periods.

Because of the lower solvent emissions that arise from their usage, they are the perfect compromise for people who desire a professional finish without negatively hurting the ecosystem.

  • Versatility and ease of use
  • Spray, roller, curtain coater or electrostatic application
  • Excellent chemical/physical resistance
  • Excellent transparency
  • Wide range of products with high solid content
  • Completely formaldehyde-free
  • NMP-free
  • APEO-free
  • Available in transparent, coloured and pigmented versions

ICA PU Colour palette

The colour may be selected from one of three colour charts (ICA, RAL, or NCS), which provide over 2,300 colours that can be reliably replicated using the ICA Colour tintometric method. At the client’s request, ICA may also develop sample colours and perform colour checks using a spectrophotometer.

Variety of Products

The ICA Group provides a wide variety of polyurethane coatings including, 

  • Matte and glossy
  • Open-pore and closed-pore
  • Transparent and coloured options

Features of ICA PU coatings

  • Flexibility and simplicity of usage
  • Application by spray, roller, curtain-coater, or electrostatic
  • Outstanding chemical and physical resistance
  • Exceptional aesthetic value
  • Outstanding transparency
  • A high percentage of solids
  • DIS levels are exceedingly low and devoid of formaldehyde.
  • NMP-free
  • APEO-free

ICA PU Coatings 

Being exceedingly flexible and manufactured with colourless resins, this line is incredibly clear and reflects clarity. ICA PU products come in a variety of shine (gloss) levels ranging from 95 per cent to 5% and are chemical and physical resistant. Polyurethane Coatings (PU Paints) can be available in over 2500 different colours.

Polyurethane materials are good for use on surfaces that are prone to heavy wear and tear. Also, where great chemical and physical resistance is needed, such as in offices and kitchens, due to their adaptability. Acrylic materials are especially well suited to creating a natural look on light or bleached wood.

Final Words

Polyurethane has the strongest molecular structure and strength of all the possible finishes, making it Home Glazer’s favourite material. These finish materials are strong and attractive, making them appropriate for any business or home interior project.

At Home Glazer, we use ICA’s PU paint, PU Polish, Polyester and other products in our many projects for a long-lasting effect on furniture. Our dealings are all over the country. Home Glazer provides High-end Wood Polish Services in Delhi NCR but provides consultation and services requirements as per client location in and around the country.  For a long-lasting effect, we recommend our customers to use ICA PU products to necessitate the long term effect. If you are willing to get work done for your home or office, contact Home Glazer and hire us for our High-end wood polish services. We guarantee quality and timely service. 

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