7 PU Polish or Polyester Polish Points to Know Which’s Better

7 PU Polish or Polyester Polish Points to Know Which's Better

7 PU Polish or Polyester Polish Points to Know Which’s Better

You are confused between using Polyester polish or PU polish, then this blog is for you. We have listed some points to choose between polyester polish or PU polish. If you are confused which will suit your home the most.  Then, In this blog, we have listed some points to better understand which one is better, PU Polish or Polyester Polish. Before, you check out the list explore some points on polyester polish and PU Polish.

PU paint surface and PU paint furniture is the best wood paint for painting furniture. The paint  is made up of Polyurethane, which  goes well with board and batten. Polyurethane polymer has enclosed large molecular plastic. It is an indestructible molecular bond which is lustrous and protective. It protects against the dust  and keeps the luster of the wooden decor.

PU Polish benefits

  • It has a durable chemical composition. 
  • It comes with good color retention.
  • It has good moisture repellent capacity. 

Polyester paint is a wood paint made up of polyester resin which is a chemical polymer which consists of dicarboxylic acid.  Polyester is a closed bounded polymer composed of Polyethylene terephthalate (dicarboxylic acid).  It has enclosed molecular structure which helps in producing a smooth film on the metal and wooden surface, which makes it weather and thermo-resistant. 

Polyester polish Features 

  • It is a tightly bound polymer.
  • It gives soft sheen when applied.
  • It has insulating properties.
  • It is good thermal and moisture repellent.

Which one is Better – PU Polish or Polyester Polish

PU and Polyester Polish Point

Basis Polyester Polish PU Polish
Chemical composition  The polish is composed of Polyethylene terephthalate, which is the closely bounded polymer of hydrogen oxygen and carbon. PU Polish is made of  polyurethane which has the chemical polymer of ethane.
Purpose of polish  It will not be useful for  high-fashion decoratives.  It gives a luxurious finish to your decor. 
Polish Odor Being composed of a polymer of hydrogen carbon and oxygen, It has a totally odorless polish. You would have no issues related to smell. PU polish consists of ethane polymer which is the sweet scent when applied in the room.  You will not have health or odor issues, but a significant advantage to frangant environment. 
Labour requirement  For applying polish to the paint you don’t need highly skilled labor. Whereas, the  PU polish requires skilled labor as you have to use paint spray to paint the decorative item.
Budget-friendly It is extremely budget friendly paint,  it is made up of polymer which is used for creating cost effective material.It  one of the  easily affordable paint in the market  Its polymer is not  budget friendly as the polymer of polyester, so comparatively it is less budget friendly than the Polyester paint.  
Resistance It is resistant to both moisture and heat, because of its thermoplastic  component.  It is only resistant to moisture, and not to heat. 
sustainability  It sustain for longer period of time  It does not survive as long as polyester paint 


PU paint requires highly skilled labor as it has to be sprayed across on board and button. It has a sweet scent  as compared to the polyester paint, it is less  resistant against the heat and the rough weather conditions. To decide on which one is better for you you must look what you require the polish for. The polyester paint is more cost-effective and more suitable from basic need, whereas, the PU paint is good for giving a luxurious furnish to the furniture.

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What is PU Polish?

PU paint surface and PU paint furniture is the best wood paint for painting furniture. The paint  is made up of Polyurethane. It goes well with board and batten design.

What is PU made up of? 

It is made of Polyurethane polymer, which has a strong molecular binding and resistance against metallurgic reaction due to its big molecular particles.

What is Polyester Paint made up of ?

Polyester polish is a wood polish made up of polyester resin, a closely molecular structure that gas in tank binding to polyester paint.

Which one is better Polyester or PU Polish ?

Polyester polish is more cost-effective as paint when you want to buy a pain with basic need where I when you want to decorate the luxury items pop is more cost of a tell then the polyester paint.

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