5 benefits of painting the property before giving it on rent

5 benefits of painting the property before giving it on rent

5 benefits of painting the property before giving it on rent

Importance of Painting the Property – Paint the property is the “First impression” of any property, and it should last longer. Most landlords will agree that giving property on rent is not an easy task. The problem generally arises with the misuse of the premises by previous tenants. If the painting of the property (interior and exterior walls) is not up to par, it could become a serious headache for the landlord because a prospective tenant may not want to consider it.

For each day the rental property is vacant, you are losing your potential rental income however, A fresh coat of paint can help keep current good tenants and attract new ones, because a bright, clean, (house, office, warehouse, apartment, etc.) is much more appealing than a dirty, dingy one. And that’s why it becomes more necessary to go for painting the property before giving it out on rent.

Here are a few advantages landlords can get after painting the rental property:

1. Rent vacant property faster: Most landlords who want to rent their vacant property faster should consider painting the property first. Because a coat or two of fresh paint from professional painters can make the place look newer and brighter. After all, the first thing any tenants notice when they walk into a property is the walls and flooring. It’s a real psychological boost for applicants to tour a newly painted rental property because it is more appealing than a worn and dingy one. 

2. More rent on property: Landlords who want to get more rent from their property should ensure that their property is in good shape with great painting jobs from professional interior and exterior wall painters because, it gives them an edge over other landlords and also, a real bang for the buck. The improvement that is probably the easiest, quickest, and offers the most return on investment is a fresh coat of paint. It is almost like a psychological trick, tenants will see the property as being cleaner, newer, more stylish, and hence, will be willing to pay more.

    5 benefits of painting the property before giving it on rent

    3. Paint is more cost-effective than other renovations: A fresh coat of paint from a professional home painter can revive tired walls, brighten dim hallways, and highlight architectural features, such as built-in bookcases or high ceilings. Interior paint is both an aesthetic boost and a practical need for rental properties. Although, landlords will have to deal with pain at some point in their management and maintenance duties but, A professional paint job lasts 4 to 5 years. Of course, cracks, chips, and marks are the normal part of wear and tear. It is always a good idea to repaint if the property looks outdated.

    4. Increase in the period of tenancy: One of the most common problems landlords face includes looking for new tenants every few years. We have earlier discussed that a landlord should paint his property before giving it on rent so that he can avoid hassles later.
    Everyone wants a beautiful home to live in, and sometimes all it takes to transform a tired-looking home into a stunning one is a fresh coat of paint. If tenants are happy and settled in the newly painted property. Then the thought of leaving the property is not going to occur to them anytime soon.

    5. Necessary maintenance and repairs: No tenant will ever like to settle in a property where he/she finds dirty, paint-peeling walls with holes and cracks in it. One of the benefits of painting the property is that professional painters will always make you aware of any trouble areas or repairs needed in the property. They will also make sure those repairs or trouble areas are attended to before painting. This means that you might be able to catch a problem when it is small to prevent it from becoming bigger.

    5 benefits of painting the property before giving it on rent

    Q: Who is responsible for painting the property, landlord or tenant?

    A: Landlords are required to paint the property. Also, in many lease/rent agreements, it is highlighted that the paint job falls on the landlord. Most landlords prefer that tenants do not paint the property or make any changes within it without approval. Tenants are not responsible for painting the property unless it is agreed upon and included in their lease. A tenant should only paint with written permission from the landlord.

    5 benefits for landlords to paint the property before giving it on rent


    Nowadays, when several websites and options are available in the market. It has become easy for tenants to search for a rental property and the special feature of every property. You have to understand what makes the property unique and desirable before giving it on rent, not only try to maximize the profit. However, be intentional about painting and try to hire a professional painting contractor for the paint job. Just remember it is better to spend a little more upfront to ensure quality work. Overall, pretend you are planning to paint your own home that you would be happy to live in.

    Hire Home Glazer’s painting contractors for all your needs. Our painters will give you the best painting jobs and transform your property from a tired space to a stunning one within your budget, and you will also have potential tenants knocking down your door in no time!

    Home Glazer respects your choice and suggests the best for you. To deliver a perfect touch to your property, we emphasize over using world-class techniques to become the best painters around you.

    At the end of the project, Home Glazer ensures your complete satisfaction and worth for your every penny.
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