6 Simple Tips to Choose the Right Colour While Painting Your Home

6 simple tips to choose the right colour while painting your home

6 Simple Tips to Choose the Right Colour While Painting Your Home

When you are choosing a paint colour for your home, inspiration can come from anywhere to pick the perfect one. Sometimes, you may feel overwhelmed with so many colour choices and feels like choosing colours are the hardest part however, whenever that happens, Home Glazer is here to help you start from basic colour concepts to help pick out the right colour.

Before going ahead, let us first discuss the psychology of colours and how you can use it to make a colour selection. If you have ever studied a colour palette, you may have noticed that it consists of warm tones and cool tones, which evokes a certain mood based on the type of room it has been applied to. The warm colour includes yellows, reds, and oranges. These colours are energetic, playful, and full of action and life. The most passionate of all colours is red, the hottest from warm tones. While cool tones are at another side of the road which is relaxing and meditating. Major shade includes greens, blues, and violets. The natural calming shade of green is great for bedrooms; blue colour is best for the living area of home and violets shade is preferably picked for meditating rooms.

As we all know that white represents purity, peace, and intellect. It is used in a proportion with other elements to bring its characteristics in the applied area. The darker colours like brown, black, and grey are grounding colours. We don’t use these shades directly as they are but coordinate them with other shades throughout the home.

Let’s now discuss the methodology of choosing the right colour for your home as it is prominent to make your dream home come true:

1. Find Your Favourite Colour:

Sort out a list of your favourite colours with the help of our professional painters. To help with this, you can go for the collection in your wardrobe or do a little online research for which colour best suits your personality.

2. Use of Existing Furniture Colour:

The furniture which is in use within your home can help you in choosing a colour to paint the interior walls. For instance, bold colours would look great on a piece of light-coloured furniture however, it can be overwhelming on a large plain wall and vice-versa. Our skilled painters will help you to pick the correct paint quality to go with the furniture around in the room.

6 simple tips to choose the right colour while painting your home

3. Considering Your Room Size:

There is psychology which states that darker shades of colours make a room feel smaller and cosy, while lighter shades can make a room seem larger and brighter. Now it’s your turn to find out which shade will go the best for the room.

4. Lighting Scheme in Room:

Light makes colours look different under different conditions. The natural light emits the truest tone of colour, a filament-based incandescent light is the source of warm tone and emits a more yellowish pitch while the fluorescent lights like CFLs, LEDs emit a sharp blue tone.

6 simple tips to choose the right colour while painting your home

5. Purpose of Room:

Picking a colour for the walls of a room largely depends on the type of room you are working in. Yellows and reds are a great use for an energized room. For a relaxing room, you can go with blues, greys, and violets. The level of gloss to the paints also plays an important role. Higher gloss reflects light and can brighten a room while keeping low gloss makes a room darker.

6. Sample Trial:

There are wall-like small sheets available that can be applied with your shortlisted colours. Take these sheets to different parts of the room to observe their effect on the complete surrounding. You can render out which colour works better and can pick one from the lot. Also, our trained and skilled painters with their experience help you pick the right combination.

6 simple tips to choose the right colour while painting your home

Final Words

Now, if you have picked your desired colour for the room, give Home Glazer a chance to serve and make your dream home come alive. Home Glazer is the best in the industry that delivers service finished by painting and wood coating experts in their fields. To learn the next step of how Home Glazer does the paintings. Call & Hire Us Today!

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