9 Perfect Shades for Wood Polish on Interior Furniture

9 Perfect Shades for Wood Polish on Interior Furniture

9 Perfect Shades for Wood Polish on Interior Furniture

If you have chosen wooden furniture for your home or office space, then no one can deny that you have got a classic taste. Firstly, wooden furniture is an evergreen choice for long-lasting furniture. Therefore, choosing a professional painter for wood coating is of utmost importance. From time to time, the styles have been changing but not the spirit towards wooden furniture. Once you have decided to set up wooden furniture in your space, you may now fantasize about which shade of wood polish works best. Home Glazer has shortlisted a few shades for wood polish which are trending in contemporary fashion. Let’s find out!

Chocolate Brown:

As the name suggests, the natural brown shade is the best decent shade for wood polish one can choose. This shade gives a natural texture of walnut wood and suits well with all interior designs if well painted by experienced painters. It is the most traditional texture which is liked by all and at all points of time. This shade makes you feel like you have installed an expensive set of furniture. Home Glazers having years of experience can help you with the perfect finishing and this is the reason we are known as wood coating experts.

Reddish Brown:

No one can say that they do not like mahogany furniture which is one of the most treasured woods. Likewise, reddish-brown polish shade when properly used by skilled polishers gives you the same texture whether you have used mahogany wood or not. Few shades also look like well-polished copper and you can believe that this looks good in your interiors. Home Glazer through our wood polish expert makes sure that this colour will give your furniture a royal touch.

9 Perfect Shades for Wood Polish on Interior Furniture

Pure White:

White being the colour of purity brings freshness to the home when used as furniture. As it doesn’t require any mixing of other shades with paint which makes it even more beautiful. The white shades better match with the traditional Indian style furniture when properly used by skilled painters. Traditional furniture is synonymous with artistic adornments, contrasting backgrounds, and fine details.

Cherry Golden:

If you do not know, this is to inform you that cherry wood is quite popular in America. Home Glazer through our professional painters can finish your furniture with cherry golden shade to give it a natural smooth-grained texture. It is a perfect shade for wood polish both for your office and commercial premises. The high contrast shade of wood polish shows a strong character thus, suits best commercial interiors.

9 Perfect Shades for Wood Polish on Interior Furniture

Shining Creamy:

The cream is the craving colour which is a beautiful choice. Don’t get confused by comparing cream colour with shades of yellow or white. Ask Home Glazer for the right shade for wood polish. The cream looks not less than an antique piece of furniture when installed attentively in the interior. Another plus point of having cream colour furniture is that it goes very perfect with all shades of the interior wall.

Honey Oak Shade:

The honey colour polish gives us the texture of oak wood furniture. The light, honey-coloured stain helps to bring out the grain of the natural wood texture. The shades of honey colour may range from dark brown to nearly colourless and the light honey colour looks mild to the viewer while a dark shade emits a stronger side. You can ask our skilled wood polishers about the other types of shades available.

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Deep Teal:

For one of those inexpensive pieces of furniture with a lot of carving, it can become quite beautiful with teal colour paint. You will like this deep teal because it emerges as a mysterious shade. For those who like both, green and blue, this is a perfect blend to get you satisfied.

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Perfect Grey:

Similar to the weather, the grey colour polish with all its shades is perfect to implement. A centrepiece on weathered-grey wood furniture stands out. You will be rewarded with the title for having a good sense of interiors. A piece of furniture that has good lines trick very well with grey shades.


Those who like fast colours can opt for lavender furniture. Though it is quite infamous here in India, it certainly looks quite decent. Well, it perfectly works for furniture which is for kids like kindergarten schools, kids dispensary, kids’ rooms, etc.

Apart from this, if you are looking for any painting and wood polishing job and nearby areas for quality services, Home Glazer is here for the most alluring painting job which will give your dreams of a perfect home a reality to live in.

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