6 Top and Latest Asian Paints Texture Designs for Living Room

6 Top & Latest Asian Paints Texture Designs for Living Room

6 Top and Latest Asian Paints Texture Designs for Living Room

Texture designs have been trending on social feeds, in this blog, we have listed for you the top 6 must-have and latest Asian Paints texture designs for the living room. Before we begin, let us learn about the Asian paints company and its product line Royale Play Texture.

Asian Paints Company

Asian Paints Texture Designs

Asian Paints is a paint manufacturing business serving since 1942, it originally opened as an oil firm but later made a smooth and successful transition to paint manufacturing and now is manufacturing texture paints as well.

Latest Royale Play Texture Designs by Asian Paints 

Asian Paints has a product line of paints for quality texture designing, Royale Play, which has an amazing range of texture paints range for creating different textures on the wall.

6 Top and Latest Asian Paints Texture Designs for Living Room

Texture designs are popular among decor lovers, for its unique sleek, and sober texture. Asian Paints is one of the leading firms in paint manufacturing. It has been manufacturing paints for the past few years. Now it has come up with various paint texture designs that are trending on social media. 

We have listed for you the top 6 must-have Asian Paints trending texture designs for living room.

  1. Royale Play Truglaze Asian paint Texture Designs: Role play is a texture design paint by Asian paints which gives a glossy marble and texture to the wall. It is a Sophisticated and luminous shine, which makes it one luxurious extravaganza. It has a glossy marble-like texture which radiates lights in the room. It is a must try if you want your home to bathe in natural light. It goes well with any decor pieces and requires minimal decor to create a wonderful living space.
  2. Royale Play Metallic Asian Paint Texture Design: Royale Play metallic Asian paint texture design highlights the rugged walls and turns them into sophisticated masterpiece walls. The wall in the hallway and the living room, as its stunning texture and design leave people in awe. The Royale Play Asian paints for a well dim-lit room where one needs a lot of light with a rugged metallic texture.
  3. Royale Play Seamless Effect Asian Paints Texture Designs: Royale Play seamless effect is a texture paint by Asian Paints that has a unique shine that goes while in bedrooms and halls, due to the soft lighting. The Wall looks pretty with pearl-like shine which looks matt, smooth, and luminous at the same time. It adds enormous volume to create the illusion of spacious room. It has an elegance that seems to appeal to everyone.
  4. Royale Play InfiniteX Asian Paints Texture Designs: Royale play InfiniteX Asian Paints is the nature-inspired texture paint that gives nature-based to the wall, using a dabbing and painting technique. These textures are  leaf print or flower textured which seems extremely seamless when you pair them with right furniture
  5. Latest Royale Play Dune Asian Paints Texture Designs: If you want to play with antiques and lighting, Royale Play dune Asian paint texture is perfect for you. The texture designs created using this paint have a sandy lustrous texture to the walls and add antiquity to the room. It radiates comparatively less luminous as the aforementioned designs but adds enormous volume by creating the illusion of a spacious room.
  6. Royale Play Stucco Asian Paints Texture Design: This royale Play Asian Paints gives a sleek Italian texture to the walls. Its smooth and luxurious appeal to every eye. It has a gravelish gray texture which is so versatile that it looks modern and modest at home, and professional and sharp on the office walls as well, with a little change in decor choices. Asian Paints textures are trending today, because of the versatile range of texture paints which gives the homeowner an opportunity to experiment with the ambiance and atmosphere of their home.

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Why are Texture Designs popular?

Texture designs are popular among decor lovers, for its unique sleek and sober texture. 

Which Asian paint is used for texture?

Royale Play Paints, Asian Paints product line is used for creating texture due to its versatile range of texture 

What Royale play Asian paints are used?

Royale plays by Asian paints are popular today for its range of texture paint that enhance a living room with its glossy smooth and colorful texture.

What is the best texture to give to your living room?

The best texture completely depends on lighting and color you want, although the royale play dune texture will go best for giving an antique look and infinitex for a soothing nature-inspired appeal to your room.

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