Professional Painting Process | Professional Painting Contractor Approach

Professional Painting Process | Professional Painting Contractor Approach

Professional Painting Process | Professional Painting Contractor Approach

It is the methodology that makes a task perfect; either the task is the manufacturing of products or any sort of service. The same thing is applied to the painting of your homes and commercial buildings. If the task is performed by professional painters by following the process, the result comes more outstanding. This is the ideology to which we at Home Glazer stick with.

We believe in our expert craftsmen who are experts in their profession. They are well-trained in the necessary processes of painting. You build your home with love, hard work, and a sense of emotion and Home Glazer respects this. We promise you the quality work that you deserve, from the initial step of painting till delivering the project. We are here to discuss the process our craftsmen and painters follow to serve you.

1. Fixing a Meeting

To understand your requirements, the painting contractor first prefers to meet you face to face because, without a proper meeting, one can’t know the actual requirement. This meeting enables you to visualize the theme you are planning to paint for your home and commercial complex. At Home Glazer, we address your ideas and concerns about colour selection, shades, type of paints, etc., to assess your needs to design a prototype and let you decide.

Professional Painting Process | Professional Painting Contractor Approach

2. Finalizing and Estimation

First, we finalize the colours, shades, textures, and patterns for the walls and roofs. Then we suggest all the possible finish with an estimate which comes in your budget, post the meeting. Though, this budget is kind of tentative. The calculation depends on the cumulative cost of paint quantity and the accessories would require for the painting.

Home Glazer does a little more for our customers. We design a proposal with a roadmap of major work proceedings and discuss the scope of work for a better customer experience which includes colour schedule lists for all the rooms and gets them to prepared by our professional painters. We assure no change in the cost of a deal without customer approval.

3. The Painting Process:

Now is the turn of a real task. Every painter in the market has a technique of working. But the craftsmen of Home Glazer are customer-centric. Our painters emphasize the ease of the customer and their families.

Professional Painting Process | Professional Painting Contractor Approach
  1. On the first day, the manager makes a note of a few special remarks from the customers. Like which part of the house would get painted first, any concerns about children, family members or pets, any special attention on any portion of the house, etc.
  2. You will know about the staff that is on duty. And before starting to paint, they will cover your floor and belonging in that particular room or area. If required, at the end of the day, cleaning will be performed.
  3. Few pre-painting processes make the final result more impressive. Home Glazer focuses on these processes to deliver the best. Our staff checks for the incidence of dampness and water seepage over the surfaces and takes the necessary steps to remove the same. The cracks and broken plaster are got to repair and done smoothen to make ideal for painting. Remove loose particles and paint flakes using sandpaper. Though, the newly constructed building may not require all of these processes.
  4. Home Glazer craftsmen do a multi-layer painting with the necessary substances. The first coat is done by wall primer which ensures better adhesion, durability, and extra protection to the paint. Some uneven portion is filled with wall putty or POP. Then comes the time to brush the wall with the desired paint colours and design. Sometimes we coat 2 or 3 times as it strongly depends on the requirement of the last finish. We use the best brushing tools and rollers for the best finish. The roof always gets the best attention from our painting experts.
Professional Painting Process | Professional Painting Contractor Approach

Following all these well-monitored painting processes completes the painting of your beautiful dream home. If it was a renovation, you will feel like entering into a new home. Home Glazer guarantees a quality finish and ensures you deliver a promising service. Contact us Today!

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