Useful Information of Sirca PU Paint & PU Polish – Your Italian Autograph

Some Details About Sirca PU Paint & PU Polish - Your Italian Autograph

Useful Information of Sirca PU Paint & PU Polish – Your Italian Autograph

Sirca PU: Nature-inspired high-quality PU coatings – Sirca, a prominent market participant in the sector of Paints & PU Coatings, has been welcoming itself into people’s homes, standing strong to this concept. It is thought that Italian decor ideas would carve out a place. If you appreciate enhancing your living standards and look for quality interiors. Sirca India’s premium assortment of Italian items should be your best bet.

Since then, a firm that began with a rather straightforward business plan of importing PU items from Italy and Korea, repackaging them, and selling them through our own dealer network has flown higher. Sirca is proud to be one of the leading wood coatings companies in northern India today. In addition, the firm has continued to extend its network in southern and western India. It takes years for Sirca to restore people’s faith and gain their confidence.

To be sure, every product at Sirca is supported by research-based expertise and created with the goal of meeting the market’s diverse demands. Sirca aspires to effectively beautify one’s most aspirational possession, the home, with coatings that survive the test of time. Sirca’s PU Wood Coatings are developed utilising the most advanced methods available in the industry, resulting in international standards.

The performance and aesthetics of their goods are important to them. Sirca PU Wood Coatings allows you to bring out the finest in the wood’s natural hue while also providing great resilience to foot activity and wear-and-tear. Furthermore, Sirca’s goods are very sanitary while still having a low environmental effect. Sirca’s elegant Wood Coating protects surfaces while giving your furniture a rich appearance. All of their products are designed to be long-lasting.

Home Glazer’s Experience with Sirca PU products

Your interiors, like your style, define you. Sirca has what it takes to succeed in any situation. Natural goods give delicacy and grandeur to your area by generating an unrivalled class. As a result, the beauty of all items Italian is elevated. While relaxing at home, take in the grandeur of the city of lakes, Roman architecture, Italian art, and lovely design. Seasons may come and go, but an interior that radiates the soul of Italy is a rare find.

Our wood polish services at Home Glazer can make it possible with Sirca’s PU paint and coatings. At Home Glazer, our wood polish services are fully focused on our clients. We provide you with quality, innovation, and originality. Our skilled wood polishers easily can provide beauty to every room of your house while using Sirca PU Wood Coatings.

Some Very useful and demanded products of Sirca PU

  • SIRCA VERY CLEAR CONVENTIONAL PU SEALER- A general-purpose clear PU sealer with great clarity and build, a rapid dry time, and good sanding properties. Sirca’s clear conventional polyurethane topcoats are good for use with this product.
  • SIRCA PU INSULATING AGENT- Under polyurethane and polyester materials, this insulating agent is used. It’s best for tannin-rich exotic woods like Rosewood, Teak, Iroko, and other similar surfaces.
  • SIRCA CLEAR PU TOPCOAT– A general-purpose PU topcoat (PU Polish Topcoat) with strong build and levelling properties. This product has excellent hardness and durability on the surface.
  • SIRCA WHITE PU PRIMER (White PU Sealer)- A high-build white polyurethane primer that hides well, dries quickly, and sands well. This product is good to use on MDF or solid wood applications.
  • SIRCA VERTICAL WHITE PU PRIMER- A high-build white polyurethane primer that hides well, dries quickly, and sands well. Vertical applications are ideal.
  • SIRCA PU PRIMER FOR DARK COLOURS- For dark colours on MDF, use a Sirca polyurethane primer. This substance has great concealing and filling characteristics. It’s simple to apply, sands quickly, and makes a great base for Sirca’s clear traditional polyurethane topcoats.
  • SIRCA WHITE PU TOPCOAT (Matt Finish)- The dazzling white finish with great hiding power, outstanding surface durability, and smooth finish touch are all features of this high-quality white PU topcoat. When used in combination with hardener, it offers good yellowing resistance.
  • SIRCA WHITE WETLOOK TOPCOAT (High Gloss Finish)- When correctly applied, an ultra-high gloss white polyurethane topcoat produces a “piano” look. It dries quickly, has great concealing, smoothness, and surface hardness, and is resistant to yellowing. This product, as well as the neutral base that goes with it, can be coloured to make any colour.

Sirca Paints Journey

SiIRCA was originally incorporated with the name ‘Sircolor Wood Coatings Private Limited’. Thereafter the name was changed to ‘Sirca Paints India Private Limited’ and later changed to ‘Sirca Paints India Limited’. After its establishment, the company started import of Polyurethane Polish (PU) products from Italy and wall paints & Abrasives from Korea. And, selling them in India as the first step of the Journey. SIRCA Paints is the first Company to launch wood filler in India and opened its wholly-owned branches in Mumbai and Chennai. The Company is in marketing and trading/distributor of paints and allied products after repackaging the same.

SIRCA procure the PU Paint and PU Polish products majorly from SIRCA SPA ITALY through Import and selling them in India through its distributors. In addition, SIRCA Paints also procures the products (Thinner, Abrasives and Buffing Cream) from other suppliers based in India. All other 100% purchases are made from outside India and the products which SIRCA purchase from domestic suppliers are used to sell out in India only.

SIRCA Paints has entered into an Exclusive Distributorship Contract dated 1st January 2018 with SIRCA SPA ITALY wherein SIRCA paints got the exclusive right to promote the sale of PU & Metal Coating under trademark SIRCA in the territory of India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Nepal. SIRCA Paints has also entered into a Manufacturing License Agreement dated 16th February 2018 with SIRCA S.P.A. Italy for manufacturing some paint products that SIRCA is currently distributing under the Product Distribution Agreement.

Final Words

If you are looking for high-end wood polishing services in Delhi NCR then you can directly contact our team at Home Glazer. At Home Glazer, we assist our clients without charge for the first meeting to understand their requirements and the furniture they possess. After understanding and getting a glance at the requirements, our skilled wood polishers create a plan to incorporate the best suitable rate for the service. 

At Home Glazer, we assure you from our end that the best team (We DO NOT Hire Sub-contractors) is provided to you along with the necessary equipment. As we have experience working in the industry. We believe in using the latest technologies to bring out the best for your service. We promise to deliver within the timeline. Post-sales service and client satisfaction is our prime objective. 

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