Graffiti Painting | Street Wall Art Painting | Definition, Features & Benefits

Graffiti Painting | Street Wall Art Painting | Definition, Features & Benefits

Graffiti Painting | Street Wall Art Painting | Definition, Features & Benefits

When you hear the word “Graffiti”, your brain automatically creates a picture of some nonsense, meaningless art full of negativity and hatred that you might see on street walls. That’s not true about Graffiti painting because it is much more beyond that. It can be a meaningful, beautiful, soulful form of art that spreads awareness. In this write-up, we will have a look at what Graffiti is and its benefits.

Graffiti art is such a pure art form. It is a democratic art by and for anyone, it offers so much but asks for so little. Graffiti is writing or drawings made on a wall or other surfaces, usually as a form of artistic expression.

Graffiti is a controversial subject. In most countries, marking or painting property without permission is considered by property owners and civic authorities as defacement and vandalism, which is a punishable crime. Many people see Graffiti as a social ill that contributes negatively to a city and society. However, Graffiti has now become a trend to convey emotions, messages and feelings to the public through art. Besides all this Graffiti has numerous positive benefits.

Let’s take a look at some of them listed below:

1. Graffiti Provides Self-expression

Individuals get the freedom to express themselves through graffiti. All you need is paint sprayers and an idea. Then, you can make every work of art you want. You can express an opinion or a political point and everyone will be able to see it. It is also possible to make another piece of art and everybody can find their message or meaning in it. The streets will look a lot nicer with graffiti everywhere. Old stones would not be so grey anymore.

Graffiti Painting | Street Wall Art Painting | Definition, Features & Benefits

2. Graffiti Brightens Up the Environment

Well-worked graffiti art is typically creative, colourful, and bold. Thus, it changes the character and vibe of the particular area where it appears. In many cases, this change is positive, since the art turns drab, monotone buildings and bare walls into interesting and eye-catching exhibitions of the imagination. Neighbourhoods are brightened up without local authorities needing to engage in refurbishment programs with graffiti.

3. Graffiti Painting in Education

For some, the problem lies in the medium; an individual might not enjoy traditional forms, such as painting and sculpture instance. While others fail to find art relevant within their lives. When graffiti is taught as an alternative medium of artwork, it may inspire these individuals. Being more rooted in 21st-century life than traditional art forms.

Graffiti Painting | Street Wall Art Painting | Definition, Features & Benefits

4. Economically, Graffiti Encourages Residents and Tourists

As Graffiti brighten up commercial space and make it more colourful, interesting, and peaceful, people are more likely to get attracted to it easily. In today’s world, people are fond of clicking pictures with artistic backgrounds and a place with Graffiti is perfect. Graffiti adds a touch of drama to a place which is very eye-catching and can attract a lot of people which in turn, directly affects the economical status of the place positively.

5. Mystery & Intrigue

There are so many questions when you’re a street art lover! Who did it? Why did someone put this work there? What does it mean? Does it even mean anything?

But with the invention of Instagram, it’s now easier than ever to find artists’ official profiles and learn more about their work and why they do what they do. However, a lot of street artists prefer to remain anonymous or use aliases for both privacy and legal reasons. Some artists don’t even tag their work so the intrigue and mystery live on.

Graffiti Painting | Street Wall Art Painting | Definition, Features & Benefits

6. Sense of Community

Street art is important to keep urban areas and their residents energized and inspired. In some areas, artists and building owners come together to foster the creation of artwork that can be viewed as beautifying and reviving a city, rather than destroying it.

And in some cities, independent graffiti murals are designed and implemented by artists with a personal connection to the neighbourhood in which they are installed. In many of these cases, the pieces are created with the permission of the building owner. This relationship can then help develop positive interactions between businesses and members of their community. It is a very cost-effective way, either to keep surfaces free from vandalism or to create visual cues to residents that the place they call home is desirable.

7. Political or Social Statements

Graffiti and street art have always had a history of being influenced by the present political and social issues. A lot of people have painted on the walls and buildings in their cities as a form of anonymous political protest.

Some political statements are quite controversial; scrawled illegally and boldly in various countries and for various reasons. When people feel they have no power or influence but want to express their anger, hatred, or defiance towards political injustice, this kind of art happens but it is still a peaceful kind of protest.

Graffiti Painting | Street Wall Art Painting | Definition, Features & Benefits


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