8 Signs that House Give For House Painting & Should Paint Your House

8 Signs that house give for house painting & should paint your house

8 Signs that House Give For House Painting & Should Paint Your House

Painting a house is a very inconvenient and time-consuming task but it is an easier job than it looks. It is a really good investment as it extends the integrity and good looks of your dream house. It is the first line of defence for your house against various natural factors like rain. A well-painted house creates a great impression on guests and potential buyers of your house. But over time, the paint of your house starts to lose its shine and colour. And a lot of people don’t have a clue about when and how to repaint their house? This blog will tell you about the signs which indicate you need to paint your house.

Flaking, Bubbling or Cracking Paint

If it appears that the walls of your house are flaking, bubbling, or cracking then it indicates you to paint your house again. These signs indicate the failed waterproofing which causes mould, wet rot, or dry rot. It is due to harsh weather conditions like humidity, blowing sand, rain, strong sunlight, or winter.

Hardened Caulk

Caulks are designed in such a way that they can expand or contract along with the house. When it is exposed to extreme weather conditions it loses its elasticity and becomes stiff. This is an indication to re-caulk your walls.

8 Signs that House Give For House Painting & Should Paint Your House

Fading Paint of your house

If your paint starts to fade then it is a clear indication to paint your house again. In general, dark shades fade faster than pale shades. If the paint of your house is fading then it indicates problems with water intrusion or vapour barrier. Excessive exposure to sunlight is also one of the main culprits for this.

The Morphing of the Paint Colours forYour House

Exposure to UV rays causes the paint to fade and sometimes it can also transform into an unwanted shade only in a few weeks, for instance, beige transforms into pink. If it happens you should paint your house again and that too with superior quality products.

To Change Overall Appearance

8 Signs that House Give For House Painting & Should Paint Your House

If you are fed up with the old appearance of your house and want to give it a new look then what could be a better option than to paint it in a trendy way. Colours have a great ability to lighten up the mood of the surrounding so it would be a very good decision to paint your house.

If You Move into A New House

Painting is a must to do a job before you move into your house. Paint not only creates a protective coating but also gives a different look to your house.

Don’t Wait for Paint Chips or Peels

If you want to minimize the damage to the exterior of your house and the cost then don’t wait until the time that pain chips are visible. Paint your house before these signs not only saves your money but also saves your time and labour.

Consider Our Mother Nature

The inside of the hours can be painted in any season or under any conditions because they are a controlled environment. But while painting the exterior of the house, you are at the mercy of nature. While painting the exteriors you cannot adjust the conditions (temperature, humidity, rain, snow, etc.)

So, it is necessary to plan your house paint project accordingly.

● The summer season is the optimal painting season to paint the exterior of your house. But too hot weather is also not advisable as it dries the paint. So you should avoid painting if the summer is at its peak and the sun is over your head.

● During autumn temperature fluctuates a lot between high temperature and low temperature. But still, the month of October provides an ideal condition to paint the exterior of your house.

● During winter painting the exterior is not much advisable because the temperature is very low and paints require a minimum temperature. But with the advancement of technology, certain paints can be applied during winters also.

● Paints are applied on dry surfaces so during the rainy season it is not advised to paint at all. Moisture present in the air also has a negative impact on the exterior paint of the house.

Most houses require to be painted every 5-6 years but this duration varies depending on the conditions and the quality of paint products used.

8 Signs that House Give For House Painting & Should Paint Your House

Final Words

Hiring Home Glazer for all of your painting needs is a great way to keep your home looking its best. We specialize in both interior and exterior painting, so no matter what kind of paint job you need, we can help. We use high-quality paints and materials to ensure that the finish is at its best. Our team of professional painters are also experienced in a variety of different painting techniques, so you can rest assured that your home will be painted exactly how you want it. Contact us today to get a free estimate, and see for yourself why we’re the best in the business. We look forward to helping you love your home again.

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