Advantages of PU Polish Over Melamine Polish & Other Wood Polishes

Advantages of PU Polish Over Melamine Polish & Other Wood Polishes (1)

Advantages of PU Polish Over Melamine Polish & Other Wood Polishes

The need for polishing wooden furniture and doors is when the wood looks old due to wear and tear. Long usage of wood will make it appear unattractive. Revamping them by polishing them with suitable wood polish is important to make them appear new. By PU polishing the old wooden works, one will be able to cut down the cost of buying new furniture. The wooden sets can be refurbished according to the interior design and decor to give the entire home a renovated sight. There are two main wood polishes that are very popular for their use on interior furniture, Melamine Polish & PU Polish. Each of both wood polishes has its pros and cons, you can choose them as per your satisfaction. Let’s discuss their pros and cons, which will help you to select one for your need.

A variety in the wood polishes are available for wood polishing:

There exists a range of polishes such as water-soluble polish, oil-based wood polish, shellac polish, Lacquer wood polish, melamine polish, and much more. Shellac polish is a commonly used one, that comes in various color options. A robust finish can be given to the wooden surface by polishing with this variant. Each polish has its characteristics of appearance and colour. The wood polish can be divided into two surface polishes and penetrating polishes. Surface polish helps laminate the wooden surface alone. The penetrating type of polish will seep in through the wood to some extent. It can be used while polishing intricate wooden pieces.

The major advantages of using a PU wood polish:

  • Polyurethane polishes will give a glaze to the wooden work.
  • They have strong resistance to water making the wooden surface not easily damageable to liquids.
  • While PU wood polishes have longer durability than melamine polishes, also PU Polish gives a more shiny finish than melamine polish.
  • The wooden furniture on exposed to sunlight will be kept protected if coated with PU polish. Melamine polishes will be unable to bear strong radiations of sunlight.
  • While melamine polish might be a cost-effective option only PU polish will have hard endurance. Wood polished with Polyurethane material will not be worn off easily.
  • PU polishes can be bought in various alternatives such as sheen, gloss, matte, and so on.
  • PU polish will be superior in every aspect when compared with basic wood polishes.
  • Basic or regular wood polishes might turn yellowing over time. The PU polish will not turn yellow that quickly.
  • PU polish will be dried swiftly after giving a coating. But other polishes might take hours to get dried.
  • Also, a minimal number of coatings are enough to get the desired result and look. Polishing with other materials or melamine will need more coatings to achieve the required appearance.
  • The main perk of using a PU polish is that they are not easily impacted by stress and have well-built scratch resistance.
  • Further, water-based PU polishes are an environment-friendly option, not causing much harm to the surroundings.

The right way to go in for wood polishing:

Before starting with PU polishing, decide the appropriate wood polisher for working. Polishing by oneself might be a risky and tedious job. Consult an expert or professional wood polish contractor to choose the right type of polish for the wooden surface. They will know how to use PU polish according to the age of the wood, whether they are getting polished for the first time, and other relevant details. The pricing of the material of PU wood polish must be well-researched and be opted appropriately. Going through reviews and earlier samples of the PU wood polish will help in selecting the perfect wood polish contractor.

The cost of the PU wood polish will differ widely from one brand to another brand. A cost-efficient and yet fine quality polish must be bought. There might be offers for wood polish and also discount deals for getting the work done. The PU polish material must be sturdy to withstand any kind of abrasions and rusting. Ideal polish is the one that can be used for both interior and exterior needs.

Final words:

One must see how to save up time and get the polishing done swiftly. At the same time, there must be no compromise in the gradation of work. Aspects like exposure to weather conditions, the odor of the polish, the appearance of finishing, and every minute feature must be considered. A splendid-looking wooden surface can be created by just polishing them.

If you are willing to get your home a new look by giving the furniture a fresh PU polish then contact our wood polishers in Delhi for a splendid makeover. We are sure to offer you affordable rates at Home Glazer. Our service does not limit to a coat that can get spoiled in the short run. Our skilled wood polishers first understand the nature of the wood at your place and know its life due to our experience. Once we understand the quality and the timeline the furniture will stay, we accordingly suggest the procedure for long-term durability.

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