Melamine Polish Coating Process | Benefits of Melamine Polish

PU Melamine Polishing Process

Melamine Polish Coating Process | Benefits of Melamine Polish

Melamine polish for wooden furniture is most trending these days because it gives a superior and durable shine that protects the wooden surfaces from scratches and stains. Also, it costs less than other polishing (PU Polish and Polyester) available. We will discuss a well-accepted process of melamine polish over wooden furniture.

Step 1: Sanding

The first and major step to start polishing is sanding. It is important to every surface of the furniture. Since it is the first step after furniture is assembled, sandpaper with bigger granules is required. This sandpaper helps to give a smooth finish to the fibrous surface and rough edges of the wood.

Step 2: Filling

Now comes the time to fill up the small open pores, cut surfaces, and other openings made during the making of furniture. These wood fillers are easily available in the market from various brands. After selecting the best, it should be applied to the joints of furniture first which is our foremost requirement. Later, small holes and the spot of nails, used for fitting, are filled up and hidden well.

PU Melamine Polishing Process

Step 3: Sanding Sealer

Sanding sealer plays a prominent role in the process of melamine polish. But before its application, sanding is required once again. When the fillers are dry, rub the sandpaper with comparatively smaller granules to get an even smoother surface. While doing melamine polish, apply sealer using a spray gun attached to the compressor. It is evenly done on every portion of the furniture because it is really important. It makes a protective layer over the woods and also enhances the effect of the final melamine polish.

Step 4: Colouring

The furniture becomes a part of your home after it is in colour matching to your interiors. Choose the best of shades for your wooden furniture and Home Glazer will give it a perfect match. If the furniture material is a Medium-Density fiberboard (MDF), then create an artificial wood-like fibre using a chemical compound to give it a natural texture of wood, otherwise, this step is not required. Major colours trending these days are rosewood, walnut, charcoal, or you can leave it natural. Use a normal paintbrush or paint spray to colour the furniture.

Step 5: Melamine Coating

Here comes the major step of this complete process- applying the melamine polish. If you don’t have any idea, this is just to let you know that the melamine polish comes in two components that are resin and catalyst (hardener). They are well-mix in a proper composition to develop a perfect coating material and must be used within 8 hours of preparation. Apply Melamine polish using a spray gun attached to the compressor machine. Put only professional workers for the task while spraying, because it is one of the most important and hard tasks in the complete process.

Step 6: Final Finishing

For a good lustre, re-coating of melamine is mandatory. But before that, the first coat should have enough time to dry it well. Once it is dry, sand the surface again with waterproof sanding paper (emery paper) having very fine granules. This step smoothness the surface which gets a little rougher after the first melamine coating. Like the first coat is done, the final finish is given using the spray gun.

PU Melamine Polishing Process

Final words

We at Home Glazer, are good with the melamine polishing process. We assure you that your home will look modern and luxurious if you have melamine-coated furniture in your home. If you are looking for someone who can get you the quality finish for your melamine polish project, Contact us today

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