Steps to Restore Wooden Furniture | Furniture Repairing Process

Steps to restore wooden furniture | Furniture repairing process

Steps to Restore Wooden Furniture | Furniture Repairing Process

We all have that one piece of furniture that means a lot to us. It may be an heirloom from a family member or a special piece that we’ve bought with our own money. Regardless of its sentimental value, over time, all wooden pieces will start to show signs of wear and tear. If you’re starting to notice scratches, dents, or other damage on your beloved furniture, it may be time to call in a professional person. These experts can make your furniture look as good as new again.

When searching for someone to repair your wooden furniture, it’s important to find someone who specializes in this type of work. Not all handymen or home improvement contractors have the skills and experience necessary to properly restore wooden furniture. Before going towards the restoration process, we will get you to know a few hints to diagnose if your furniture needs to be refinished:

  • Change in colour of the wood than its usual wood polish shade.
  • The surface of wood remains sticky or kind of gummy even being normally clean.
  • Visible scratches and worn-out patches on any of the furniture’s surfaces.
  • Irremovable whitish ring and layer caused by water or any other fluids.
  • Cracking off the existing layer and visible crumbs.

Furniture Restoration Process

Home Glazer will show you some restoration methods for three common wood furniture problems which are scratches, water stains, and dull finish, caused by furniture wood polish build up quality. Wood furniture restoration involves giving the furniture a thorough cleaning and polishing and or doing some touch-up work. You might think of it as a spring cleaning for your coffee table and a light spring cleaning for furniture restoration requires more time and elbow effort than a regular weekly cleaning; even though it’s easier than refinishing.

Let’s start with one of the most common wood furniture problems- Scratches. After use for many years, wooden surfaces can get minor damage or even small spots and sometimes major. But need not worry because Home Glazer has got your back. Repairing is necessary foremost to fill up the scratched area. For minor scratches, epoxy putty works better but that too under expert supervision, following a few restoration techniques to get it to match up the shade of the original one.

For the stains caused by water and fluids, sanding works perfectly suitable as the first remedy. It removes the uneven surfaces as well as those blotchy colours. After then, painting may require to go perfectly with the colour earlier used. For major defects that require extra attention, a sequence of methodologies to bring the furniture back to life.

1. Repairing:

The major damage of the furniture needs to be first repaired and the basic thing that Home Glazer emphasizes is the cleaning of the surface. This must be addressed very carefully as a good cleaning brings a real picture of the damage and its intensity. For rapid results, a mixture of dish soap and warm water fulfils the objective. Smoothly clean the surface with a soaked sponge or a paintbrush. Once the scrubbing is complete, dip the sponge in freshwater and the surface is wipe-out. Once the item got dry, we were ready for the next step. Sanding is also performed to summon out paint stains, white rings, dents, cracks, and chips; then the sand residue is cleanout. This provides the best picture of overall damage for what is to be done next.

2. Stripping:

The stripping requires removing the old and damaged layer of the furniture. Few chemical materials are used in the process which sums up to be called a stripper. A thick coat of the material is applied to the surface of the furniture and left for a few minutes to let it sit perfectly. When the stripper softens and dissolves the upper layer of the surface, it needs to be skimmed out using a scraper. Though industrial machines are there to handle this task. Home Glazer prefers to do it manually as it pays extra attention to even small details.

Steps to restore wooden furniture | Furniture repairing process

3. Prep Furniture:

Before doing the last step, Home Glazer thoroughly checks the furniture. We inspect it to find out if any further repair is required or not. This includes checking for alignment of doors and drawers, folding structures, sliders, fitting of accessories attached to the furniture. Everything is well-perform to finish the restoration.

4. Finishing:

For large open woods like oak-mahogany woods, fillers are necessary. Matching with the colour and texture of the furniture to fill it as required. It is expertise to find out if graining is required or not before or after staining.

Steps to restore wooden furniture | Furniture repairing process

Sealant material is required to be spread over the surface which protects wood with moisture, avoids splitting, and also works as a base for the stain. With a proper discussion with you. Home Glazer selects the type of wood polishing and colour of paint or stain which suits them best. Stains come with a variety of water-based or oil-based and also a two-in-one stain that requires no finishing. After painting, a coat is important to complete your furniture restoration. For more lustre and protection, we can go for another coat of wax.

Final Words

When it comes to repairing and restoring wooden furniture, it’s best to leave the work to the professionals. Hiring Home Glazer is the best way to go about repairing and restoring your wooden furniture. We have the knowledge and experience to carry out the work to a high standard, as well as being able to advise you on the best way to protect and maintain your furniture in the future. We are a team of skilled furniture repair experts who can handle all sorts of furniture repair and restoration projects. From fixing damaged furniture to giving it a new finish, we can do it all.

If you’re looking to restore wooden furniture back to its former glory, then don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll be more than happy to discuss your project with you and provide you with a free quote.

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