5 Reason Why Texture Paint Costs More Than Normal Paint

5 Strong reasons why texture paint costs more than normal paint

5 Reason Why Texture Paint Costs More Than Normal Paint

5 Strong Reasons Why Texture Paint Costs More Than Normal Paint

When you approach a seller or shopkeeper to buy texture paint, you will find that texture paint costs more than normal paint, why is that? Why is the texture paint costlier than normal paint? In this blog, we will answer the same, and also provide you some tips for a cost-effective purchase next time you visit a paint shop.

Before jumping further…let us learn what is texture paint. Why should we use texture paint?

What is texture paint?

Texture paint is applied to develop an appealing rough and sandy texture on the walls. The texture painting gets its rough texture due to additional additives, like silica, sand, and fiber, in the texture paint, which leaves a beautiful coarse impression on the wall.

Texture paint is thicker than normal paint which makes it easy to grip and swipe while creating different patterns on the wall.

5 Reasons Why Texture Paint Costs More Than Normal Paint

How much does Texture paint costs per square foot in india?

The cost per square foot may differ from state to state in India, but on average,  texture paint costs in India from Rs. 60 per liter/kg to 16,000 Rs. per liter/kg. i.e The texture paint costs shall cost you around 30Rs. to 400Rs. per square foot.

Texture paint costs more for these top 5 strong reasons

When you visit a paint shop, the shopkeeper tells you the texture paint costs more than normal paint, but often leaves you with an explanation that is often unsatisfactory. We home glazers have listed reasons why texture paint is costlier than normal paint.

1. Demand for the textured wall

There is a rise in demand for aesthetic textured walls, and the market value for textured paint is already higher. Owing to this the manufacturer has to add more and better texture additives,  which doesn’t allow companies to use cheaper coarse additives to sustain in the market.

2. Additional additive

Texture paint is composed of 5  elements: Pigment, binder, durable additive, and thick solvent, but texture paint has an additional coarse additive, like sand, silica, and fiber.  The cost of manufacturing texture paint is more than that of the normal paints due to additional coarse additives.

3. Relatively Thick solvent

The solvent in the texture is thickened to facilitate better grip on the painting tools, due to which one has to buy relatively more cans than that of normal paint. The thick solvent contributes to the manufacturing and relatively more cost per square foot.

4. New Market  innovation

Paint is a competitive product market, to sustain in the market one requires a good customer. The brand attracts this customer base through product innovation, such as eco-friendly paints, glittering paints, metallic-colored paints, and silicate design paints. To produce the same company deploys investment in branding.

5. End consume Product

The Paint being an end consumer product for you, costs you more due to additional GST and transportation costs attached to the selling cost of the texture paint.

Texture paint costs are more due to its huge market value and demand for innovative texture design, brands add innovative additional texture additives to appeal to the consumer. These additives are costly which increases manufacturing cost and cost per square coverage. The paints being the end consumer product also have an additional transportation and the GST tax attached to the paint box.

Tips for purchasing texture paint

Don’t be overwhelmed by the price factor, we have some good tips for the texture paint, you can go through while purchasing the paint:-

·   Measure your wall before you choose your design

·   Learn what paint will bring out the desired texture before you buy a texture.

·   Always calculate the coverage the texture paints provide per square foot.

·   Only look for features that are useful and feasible, some features might benefit other customers but not you.

·   Do consult your renovator before purchase, it will ensure a better outcome.

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Texture paints are used to add beautiful coarse texture on the walls, but the texture paint costs are high in the market due its the same feature, the coarse additive added to the paint enhances its cost of production. To facilitate market innovation brands add additional additives which makes it further costlier when it reaches end consumers after,  brand, and transportation.

To make a cost-effective decision one must consult the painter or renovation expert before buying any textured paint to facilitate easier application on the walls.


What is texture paint?

 Texture paint is a paint that leaves a coarse impression on the wall after application.to give a beautiful  texture appeal

 Texture painting vs normal painting?

The texture painting creates a coarse sandy figure on the wall, and normal wall painting just leaves a smooth finish on the wall.

Texture paint vs normal paint
Texture paints are relatively thicker paints with an additional coarse additive, whereas normal paint has a thin base and more runny solvent to facilitate more coverage and smoother finish.

How much does texture paint cost in India ?

The costs of texture paint in India starts from 30 Rs. and goes up to 400 Rs. per square foot. It depends on brand and design you choose for your dream home.

Why is texture paint costly in india?

The texture paint costs more due to additional additives and relatively more cost per sq. foot.

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