Know about Plastic Paint, what are its type and price of plastic paint

What is plastic paint? Benefits, Types & Price of plastic paints | homeglazer

Know about Plastic Paint, what are its type and price of plastic paint

Ever since the innovation of Emulsions, interior and exterior walls of a building surface are painted with plastic paint by a humongous mass because of its superior quality. Emulsions bring out the best finish when compared to earlier use of distempers and other such paint. Emulsion came in two types namely water-based paints and plastic paints. In this article, we will study in-depth plastic Paints.

What is a Plastic Paint?

An emulsion paint that contains a higher proportion of plastic is commonly known as plastic paint. It is based on acrylic which tends to give a smooth matte finish to the walls.

As the quantity of plastic raises in the paint, we can see a higher amount of smoothness and silky finish after application. Besides, in a common example, when there is dirt on plastic; one can easily remove the strain from it by using running water. The result generates a completely fresh look. In the same manner, plastic paints have this inherent quality of keeping themselves smooth and new for prolonged years as dirt can be easily removed with the help of common wet cotton cloth. Plastic paints are also popular as washable paints. They are mild drew resistant and obtainable in numerous colours.

What is plastic paint? Benefits, Types & Price of plastic paints | homeglazer

Classes & finishes of Plastic Paint

  • Matte Finish
  • Satin Finish
  • Semi-glossy Finish
  • Glossy Finish

Qualities of Plastic Paint

Easy to Clean

Plastic paints are easy to clean and give a rich and luxuriant finish to the walls. One can use a common wet cotton cloth to clean away the dirt and therefore the paint looks flawless for years.


Plastic paints are available everywhere. All the companies namely Berger Paints, Dulux, Asian Paints, Kansai Nerolac Paints, MRF, Shalimar Paints, Sirca Paints, and other local brands manufacture plastic paints in various ranges. Every man can choose according to their budget out of all the available ranges and get fresh paint in their home.


Plastic paints are principally made up of pure acrylic latex as well as high opacity micro-pigments. This makes the surface of the paint tough and therefore durable. Moreover, due to the excessive plastic in the paint, any water contact with the paint will not affect its texture.

What is plastic paint? Benefits, Types & Price of plastic paints | homeglazer

Benefits of Plastic Paint

  • These paints are less toxic and hence odourless.
  • They have always helped the paints to work with ease as they are easy to apply.
  • Even though a person will paint the supreme paint available in the market, still they will choose plastic paint which is ideal for toilets and ceilings.
  • Plastic paint can be painted on wood, glass, concrete, and metal surfaces.
  • The outcome of plastic paint is much smoother.
  • Bright plastic paint brightens up the darkroom where the sunlight is minimum.
  • Stains and dust are easy to clean using a wet cotton cloth.
  • Plastic paint does not crack even when it is fully exposed to the sun.
What is plastic paint? Benefits, Types & Price of plastic paints | homeglazer

Disadvantages of Plastic Paint

  • Expensive when compared with oil-based paint.
  • Plastic Paint dries slowly in a humid atmosphere.

Always choose a Plastic Paint over Distempers

A basic plastic paint that gives a much better finish than a distemper cost a bit higher to distempers. This is one big reason why people are shifting to Plastic Paints.

Types of Plastic Paint

Plastic paints comes into three categories namely which are widely available in the market as under:

Economical Category Emulsion

Tractor Emulsion (Asian Paints): A tractor Emulsion Paint is generally preferred to colour interior walls. It provides a huge difference in terms of coverage when compared with distempers. Currently, tractor emulsion is available in more than 1200 shades.

Interior Promise Emulsion (Dulux): An interior promise is a plastic paint that has anti-chalking properties and hence prevents paint film from chalking. Interior Promise comes with special chroma-brite technology which helps to deliver bright colours and thus creating a positive environment at home.

Premium Category Emulsion

Apcolite Premium Emulsion (Asian Paints): Apcolite Premium Emulsion has broken records to stay apt for decades. It comes with persistent paint protection film and stain guard giving customers a stress-free sleep after application.

SuperCover Premium Emulsion (Dulux): SuperCover is widely known for its tendency to provide a smooth matte surface. It cost reasonable and hence a common man who wishes to paint a matte finish on their walls can easily choose the SuperCover option.

Luxury Category Emulsion

Royale Luxury Emulsion (Asian Paints):. As of date, Royal is the only paint emulsion in India that comes with a Teflon surface protector that makes it easily washable and highly durable. Royal is a non-toxic, lead-free, low VOC, and odourless paint which can protect the walls from tough stains and harmful bacteria.

Velvet Touch Pearl Glow (Dulux):. Velvet category paint is the ultimate paint available in the market today which gives an array of special effects to interior walls. Though it is costlier than other paints in the market, it carries a value of its own. When applied to walls, Velvet shines so differently that anyone can make out how stunning the painted walls look.

What is plastic paint? Benefits, Types & Price of plastic paints | homeglazer

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What is plastic paint? Benefits, Types & Price of plastic paints | homeglazer

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