Vastu Shastra Colours – Colours for a Home Based on Vastu Shastra

Vastu Shastra Colours – Colours for a Home Based on Vastu Shastra

Vastu Shastra Colours – Colours for a Home Based on Vastu Shastra

Vastu Shastra is the Indian traditional system especially for architecture, it is termed as the Science of Architecture in modern language. Vastu Shastra thoroughly describes the principle and arrangement of building designs, layout, measurements, ground planning, and everything related to architecture. Colours play an important role in Vastu Shastra whose principle is based on the five elements of nature- Water, Air, Fire, Earth, and Space. To create a proper balance in a building, coordination of these five elements is necessary. This coordination is very important to achieve the goal of a building. At Home Glazer, we have a team that looks carefully into Vastu Shastra.

These five elements represent different colours and directions of Vastu Shastra. Vastu Shastra describes that colours have a magical impact on our body, mind, and soul. The shades stimulate energy in different parameters and thus, regulate their behaviour on the residents. Even modern Science agrees upon these facts hence, it is quite clear that Vastu Shastra’s five elements. Their colours combination with directions play vital roles, irrespective of either being noticed or not.

Let’s know the five elements of nature with their associated colour and direction:

  • Water Element: The colour dedicated to the water element is blue and it governs the northern direction.
  • Air Element: The colour dedicated to the air element is green and it governs the eastern direction.
  • Fire Element: The red colour is dedicated to the fire element and it governs the sides from south-east to south direction.
  • Earth Element: The colour dedicated to the earth element is yellow and it governs the direction of the south-western direction.
  • Space Element: The purest white colour dedicated to space element and it governs from western side direction to space.

Advantages of Vastu Shastra while selecting the right colours

It is seen many times that people come with an issue that they have built their home, office or factory structure based on Vastu Shastra and they are facing issues. In this case, it is most likely possible that they have followed all the arrangements of Vastu Shastra but ignored the colour factor. For instance, as we described above that as per Vastu Shastra the north direction is for water and balanced with blue colour, but somehow, you had ended up using red colour. It infers that you have put a fire element where the water element is necessary. This blunder may bring adverse effects to your life; therefore, caution is necessary while selecting colours as per Vastu Shastra and executing the interior and exterior painting job with our home painters.

To further elaborate the effect of colours on our mind, Home Glazer wants to give a quick explanation:

“Never use a single colour to paint your home because colours have their unique power to bring happiness to your life. The red colour is to fill the mind with joy and enhance the desire to succeed in life. The green colour brings rest and stability. Blue is for glamour, freedom, inspiration, and sensitivity towards life. Nevertheless, a dark colour like black is also required to bring power, strength, and a sense of authority.

When you don’t want to paint your walls black, surely you won’t resist using furniture of dark shades. A combination of light and dark shade is advisable in making a dream home.”

Home Glazer suggests that whenever the time comes to pick colours. Always make coordination with five elements of nature and hire professional painters to get the best results. To further get our help, Home Glazer is always at your doorstep. Contact us Today!

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